Star Wars Deleted Scene (Luke & Biggs)

Caption of the video clip:

This is a rare deleted scene from "Star Wars: A New Hope". When Luke sees the Star Distroyer attacking Leia's ship high above the planet he races off to Anchorhead to tell his friends. When he arrives he finds his best friend Biggs is back for a visit. The two reconnect and Biggs tells Luke he's going off to join the rebellion. After this scene Luke goes home and helps his Uncle buy two new droids to replace the one that broke down at the beginning of this deleted sequence.

In case the clip above doesn't play, see:YouTube Link

I had a Star Wars trading card with a still of Luke and Biggs from this scene. Always wondered when I blinked during the movie and missed it.
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How in the hell did you get this? I never imagined I would see this scene... Last I heard it was aired before a screening of the re-release down in south america somewhere. Thanks, to whoever smuggled this one
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Maybe I'm showing my age... but back in the day, there used to be a radio version of starwars (I still have it on tape!!). This scene is straight from the radio show...

It's so funny seeing it in person after all these years. I'd always mentally filled in the blanks as to where this scene would fit.

I should see if I have my tapes and sell them on ebay ;)
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That is wonderful stuff ... well, maybe it sucks, but it's wonderful to see it.

I heard the NPR radio thing and read the script as a kid, too, and always wondered what might've been filmed.

The best part is Luke & Biggs are staggering drunk in broad daylight. Makes me like Luke a little bit more ....
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Wow. As others have intimated, that is one homoerotic scene. Am I imagining things, or did Biggs give Luke a pat on the behind near the end there?

Luke: I guess I won't see you then.
Biggs: Maybe someday. *asstap* I'll keep a lookout.

Incredible. Cheezy moustache, cheezy cape, cheezy acting... "I'm Ron Burgandy?"
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