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Harold Edgerton's Atomic Bomb Detonation Photos.

From the website:

Automatic Camera situated 7 miles from blast with 10 foot lens. Shutter speed equaled 1/100,000,000 of-a-second exposure. Joshua tree's near base get vaporized in just microseconds.

Link | More Edgerton Photos.

That's 1/10,000 of-a-second, please! The confusion probably comes from someone, at some point, saying "a hundred millionths of a second" and someone else hearing "a hundred millionth of a second", something else entirely! Edgerton's shutter was most likely a "curtain shutter" - a narrow slit in a piece of lightweight material. To achieve a 10-nanosecond exposure the shutter would have to be moving at something like 10 km/sec -- which is Earth's escape speed! Not likely.
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Good catch, Zowie - I must admit, I quoted the website directly on that and had no idea on what the shutter speed equivalent of taking a blast 7 miles away with a 10 foot lens.

Wait - 10 foot lens? They *make* that?
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I believe that the 1/100,000,000 is fairly accurate. I will be looking in to this to see how it was done. You have to remember it was an atomic bomb. This is a series of three photographs.
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