Archive for January 2nd, 2006

Tejo Remy's Rag Chair.

Tejo Remy's Rag Chair is made from ... what else, rags!

Guess This Mystery Object!

Go ahead - guess this mystery object. We'll post the answer in a day or so!Update 1/4/06 - Answer: DancingUFO. Guessed right by Greg in just 1 hour and 7 minutes! Best wise ass commen...

Your Shoes Say: No TV!

Gillian Swan developed smart shoe that can determine whether its wearer has done enough exercise to watch TV! The shoes - dubbed Square Eyes - contain an electronic pressure s...

Calf Adopted by Dog!

Earl Best' dog Vegas began mothering a calf named Maggie, who was rejected by her real mother after being born more than a week ago. The farmer's family has decided to keep Ma...

Putting the Cow in Moscow.

From the website: The first of an anticipated 500 fiber-glass cows has made its appearance last in Moscow’s Central Mall off the Red Square. In fact, between August and October, cows...

NES Console PC.

Andy Kavanagh describes step by step how he converted a Nintendo NES console into a pc. Link...

Vestal Design's DoubleSpace.

Vestal Design's DoubleSpace is a chair/electric range combo. Don't believe me? check it out for yourself here:

A Tired Horse?

For more cool tire sculptures, see: Link (via Fawn Jotters)...


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