Archive for November 22nd, 2005

Worst Sin (in 1844)

Le Livre Sans Titre ("The Book With No title"), published in 1844, depicted the worst sin that you could ever commit. Check out the last line in the image to find out what it is:...

Feng's Fevolution.

Eric Feng's Fevolution is a whimsical combination of illustration and animation. Link...

Peck's Cow.

I love Marion Peck's painting called (surprise, surprise) "Cow".

Pixel Real Estate.

Want to build your own medieval, modern, or snow village? Try Denise Wilton & Cal Henderson's City Creator. Link...

Tarbell's Algorithmic Art.

Jared Tarbell's a programmer who loves art, or an artist who can program. Either way, his creations (algorithm?) are very cool. Link This one above is titled the "Node Gar...


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