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Heaviest Man in the World.

Manuel Uribe of Monterey, Mexico, is probably the heaviest person in the world. He probably weighs about 550 kg (1,200 pounds) - probably, because there just isn't a scale that can weigh him:

Manuel Uribe, bedridden for the past five years, cannot stand on his own and will need a special flight to take him from Monterrey, Mexico to Modena, where a surgical team has offered to perform an intestinal bypass free of charge.

"I can't walk. I'm can't leave my bed," the 40-year-old Uribe, who weighs the same as five baby elephants, said in a recent telephone interview.

Link (via NinjaWax)

Update 6/29/06: Manuel Uribe successfully lost 200 lb. on a high protein diet. Doctors are postponing plans for surgery, given that Manuel is responding so well to dieting.

The statement that this or that HUGE person can't be weighed always amuses me. I owned a rather large horse at one time and I knew it was 1,600 pounds (727 kg) because I weighed it on a truck scale.

Cows and horses are often weighed by veterinarians also. So such scales are around if someone wants to find one. The veterinarian scales are usually mounted on a truck and are thus portable and could come to him.
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My heart goes out to Mr. Uribe. He must feel trapped in his body which has become a living hell. If his wife has left him I wonder who brings him his food? How does he afford it? Who takes care of him? If he cannot walk he needs someone to bathe him and to bring him a bedpan. Who pays for this nursing care?
Also I noticed in one of the pictures that he has access to a computer. Does he have an email address? I would very much like to write to him. As I said I feel very sorry for him and would like to offer him some comfort and maybe just someone to talk to.
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I also wanted to respond to "Spiiderweb" and his idea about using a scale mounted on a truck. Good idea but one fatal flaw. Mr. Uribe cannot walk and at this point cannot be moved. They are working on a way to move him so that he may get to a flight to Italy. Unless they could get the truck in his apartment he could not get to it. If there were a method with which to weight him I am sure that the expert medical minds involved in his care would have thought of it.
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this guy is in a sad situation, and i hope he gets better. but that article infuriated me.

our culture is stupid when an article about the world's fattest man makes no mention whatsoever about what he eats and the possibility of him eating less as a long term strategy (revolutionary, i know!). instead, the article calls his weight a "mystery" and suggests that surgery to make his stomach stop absorbing all the food he eats is the only possibility.

it would be easy for the reporter to find out if the guy is eating his weight in ho-hos. but the reporter preferred to report the spectacle and throw up his hands in puzzled helplessness with the rest of the developed world.
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After a certain weight "point", then the body will gain weight at an incredible pace, like a runaway train. The only solution after that is stomach reduction surgery - eating less would not cut it.

Before that point, however, there are other options in addition to dieting (like a stomach ring to constrict the amount of food you can eat), that are less invasive than surgery.
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May God Bless this man and give him the strength to survive this terriable time. Damn those who did not support him, and did not do something in the beging to understand and help his conditions. This man was not happy then , and is in hell now living in a body that can't even function on its own, normally. My heart goes out to him, and he is in my prayers.
Let this situation be a lesson in life to those who think that this type of topic is to be over looked. Human life is important!
Muchos Besos y abrazos Manuel Uribe
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I find it very sad that america has restraunts and fast-food chains that can help people get this overweight. But, this is definitely not only the food americans eat and the time we sit on our couches watching t.v. etc. It is the fact that we make the choice to do that, people try to come up with excuses(we're known for it) and are in denial about being over weight trying to say it is hereditary or there trying to lose it, but, thats not enough folks. We've got to try as not only americans but as human beings that no one else turns out like this man. So with out any more excuses or putting up any more arguments put out an effort......make the right choice.
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You know I find it amazing that someone doesn't notice that they are getting that large. I in no way feel for these people. Shoving a ton of garbage down your throat is not the way to deal with this type of situation. My aunt 400 pounds attended Weight Watchers lost 230 pounds but again turned to food again as a crutch. It is possible to lose the weight and keep it off if you have the will power. Now my aunt, had the gastric bypass and is happier than ever. Thankfully she never made it to 1200 pounds. That's just ridiculous and sickening.
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This is to Danny with the comment that '... sad that america has restraunts and fast-food chains that can help people get this overweight.' What is sad is that Americany get blamed for everything! This guy is not American, but Mexican! Why are you blaming American food and Americans?
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I believe that he will lose the weight and be successful. Sometimes, all it takes is knowing you have support, and knowing someone cares.

Good luck Manuel!
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Mr. Uribe says "he doesn't eat a cow, it is a hormonal issue" that got him to this weight. I am very skeptical of that. 9-10 (or more!) times, with every client I work with, it boils down to the foods they consume and their activity level.

I would love to see a daily food intake for this man before losing the 200 pounds.
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Though doctors and research have factual evidence that morbid obesity is a DISEASE, all you "know nothings" have the gall to write in judgement of this and other persons in his situation. You are obviously "not obese" or you would not be posting your sick comments here. Obese people have suffered more prejudice than any other,They have suffered lifelong, never ending ridicule. It goes on and on.
Gastric Bypass is their salvation. It makes them normal again, on the outside. Inside? It will take many years of support to undo what society has done to them.
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You know, I have seen people that have had gastric bypass surgery and they have done nothing to aid it along but eat smaller, more frequent handfuls of junk. Then, they walk around bragging about their extrodinary weight loss. I agree that bypass surgery can be the jump start to get people motivated and out of a situation such as this poor soul but they really need to change their habits or eventually they can stretch that little stomach back. I know one guy that has little bags of junk in his desk and has each portion timed and would probably die if he didn't get to eat it. He still won't walk up the stairs in the office although he is now physically capable. What I see is a fat guy in a thinner body. It's sickening that most of these people are just downright lazy.
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Alex wrote: "After a certain weight “point”, then the body will gain weight at an incredible pace, like a runaway train. The only solution after that is stomach reduction surgery - eating less would not cut it.

Before that point, however, there are other options in addition to dieting (like a stomach ring to constrict the amount of food you can eat), that are less invasive than surgery."

To Alex: huh? Why is it that the body will all of a sudden start gaining weight at a rapid rate? This makes no sense physiologically.

People don't die of starvation while being obese. Therefore, to gain weight, you still have to be eating more than you burn. Hormone problem or not, it's gotta come from somewhere.

That said I feel very sorry for Mr. Uribe. I think he has the right attitude and will be very successful.
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You brave man! Good luck to you Manuel, god speed your metamorphosis. Among all the sickening intolerances in our society, racism, prejudism, etc... LOOKSism... is by far one of the more damaging and horrible of them all. Shame on you people who point fingers and cut down in judgement those who may not fit into your 'perfect looks' world. How prehistoric of you!
It is OUR world, we are all part of it, no matter what we look like! Who are you to pre judge those you do not even know? When society accepts those who are different, society will evolve. Let's hope its a positive evolution, lord knows we have been through enough.
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Yup, Julie - doctors don't know why, but in morbidly obese patients, they gain weight very, very fast after a certain point. It may take the person 20 years to go from normal weight to very obese, but it will take just a few years or so to double that weight. So the weight gain chart is not linear - they gain weight faster and faster as they grow fatter and fatter.

It's also very possible to be fat and starving at the same time. What I mean here is that their bodies are nutritionally deficient: many morbidly fat people actually lack essential nutrients because they eat only junk food.

While it's true that most morbidly obese people don't die of starvation, it is only because other health problems such as congestive heart failure, kill them first.
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To Judy:

If you read a little bit about Manuel's history you might understand why Danny was talking about American fast food chains. Manuel lived in Texas during the time he gain most of his weight.
A lot of Mexicans and Americans have an eating disorder, but not everyone. So, try not to take it personal. People is just trying to understand Manuel's overweight and give him some kind of support. Which I think is a lot better than trying to blame a society !!
Judy... Be happy and thank your God for being a healthy person.
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To the person(s) who commented in #8 She knows who she is: I am also extremly overweight at being 5' 6" and weighing 348.8 lbs, and I can not even imagine how you could put a comment on here such as you did. Some of us who are over weight do not over eat at all....I have been told over and over that I need to eat as my body is storing the food because it is thinking I am starving it. (Because I don't eat) I also have a thyroid problem, and I am considered extremely Obease. I get so tired of people thinking that we big people just sit on our couches or beds all day and eat and eat and eat....NOT TRUE! I go for walks, I lift weights and swim, and I just can not lose the lbs. Theres and old saying that I would like to quote, walk a mile in someone elses shoes before you judge them. We are very caring people and I just cannot believe that people like you can sit there and judge us bigger folks, I hear people drive by my house all the time saying DAMN YOUR HUGE, or MOOOOOOO, and many other demeaning things, that I am to much of a lady to say here. Out of respect to others. But I am sure you get my meaning. People can be so damn cruel .... All I can say is YOU GO MANUEL!!!! I wish I had someone to support me in a small way as well. Again You go Manuel!
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Our society makes me sick with it's self-righteous attitudes. The "he shouldn't haves and if he hadn'ts" shouldn't say anything at all if they cannot be kind and sympathetic. We all eat junk food; it's the American way. Julie is right that at some point in obesity no matter what you eat, it is going to affect you more than a healthy person. Once you've reached a certain weight, exercise is out of the question. Things we take for granted that burn off even the smallest amounts of calories become almost impossible for them. Do you think they woke up one day and said "I think I want to spend my life morbidly obese?" It became unmanageable at some point, just like anorexia, bulimia, alcoholism and drug abuse. It is a physical and mental sickness and needs to be acknowledged as such. It bothers me that people don't sympathize with others until one of these disease directly effect them.
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Has anyone found Manuel Uribe's web site?

I'm here to give "KUDO'S and to send "LOVE" to Manuel Uribe.

It takes courage to ask for help and it takes more courage to step up to the plate to do battle with
his weight.
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well belinda, how judgmental of you! i guess if your so busy putting down fat people(and gawd know's who else) that you have no time in your unforgiving heart for any kind of knowledge of the huge problem of obesity..get on the web my up on it..understand that food can be a drug of choice for many people, and for many reasons..some people are extremely fat very younge in life, like i was..10 yrs old..many people in my family also..and when some people become disabled and unable to walk well dues to arthritic pain, or whatever,imobility is a huge reason they cannot burn off the matter what they do..dieting is not good know..i don't even know why i am bothering to try to enlighten you..i would surely not want to be your brother or sister,friend,or any relationship to you..because i know you would be hard to deal with considering your atitude..because just maybe if you had someone close to you that you cared for that had a problem with obesity, you may try to understand what is happening there..before you sit in judgement of anyone..try to be informed about thier problem..and you won't be considered ignorant. as i consider you.
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I think it is a good thing that your wife was there for you .I hope you continue to your diet and lose some more pounds.No matter what others say to pull down your self esteem never mind them just keep going.
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Sadly Juan has departed this earth. It was a sad day for us all and he will be truly missed. We may now have to close our branch and move on. My kids need shoes after all.

Eric Corn - Proprieter - Burger King, Monterey, Mexico
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What the hell is wrong with people? This guy is the fattest and sadest person that I think I have ever seen. Nothing can help him now - he'll be dead within six months.
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How does anyone get into this state in the first place? Too many people refuse to lay any blame or responsibility at Manuel's door (actually, I doubt he has a door, probably more of an elephant flap) and I can't help but think that's part of the reason why he's reached the abnormal size that he has.

I think there are far more deserving causes out there that people should be offering their sympathy to, as for Manuel he's nothing but a modern day freak show.
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There are some real unfeeling people out there!

Personally, I sympathise with Manuel. Being of a more rotund nature and having to cope daily with such girth, I have to say that it can prove quite depressing as well as distressing.

Merely going for a bowel movement is bad enough as you have to contest with the lav actually splitting beneath your immensity. Not to mention the smell.

All hail Manuel, a freak he mybe but he's lovely, cuddly, sweaty one and I bet that he has a really nice personality and his problems are no doubt glandular and have nothing to do with the amount of food he consumes and end.
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.) really are a sick individual and will do almost anything for meat...Particularly man meat.

Your comments only fuel the claims that this world is a heartless and cruel place where jibes against our more rotund brethren are acceptable.

Long may he live and may his sweat wash away these burger eating fetishes of yours!
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I shall summon up the powers of the inferno and cast yee to damnation. Your souls are as black and chard like a burnt whopper meal.

Have you no feeling? Are you shells of men? Do you not wish this fella happiness (or a happy meal if nothing else)?

He needs not your scorn, sympathy, empathy or apathy, but he does need (or needed) your food tokens, you heartless charlatans!!

This beautiful man has now departed for a better place...MacDonalds in Los Angeles.
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its his own fault. he should have realised he was getting overwight nad done something about it. people notice if they rae getting fat and its upto them to change it. people also cant blamethe fact that they are fat why they havent found anyone to love-again you should have doen something about it. he has a mind he could have thought for him selfm a long while ago. i dont care if you dont agrree with wat i say.
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hey!! i agree with some people on this chat thingy. i Think that he shud have stopped eating when he noticed that he was going a lil overweight, he shud have responded quicker an done something about it, mayb then he wud not be the fattest guy in the world. he mite of had some health problems but he has created a whole lot more by eating so much.
at the end of the day, it his own falut and he shud not be asking for sympathy and getting operations for free. However, i do wish him all the very best in shrinking back to human size. x x love ur one and only fany x x x
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I would just like to say I wish Manual all the luck in the world...don't give up're on the right path. I know about emotional eating habits...they're hard to break. When you get the right motivation you can move mountains. I only hope you can get some help for the large tumours in your legs, that prevent you from walking. I don't understand why the tumours can't be removed or turn to alternative methods. I will say many prayers for you. God Bless!
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i cant see how people are giving this guy sympathy. he got to this weight by himself. he would have got to a weight where he cannot walk and yet still eats. you would think that being unable to walk for 5 years would give this man an insentive to do something. people dont show sympathy to drug addicts because they have got to a stage of not being able to hold down a job. the problem with society these days is that people are trying to normalise obesity and it makes obese people feel like it is acceptable to wollow in thier own self pity which is just pathetic. at least we wont have a pensions crisis.
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I agree with Dave... Why do any of you feel sorry for him.. It is sick... and honestly as interesting to watch as a freak show.. Every time I see a photo or show of someone that big my jaw drops! They did this to themself.... Dr.s shouldnt be giving him free surgery! are you kidding me! Free surgeries should be going out to the sick kids and people that can not afford it and do not have insurance! Seriously this world today is soooo FAT! people need to start thinking it is a problem and doing something about it..
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wow i think he may actually be able to lose enough weight to make a diffrence but it is parcially your fault because you stuffed your face untill you became extreemly fat obese is a word for people who are imbetween the lines of 300 and 400lbs anything past that is well just horribly fat i wish you the best of luck but you brought this upon yourself... but if you do keep the will power to succeed more power to you, wish you the best of luck and keep your chin up. when you make more progress i will leave another comment.
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This whole thing about him getting free help is that they are looking at him as a ginny pig. There trying to prove that the zone diet works even on the heaviest
person. So they can start selling it and make millions. I am glad that he is getting help but, its just for another person to make money.
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I believe that it is partially whomevers fault that is bringing him the food. He can't get out of bed, so he's not getting it all by himself. I hope he loses the weight though, he must have horrendous bed sores!
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THERE ARE more deserving causes out there that people should be offering their sympathy towards.
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Hormones my butt. Glands my ass. Look, there is NO way to get this big unless your caloric intake is way over the top and insanely big. Fat is fat is fat. If you take in more calories than you burn off, you gain. And, if you take them in at a tremendous rate, versus the burn, you gain and you gain very fast. I am sick of all these Drs and shrinks telling these lardasses that it isn't their fault. It is.
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Ok i agree with Robert Jenkins, i really don't see how you could get tht fat, if i ever had a fat kid i would lock them up in a closet until they hav no desire for food left. i feel bad for the guy i guess but he seems pretty far from self control if he thinks it's ok to be so unhealthy like tht. my friend lex tottally agrees she HATES fat people. maybe it's becuz all of my friends hate food, and i hav a slight phobia to food.
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Manuel - I don't understand - but that doesn't mean I don't care. Please forgive all the idiots that write horrible things on this web site. Keep the bigger picture in front of you - in 100 years they will see you enjoying the best of Heaven while they languish in a continual death. Accept my prayer:
Almighty God, lover and creator of all people, bless Manuel tonight. You are the great score keeper and you count kindness - not calories. Heal his body and his spirit. Encourage him in his battle. I don't have to fight the battle of weight loss - but I fight other battles. Give all who keep fighting, all who keep the faith, strong in your love. Give victories to your children...amen
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Hey mr Manuel Uribe,
Am sure now your jail term is coming to the end. Make sure you dont repeat tha same mistake again that will subject you to the same problem.

Can I have any of your videos if any?
wish you well after your surgery.
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i dunno where u all get off judging him.... obeisty to this degree is an illness all very well saying wot he should have done wot he needs now is support not condemnation.. he is taking control of his life and trying and with the long road he has to go ur idiotic and ignorant comments are not helping ..u know u can do manuel its gonna take all ur will power and inner strength but u can and will show them all
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I just want to say, that some of you guys are heartless, and obviously have never had life problems! I am very sorry to hear about his losses in his life, and wish him the best in his loss of weight! I also hope that the tumor's are cured and that you soon get to go to the beach where you grew up again soon with your girlfriend Claudia! She must be somone who is great and you are a very lucky man to have someone who can see what is inside! I also wish you and your mother the best wishes durring this hard time in your life! I know that you had not done the surgery yet, and have strictly gone with the diet, but now that you have lost some of the weight, (congratulations by the way) the surgery for your legs may be a good idea so that you can get back up and walking again, which will help very much in your goals, and dream to walk again! Which will also go well with your dancing that you do for your exercise! You deffinately can do this keep up the possitive attitude, it is what will help you get through this all!
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Let me correct myself it is Linfedemas in his legs sorry for the misuse of my words and yes it is a hormonal problem, just ask a doctor stupids!
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.)

ps to all do a little research, And congratulations on the engagement, Like I said best wishes and keep the positive attitude, and you will walk down the aile and have those kids that you want!
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that is a big man but the thing i dont understand is that why not stop eating.i think they have a show on these man i watched before.he should have notice the weight gain.i mean how could you not know that you gained to much weight.i dont think we will have any more food on earth to feed billons of people. there are thousands of people that are over is a renewable resource but we sometimes take avantage of that.i weight 120 pounds i dont want to pass 200 .i think that we should put a weight limit to help us limit obuseity.i am tia and you guys need to read this
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My heart goes out to this man and is in my prayers. He is going through hell because of all people judging him.

May God be with you Manuel.
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nossa fiquei muito chocada com o que aconteceu com esse rapaz estou assistindo ao programa no discolver,espero que ele consiga realmente a voltar a andar
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