Archive for January 6th, 2006

Collectors Go Bananas for $20 Bill With Banana Sticker.

This $20 bill, somehow misprinted with a Del Monte banana sticker, sold for $25,300 at an auction in Orlando, Florida.

Alphabet Soup on the Internet.

What do you get when you invite everyone on the Internet to play with alphabet soup? You get this: wannaspell (Thanks Mary!)...

Loving the South Koreans to Death.

Apparently, love comes at a steep price in South Korea. From the website: South Korean companies looked at the wild success of Valentine's Day celebrations in their country and found ways t...

Fannie Mills: The Ohio Big Foot Girl.

Fannie Mills was born in 1859 with Milroy Disease, which caused her legs to swell - and I mean, really swell! ... it was heavily advertised that her Father had provided a dowr...

Your Own Metro Station Sign.

You can create your own Paris Metro station (and much more) at Letter James....


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