Archive for January 22nd, 2006

Carnivorous Fungus Capturing a Nematode.

Scanning electron microscopy of the carnivorous fungus Arthrobotrys anchonia capturing a nematode. Fungi can capture nematodes in a variety of ways but the most sophisticated and perhaps t...

Jeff Lieberman's Lightbulb.

Jeff Lieberman created this light bulb that lights up while being suspended in mid air! Lightbulb uses a special bulb, inside which magnets and circuitry are hidden. Using a magnetic hall e...

Blind Woman Sees Again After Heart Attack.

Joyce Urch, blind for 25 years, can suddenly see again after a heart attack. Since 1979, Joyce Urch had lived in a world of shadows and near-darkness, but was astonished to find her sight r...

Betty Chu's Award Winning & Very Cute Angora Rabbits.

This is LaNelle - one of Betty Chu's many prize-winning (not to mention very cute) angora rabbits. See more of them here:

Farm Security Administration's Dust Bowl Migration Photos.

These images depict people who were driven from their homes in the Southwestern states by drought and economic depression and migrated to the West in search of work. Most of the images in...


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