Archive for January 24th, 2006

Amy Hughes' Abston Church of Christ.

Amy spent a year and a half and used about 75,000 lego bricks to build this awesome lego church for 1,372 lego minifigs (those lego people).

Solar-Powered Nanomotor.

Vincenzo Balzani, J. Fraser Stoddart and colleagues at the University of Bologna in Italy and UCLA have created a tiny four-stroke engines that can run on sunlight and emits no po...

Angel Tolentino's Boobees.

You'd never guess what Angel used to paint those cute bees: In December 1995, I was looking for creative Christmas gifts for my friends. One day I was watching my sister Lyn u...

Water Droplet "Walking" Uphill.

Heiner Linke found that liquid droplets can be made to "walk" across a horizontal surface or even uphill under their own steam!Linke Lab (watch the climbing water drople...


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