Archive for July 2nd, 2006

Wire Furnitures.

Barry Griffiths makes furnitures out of wires. First, he fashioned the wires into a series of cubes, which he then coupled into more recognizable shape.

Extreme Yoyo.

Metacafe has this video clip of the most amazing yoyo performance I've ever seen....Does anyone know who this is and where this takes place?Link[video clip]...

Ann de Gersem's Life Dress.

Need a little privacy? No problem, just puff up your privacy skirt and you'll be in your own little world soon enough ...Link - via Frozen-One...

Digital Clock T-Shirt.

What time is it? Consult your shirt... That is, if you have this digital clock t-shirt (runs on 4x AAA batteries, which will last about 12 to 36 hours).Link - via UberGizmo...

Zev Perlmutter's Little Fat Fridge.

Zev Perlmutter made this awesome fluffy fridge from plastic and styrofoam - it runs on an electric cooling system! (Navigation's difficult on this Flash site: Fir...

Beretta Xtrema2 Recoilless Shotgun.

Do not get into a gun fight with this guy....Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via digg...

Woodworking While Blind.

John Cook refused to let his blindness get in the way of things, like woodworking:For more than 30 years, Cook has created masterpieces from scratch. But, he never sees the finished product....


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