Tiger and Piglets.

I've seen these cute photos of a tiger and piglets circulating round the Net before, but I didn't know the background story until now:

Sai Mai, a 26-month-old female tiger, plays with baby pigs at a zoo in Chonburi province, 80 km (50 miles) east of Bangkok, Thailand on May 7, 2003. The Royal Bengali tigress was born in captivity and breast-fed bya female pig for four months after her birth.

Link - via Jaf Project

Hey, this is a tourist gimmick and the animals live in horrible living conditions. I received an e-mail similiar to this: http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/bl_tiger_and_piglets.htm

Check out these sites: http://www.awionline.org/pubs/quarterly/05%5F54%5F1/541p1011.htm
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Loopy Loo - you are NOT an idiot. It IS cute and it is not a bad thing. It is good that all these animals are happy together! It does not matter if tourists happen to like seeing cross-species, that is a GOOD thing. It enables the zoo to better care for the animals.. And, if I may risk being a bit sentimental, maybe it suggests that we, humans, might be able to get along a bit more, despite differences...

Not sure why Julie is so critical about this situation, everyone is safe and happy. There are a lot of unhappy endings to animal stories... maybe she should devout her studies toward those... like the millions of cats and dogs put down in this BIG FAT SELFISH country of ours.

There is nothing wrong with finding this story cute or enchanting, because it is both. You are just a tender-hearted sweet animal lover.. and that is NOT IDIOT!!!
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Kaster, If you would do a bit more of research you would find out that these cute tigers are put to sleep and sold in China for their body parts in traditional medicine. These people do comemrcial breeding while the wild counterparts of these tigers will become extinct within the first half of this century. The other tigers in the zoo balance on ropes and get beaten if they don't.
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um these pics r soo cute and that is sad wat julie said. :-(!!um i was just looking at piglets on google and i found this and im glad i did! soo wat is everybody doin? lol
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