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Do You Make This Guy Sick?

And to think I wanted to be a lazy christian dyke riding my bike around, converting mormons and penteco$tal$ into child molesting homosexuals who talk their pets into loving sports. Well, I've seen the way. Angry Wankin' Sign Man has shown me the light!
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The funniest word there is racist... what he really is. Hey, I'm there... "People that talk to pet more than god". Well, I don't believe in god anyway, so why do I need to speak with him? And my cats answer.
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This guy was at UNC - Chapel Hill last year; he had a younger guy (maybe 19 to 25?) with him. They were actually a hell of a lot nicer than Gary the Pit Preacher, our usual hatemonger.
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Is anyone else impressed by the guy's sign - I mean it's pretty big and expensive looking, in color and in one of the other linked photos it looks like it is on some sort of poll attached to his back. When I was working as a journalist down south I saw all sorts of religious protesters and none of them had stuff like this. Impressive.
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Yeah, the sigh is a professional job. He spent some pretty penny on that.

I wonder what "fox hole religion" is.

UNC Gal, thanks for the info! I suppose he travels to various colleges ...
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What's he got against ankle biters? It seems a bit harsh to hate children... or is this some American slang that's flying over my little British head?

I scored a six, wahey!!!
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Like the billing on a Hollywood movie, does the "...and Mormons" means he hate the Mormons the most? Did the Mormons agents negotiate for that special billing? Or they just get a bump in hatred?
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Intolerant hypocrites living in Amerika make me sick. They've got all the money, make all the rules, and the jackasses STILL ARE'NT HAPPY!! Learn your bible, don't just study it, take some anger management, live simply, and get a real hobby, one that HELPS your society, you red-necked SLOB! His hatred will doom him. I bet he is raising kids, too. The intellectual poverty in Amerika is horrifying. And thus the chaos grows.
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"Fox Hole Religion" applies to people who never pray or go to church, but who plead for God's assistance in stressful situations, like being stuck in a fox hole while the bullets are whizzing overhead.

See also, "Pop Quiz Religion," "I Just Wrecked Dad's New Car Religion," et al.

This actually leaves me with a couple of questions:

1) Why is "Roman Catholics" in the same font as "Sex-Drugs-Rock Music?" Personally, I think it's because we know how to party.

2) Only the "Jews that are from the Synagogue of Satan" piss this guy off? I guess the rest of the Jews are okay, but those dirty bastards from the Synagogue of Satan better watch their asses.

Wow, I scored a seven! Mom'll be so proud!
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Yea, this guy travels around with someone we (at WWU) named "Bible Jim". He proclaims to be a Christian, but when it comes down to it he is basically there to insight conversation. Call it Linkbaiting or what have you. He gets his "job" done. I don't like it. But it gets people talking, and that's all he cares about. Unfortunate.

Anyway, this guy is his accomplice and actually has relatively meaningful conversations with the people who are on the outskirts of the real attraction - Bible Jim - who screams that you're all (oh, and me too) are going to hell for *insert anything in our lives here*.

Just thought I'd shed a little light on who these guys really are for your info. Not cool, but there's the facts.
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WHAT A JOKE! If this guy is for real, you've gotta feel sorry for him. HE'S the joke! Oh, and the 'sign pointer', he cant believe what he just read!

Just goes to show, it's always somethin'......
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If I ever meet this guy, I'd ask him if he goes to Landover Babtist church; He seems like the kind of guy who will pound your head in if you disagree with him, and then blame the whole thing on you.(Sad thing is, Landover Babtist church is a real place. The goverment has the records to prove it, or so says the people who tried to shut it down.)
And who is Sport? Is he some kind of streaker or a guy he met at a urinal?
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What horrible things people do in the name of God to justify their hatred is amazing that many Americans don't see this for what it is, and make this unacceptable hate speech...for example, if the sign that had said "blacks(ni*****), hispanics(s***), asians, etc etc make me sick!", people would be outraged...but for some reason, in America, people can't see that. Canada has laws against hate speech like this. At least they reconize that it is not 'freedom of speech'.. it is just hatred, in the name of God!, pure and simple.
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