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Marco Evaristti's Ice Cube Project.

Artist Marco Evaristti needed 790 gallons (3,000 liters) of red paint, three fire hoses, two icebrakers, a twenty-man crew, and two hours to paint an iceberg in the Ilulissat Fiord, Greenland in 2004.

Evaristti said: "It's so poetic, it looks like a red pea" | Marco's website

this makes me sick, so some art maggot can use some red paint to deface an iceberg, what's the point? i don't care what this person's "vision" is, but we are
so beyond this artistically. one word, boring and
too late.
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It's as if this kind of "artist" thought that nature wasn't beautiful enough itself.
It reminds me of the seal killing
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Dear Marco,
Why didn't you paint your eye balls green?
Why didn't you bleach your tougne white? or simply boil it till off-white?
Why didn't you mutate your skull (not your hairstyle)?
Or, why not mummify your manhood?
And of course, exempt yourself from medical care when enjoying any of these funs.
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This guy is what we call a "wannabe". That's not f---in art. That's a waste of time and a cry for attention. His site sucks balls too. Lemme guess, he ordered a "learn how to draw" video from TV and stamped himself an artist? LMAO
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There's one artist I'd gladly see starve.
Web site seemed a little inane. Don't know if it was the broken English, or the silly concepts. I think the silly concepts.
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I hear that argument about art provoking thought all the time, but if you're conscious and aware, everything provokes thought. And really conscious work provokes consiousness. I think art is grace and it needs to be as rich a deifnition and interpretation as we inwardly demand from corporations, health care workers...and ourselves. That is not art...I saw someone scatter animal bones and call it art. If they were the bones of someone's you knew and cared about, it would not be art. There are more important things to think about...if art provokes thought, maybe people should consider what thought's need provoking. There are so many! I mean this caringly.
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I hope that the paint does not hurt or harm the animals in the icy waters. Otherwize, it is a spectacular scene. I wonder what it looks like from the air?

Zip, dot dot, spanga spanga, spoodle de doo.

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I agree with catsav (see post #2). Photoshop could achieve this pic. I suppose witnessing this disturbance of nature in the flesh may have seemed impressive at the time, but what extreme insensitivity to the current world climate + concern at the environmental abuse of basically dumping toxins in a prestine environment. If I found an endangered snow leopard and killed it and posted a pic, would that be art? No. I'd just be something that rhymes with 'Anchor'. And that is what this guy essentially is. W-----. This is not art.
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seriously, you put paint on something that the world is trying to save. i agree with #2 - do it in photoshop next time. being artsy just to be artsy...stupid.
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