Archive for December 28th, 2005

Christmas Tree Fire at Disney.

Thousands of tourists were evacuated from the Disney's Grand California hotel when a giant christmas tree caught on fire!Link...

Heather Jansch's Nightmare I.

Heather makes great artwork out of driftwoods - see her other artworks here:

Dwarf in Ancient Egypt.

Charhira Kozma at Georgetown University found over 50 ancient tombs in Egypt depicting dwarfism. "Dwarfs were accepted...

No Prostitutes Here.

German towns are preparing to put "No Prostitutes Here" signs over fear of an army of call girls coming for the 2006 soccer World Cup. The idea for the signs came af...

Margot Quan Knight's Meat Feet.

For more of Margot's artwork, see:

That's a Lot of Silly Putty!

Clay Bavor, who works at Google, ordered 250 lbs of Silly Putty. If you ever wonder what 250 lbs of that stuff looks like, here's your chance: Link (via J-Walk Blog)...


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