How to Peel a Cooked Potato in One Shot.

In the same vein as "How to Instantly Stop a Baby from Crying," here comes more tips from Japanese "Urawaza" (secret tricks) TV show: how to peel a cooked potato skin in one shot.

Link - Thanks David R!

Finlay you can't be serious? You honestly think that cracking some ice blocks into some water and dropping a boiled spud into it for 7 seconds takes longer than peeling it?

You can tell you don't do the cooking in your house ;-)
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... and cool the potato in the process, thus ruining any chances of making decent mashed potatoes: If your potatoes cool down, you end up with something more suitable for mounting wallpaper. Never mind that the idea of cooking potatoes with peels on is to preserve the taste along with vitamins, slicing open the skin before cooking kind of moots the point anyhow.
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Leaving a boiling hot potato in ice water for ten seconds only cools the skin, and for only long enough to slip it off. I distinctly saw the potato in the video steaming after they slipped off the skin. Hardly too cold for mashed potatoes. All the flavor won't leave through an insignificant slit in the skin, either (maybe if you cut the potato in half).

Wonder if this also works for beets.
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