Archive for January 27th, 2006

Bill Weber's DIY Solar Water Heater.

Bill Weber knew that he wasn't going to go for that $2000 commercial solar water heating units, so he decided to build his own: First, build a glass-covered wood "hot box" to cat...

Dorodango: Shiny Ball of Mud.

From Bits and Pieces blog: At elementary schools, kindergartens, and preschools all across Japan, kids are losing themselves making hikaru dorodango, or balls of mud that sh...

Brave Space's Tetris Shelves.

Brave Space made this set of modular shelves called (what else) Tetris Shelves.

Matej Kren's Idiom.

Awesome tower of books found at Patricia Storm's Booklust blog. See more here: | Matej Kren's Website...


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