Archive for November 18th, 2005

Grandma Hardcore.

Barbara St. Hilaire, 69 years old aka Grandma Hardcore will *kick* any young uns' butt at video games. She started with Super Mario, then moved on to harder stuff like Doom and HA...

Megaphone Helmet.

What do you get when you attach a megaphone to a helmet? "Maximal aural stupidity allowed by law", says this website. Step by step instruction: Link (via MAKE: Blog)...

The Ultimate Bacon Sandwich.

22 bacon slices (low sodium because it's healthier, of course!) and 2 slices of bread = heart attack sandwich. Link (via Look at This)...

Colorful Bubbles.

Tim Kehoe spent 11 years and half a million dollars to develop the world's first colored bubbles.

Not-So-Secret Nuclear Bunker.

Take a tour of UK's largest and deepest secret cold war nuclear bunker.

Just in Case Batman Forgets.

Yep, a real sign - It's on US 64 near Asheville, NC (Thanks Kandra!)...


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