Archive for January 9th, 2006

Terry Allen and Philip Levine's Corporate Head for Business

@rt pointed me to the artist (Terry Allen) and poet (Philip Levine) for this bronze sculpture titled "Corporate Head for Business"

ThinkGeek's Straight to the Point Stamps.

Get straight to the point with ThinkGeek's Abusive Stamps. Break out your inner BOFH and let your true feelings come forth, into an ink pad, and onto some paper. All without t...

Air Scooter!

Checkout Woody Norris' and Jim Barnes' AirScooter II here:

Thief Returned Mystery Object to Museum 42 Years Later.

A contrite French thief returned a relic stolen from a Norwegian museum 42 years ago.The problem is, the Norwegians didn't know it was missing and still don't know what exactly it is!Link...

Peter Gronquist's Pac-Man Grenade

Checkout a great collection of retro video game-inspired art at I AM 8-BIT website....

Boy Trapped Inside Wal-Mart's Toy Machine.

Danielle Manges wouldn't let her 3-year old son James play the claw machine at her local Wal-Mart to win toys.So, James got mad, threw his juice bottle for diversion and climbed in the hole, pu...

Barrett Lyon's Opte Map of the Internet

Barrett Lyon's Opte Project maps the Internet in a single day (OK, if you want to get technical, they traceroute to each class C network instead of mapping every single IP address).Why do this? Barrett's an...


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