Archive for January 23rd, 2006

Man Crash Dieted to Escape from Prison.

This is how Robert Cole escaped from his prison cell:Cole, 36, also known as Andrew David Robertson, starved himself to drop his weight by about a fifth in a matter of weeks. He entered jail a...

Cole Brothers Circus Elephant Wedding.

This photo is from the Cole Brothers Circus Elephant Wedding, dated Sept 23. 1936. See more vintage photos at sideshowworld (via Jaf Project)...

Arapaimag's Monster Home Aquarium.

Arapaimag built a 50,000 gallon aquarium in the basement of his house! Link (via Make Blog)...

JP Aerospace Balloon Spaceship.

JP Aerospace is a volunteer-based organization that's building this very cool suborbital balloon-based airship called The Ascender.Link (via Interactive Architecture)...

Japanese Manhole Covers.

Martine at has an amazing collection of cool Japanese manhole covers!


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