Archive for February 13th, 2006

Dr. Seuss War Propaganda Cartoons.

See more of Dr. Seuss political cartoons:

Robert Hooke's Lost Science Manuscripts.

A "lost" science manuscript by "England's Leonardo" Robert Hooke, valued at £1 million, is to be auctioned: The hand-written document - penned by Dr...

David Doubilet's Undersea Images.

If I had to pick one word to describe David's photos, I'd pick: awesome. Checkout his online portfolio:

Muppet Wiki.

Are you into the Muppets? I mean, really really like them? Then you'll like Muppet Wiki, an online collaboration to document everything Muppet. Link...

Color Illusions.

Our perception of color is strongly affected by the colors surrounding it. In fact it is possible to perceive two identical colors as being very different if they are placed in di...

Hojyo Takashi's Archangel Gabriel.

Hojyo's origami arts are marvelous! Don't miss his Buddha, Violinist, and other amazing creations: Link...

Glowing Bacteria Art - Stocker and Nestelbacher's GFPixel.

Austrian artist Gerfried Stocker and molecular biologist Reinhard Nestelbacher collaborated to create this unique "painting" made from genetically modified fluorescent bacteria. Thes...

Scientists Created Ball of Lightning in Lab.

From the website: Eli Jerby and Vladimir Dikhtyar from Tel Aviv University in Israel have now been able to make lightning balls in the lab using a "microwave drill"What...


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