Driv-e-mocion: the High Tech Thank You Wave (Or Not).

This ingenious device "helps you improve communication with other drivers and express yourself" said the maker. This means you can say thanks to the driver who let you into his lane, or flip a high-tech finger to someone behind you - all with a flick of a button.

Just remember this: a high-tech flip-off may result in a primitive road rage response of running you off the road.

Link - via Gizmodo and SciFi Tech

In the 70's they had "Paddle Talk," I believe it was called. Basically, a ping-pong paddle with messages on paper that one could flip to find the right message for the moment and then show it to the driver next to them.
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I need one of these so I can tell the jackhole tailgating me at 60mph to back the F off... Why is it even when your driving faster then the speed limit that people still continue to feel the need to tailgate you going 80mph in traffic... Or better yet so I can flipoff the guy that's going 10 miles under the speed limit in the passing lane on the left holding up everyone in traffic...
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Wow... The handful of people who have read my as-yet-unpublished manuscript "What Did YOU Do During the Apocalypse, Daddy?" might recall my description of a very similar gadget. It was a diode sign, like this, but it took up half the rear window of a VW Beetle. It had messages such as "BACK OFF," "PASS ME," "QUIT BLOWING YOUR HORN," "THANK YOU" and a one-finger salute. I think I formed the idea on my own while some putz was tailgating me and I couldn't seem to shake him.
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