Archive for January 13th, 2006

Sony Reader: Arthur C. Clarke's Newspage Came True.

SciFi ideas that actually become reality is the idea behind Technovelgy - above is Sony Reader, an electronic book reminiscent of the newspage (Arthur C. Clarke, 1968 2001: A Space Oddsey). Lo...

Manuel Corchuelo's $1.2 million Shack.

From the website: Its front windows wish you “Feliz Navidad” in paint that won’t wash off. The landscaping consists of four shriveling cacti and a patio piled with empty...

Michael Light's 100 Suns.

A stunning collection of nuclear bomb tests. From the website: After the Limited Test Ban Treaty between the U.S. and the Soviet Union in 1963, nuclear testing went undergroun...

Why You Need to Ride a Velomobile.

A velomobile is a recument trike with a cab - Bryan Ball wrote a list of top 10 reasons why you *need* to ride one. I like particularly this one: 3. Perfect solution for your neighbor who a...

Winston Chow's Lego Computer.

Winston Chow built his computer out of lego. Here's how he did it:


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