Archive for November 14th, 2005

Sushi USB Drives.

Why settle for plain beige USB drive, when you can have these cool sushi ones? Link...

High Speed Photography.

Awesome series of high-speed photography of bullet ripping a card, hammer shattering a light bulb, knife slicing open an egg, and so on. Link...

Traffic Light Remote Changer.

Tired of waiting for the traffic light to turn green? All you need is this (now illegal, I'm sure) device that changes red traffic lights to green in an instant!Imagine the chaos...

Millenium Park Panorama.

A cool panorama of Millenium Park, Chicago.

Brunetti's Artwork.

Ivan Brunetti's illustrations (and comic strips) are quite interesting. Definitely worth a look-see.

Futuristic Radio Station HQ.

This futuristic web-like dome structure is not a drawing or a scene out of a science fiction movie. It's the actual, working headquarter of Radio Muzyka Fakty, a radio station in...


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