Archive for November 28th, 2005

Mozart Played with an Ancient Chinese Lute.

In this amazing clip, Ting Ting plays Mozart's Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major, Third Movement (Alla Turca) using an ancient Chinese lute called a "Pi Pa".Link (via grow-...

Dance Party on Black Friday.

From the website: "What happens when you take a gang of 25 punks, sceneagers and freaks to Wal-Mart for a dance party on the busiest shopping weekend of the year?" http...

Nasal Spray Boosts Women's Sex Drive Pronto!

PT-141, a drug made by Palatin Technologies, a biotech company out of New Jersey, is not just any nasal spray for women. In test studies, doctors say that women who used it "...

Harry Potter Paper Crafts.

This Japanese website has cool paper models of Harry Potter's Buckbeak (with moving wings!) for about $10, Knight Bus for $16, and Quidditch Stadium for $21.

Jet Engine Blows Car Away.

Crosswind from a 747 engine at full thrust flips & rips apart a Ford Mondeo and Citroen CV2 sedans from 50 yards away! Link (ads maybe NSFW, via Attu Sees All)...

Singing Iceberg.

Scientists from the Alfred Wegener's Institute for polar research had captured the sounds made by a colliding iceberg." Tracking the signal, the scientists found a 50 by...


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