Archive for February 8th, 2006

Star Trek Fan Went Bankrupt & Got Divorced Turning Home into Spaceship.

Tony Alleyne spent £100,000 he borrowed with 2 big loans and 14 credit cards to turn his flat into a Star Trek home. His idea was that other Star Trek fans would then pay him to do the s...

Gay Penguins Say No Thanks to Females.

German Zoo officials have a problem: they want their Humboldt penguins to mate and reproduce, but there are six penguins are gay. They even refuse to mate with specially flown-in...

Justin Nevins' Cryptex.

Remember the cryptex tube in Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code? Justin makes the super awesome real life version: link...

Ugobe's Pleo.

This cute dino toy has 8 microprocessors that control 14 servomotors and respond to signals from 38 sensors. The dino also moves fluidly - it's destined to be the must have toy of...

Monkey-slug Caterpillar.

See more of Darlyne Murawski's awesome nature photography:

Steven Kenny's The Ruff.

Checkout more of Steven's fantastic paintings here:

Greycstoration Image Processing Algo.

David Tschumperlé's GREYCSTORATION is a very cool (and free) image processing algorithm. Our algorithm can also be used to perform image inpainting. It consists in...

Sun Pillar.

Sun pillar seems to be vertical rays of sunlight, but it's actually caused by falling ice crystals. This photo is taken by Jim Kirkpatrick & Brigitte Heiter-Kirkpatrick - see more at the a...


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