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Whatever Happened to Saddam's Spider Hole?

This is what became of that spider hole Saddam was hiding in! (via DarkCreek)

The hole into which the CIA shoved a drugged Saddam down, holding only an unloaded pistol, only to "discover" him a few minutes later! Is this the before or after picture?
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That really makes no sense. Usually leftist paranoia is a little more creative. No closer to the truth, mind you, but still. You need to remember to use your buzzwords and phrases...Blood for Oil, Haliburton, Bushchimphitler, etc.

I pity anyone who hates Bush so much that they side with terrorists and Islamofascists.
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Wow dude, a great place to rip on someone cause they dislike Bush, above a photo of S-hole (no, not spider) meant to be amusing. Do you also go onto entertainment sites and rally the GOP troops in discussion groups regarding Nick and Jessica's breakup?
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Oh Blacknimwit, back again to spin your jingoistic pabulum, claiming anyone who doesn't like Bush regime is anti-American. Islamofascists? So the extremists Muslims are aspiring towards creating a single-party totalitarian military state? If you wish to maintain your haughty arrogance, avoid mirrors.

I don't hate Bush enough to side with the terrorists. I hate terrorists enough to wish we had a leader competent to fight them effectively.
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Either Paul hails from outside the USA or he's been living under a rock. :) Just kidding, Paul - it's Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson of MTV's the Newlyweds fame (both pop stars). This breakup even made it on CNN's front page!
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Could you bickering morons please decipher for the rest of us what Saddam Hussein has to do with terrorists? The whole world knows that the reason the US went to Iraq was a drummed up bullshit story based on the opportunity that a Saudi (US ally) inspired terrorist act created for Bush to promote a war that suited them, ie to go grab the oil fields. Terrorism had f--k all to do with that decision, or Saddam.
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