Archive for December 2nd, 2005

Mobile Strip Joint.

Police in Tampa, Florida discovered a mobile strip joint, complete with a pole and disco ball, at a football tailgate outside the stadium.From the website: "For $20, men...

Amusement Device That Senses Odorous Gases in a Bathroom.

US Patent #6966840 titled "Amusement Device That Senses Odorous Gases in a Bathroom" is why the USA is great!From the website: When gases from a bowel movement are...

Bruce Lee Statue in Bosnia.

The Bosnian town of Mostar unveiled a golden statue of Bruce Lee, who was worshipped by the Muslims, Serbs and Croats population of the ethnically divided city. Link(via BoingBoing)...

Duct Tape Fashion.

Who says money can't buy style? $8 buys you a very stylish duct tape wallet. Other items for sale: duct tape purses, hats, belt ... see a pattern here?Link...


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