Archive for December 6th, 2005

Alice and the Rabbit: The Untold Stories.

Saara Salmi's Everything You Did Not Want to Know About Alice and the Rabbit. I knew there's a back story to Alice in Wonderland! Link...

Photos of Abandoned Quarries.

Edward Burtynsky's Rock of Ages documents abandoned quarries. This one's the marble Adam-Pirie Quarry in Barre, Vermont. Link (Thanks for catching the mistake, p3on!)...

Weird Animal Skulls.

What animals do these weird skulls belong to? The California Academy of Sciences has the answer!

The Hair Makes the Man.

You know these people right? President Bill Clinton and Vice President All Gore.Wrong - look again. It's Clinton's face twice, with two different haircuts....

Dog Dressed (Dyed) like a Panda.

Check out this dog in Japan who got dressed up as a little panda! Link (via Unique Daily)...


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