Archive for May 9th, 2006

Lasse Gjertsen: Hyperactive.

Lasse shows us how beatboxing and video editing are supposed to be done. Hit play or go to Link...

Sultan's Elephant.

Recently, Londoners were treated to a spectacular free show of giant 42-ton mechanical elephant, a time-travelling Sultan and his retinue, made by the French art company Royal de Luxe.Links: Royal de Luxe's website...

Emil Dudek's Vintage Technology.

A fantastic collection of obscure vintage calculators and other outdated technologies: (Thanks...

Hannes Coetzee Plays Guitar with a Teaspoon Slider.

Hannes Coetzee is an aloe tapper and self-taught musician from South Africa. He is also the only known man who can play music using a teaspoon in his mouth to slide the melody in his guitar.*e...


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