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Nepal Buddha Boy Burst Into Flame?

Ram Bamjan, dubbed the Nepal Buddha Boy, apparently spontaneously burst into flames and it was caught on video.

For the past nine months, the 15-year-old has sat, meditating at the base of a peepal tree in Nepal's Bara District, without food, water, sleep or the need to use the toilet. If that was not remarkable enough, on January 19, he spontaneously combusted, burning off the clothes he has worn for nine months but leaving no scars. Lest there be doubters, his followers caught that combustion on video and plan to present the footage, seen by The Age, at a news conference in Kathmandu, soon.

Why haven't we seen this footage? And why isn't this settled once and for all?

Link to News Article | Past blog posts on Neatorama if you need a refresher.

You never get this kind of mind-numbing dedication in any of the colder latitudes like Finland or Northern Canada. It does have all the characteristics of an easily manipulated personal welfare system that doesn't cost the Government anything.
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Ariella makes a good point. He is not inviting people, they are drawn there relative to their own needs and interest. Many are seeking a savior who will do miracles and prove the Divine is active in today's uncertain world. Like the old question, 'what does a pickpocket see when he meets a saint?', so too maybe some are able to see the Divine at work, while others need for security in their world view lets them only see a scam.
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Sometimes the Masters will have an incarnate Being
perform some rather interesting activities as a way
of bringing People out of mass hypnosis and showing
that there are alternate value systems and views of
Reality different than the News value system.

e.g. Uri Geller and Ted Owens

Ted Owens = PK Man, an incarnate Divine Being able to
predict and CONTROL the flow of HURRICANES hitting
the USA during and after the Big Money US/USSR/Vietnam War, materialise UFO's (OVNI's)
as an ambassador for Space Intelligences (SI's)
EXTREMELY Advanced Beings often with NO Image.

Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.) inteligence I think PK Man is the Boxer who beat tough Mexican warrior, Barera and Morales in their Superfeatherweight division. it was a great fight via Satelite.
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from what I can gather, I dont think he invited anyone to come and watch him, and probably wants some silence..I guess if people are curious..what can you do?
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I am sure that Ram Bamjan is not concerned about whether people say he is for real or a fake. And like someone pointed out in a post, he didnt ask for anyone to come.
These sorts of things; the yogic austerities and miraculous rumors of saints and Rinpoches are as old as the Indian subcontinent.
I suggest keeping an open mind. Not all miracles are fakes. Not all Buddha boys are scams.
Not all believers are misled or insincere.
Great teachers have come in the past. Their power and energy was unmistakable and it still calls out to us after thousands of years. This boy could be a world teacher, or he could be an ignorant villager looking for peace and a little money for food. Either way, let us not accrue personal bad karma by suggesting anything that is mere opinion on our part.
I for one am going to keep an open mind. Ram says he will meditate for 6 more years, that has him finishing up in 2012. Lots of thing are supposed to happen in 2012. it could be a very interesting year~
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ok, this is what irritates me. Close minded Skeptics.
Sure, quiestioning things is good. But if you ask something you have to listen to the answer to. But close minded skeptics dont listen. So, in this case, the skeptic dont want to believe (as always), why? I tell you why. It doesent comply with they're world view. It cant be explained by science that a 15 year old boy can stand months without food or water. (Or cant it? Well, not by modern-science, anyway.) And yeah, the fire thing (pyrokinesis, anyone?) Yeah... Well, it... I dont know about this, i mean, it COULD be pyrokinesis or it could be anything (other than a "hoax". It's NOT a hox. This is NOT a hoax, comprende?) Soo... No. Im done. Cya! :P
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Um.. On thing.. I did some serious mistakes in my spelling.. So, here is some corrections:
- Questioning*
- Can* ( --(Or can it?--)
- Hoax * ( -- It's NOT a hoax--)

maybie some other faults in my spelling too.. I dont know, im tired. Its night. And im gonna sleep now, cya!
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This boy obviously is special. To say he is divine is a possibility but at the same time, not likely. A way to find out would be to bring him to a lab and disect him. That is obviously not a very polite thing to do. It does not matter if he is divine or not though. He has already done good by stimulating the economy in Nepal, even if only a little bit; the people in Nepal could definitely use it. Countra, to be skeptic does not mean you are not listening. It means that you need evidence. The human brain and nervous system is a wonderful thing. Their capbilities are really quite extraordinary when looking at what it takes to operate a normal body. It is not surprising that this boy is capable of this long meditation. As for a god, you might want to look toward the sun and stars for your god. The stars are capable of producing all the elements on earth up to Iron. Supernovas create the other elements and can hasten more star growth in Nebulas. Despite all that, divinity is another possibility.
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Yes, Its possible if who make holy heart & mind. I did that like but few days.

Every body know that Jesus did like that for 40 days without food and water in the desert. Also Supermaster Chinhai and her students can do that.Please find to Supreme master Chinhai
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I think later after some years, people probably will say its made by CGI. The point is people are so suspicious because we are surrounded by so many lies, hoax, and manipulation. It's normal and safe to doubt, to protect ourself. But also it's our lost not to trust people.
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