Archive for November 11th, 2005

Hieronymus Bosch Models.

Characters from Hieronymus Bosch's famous masterpiece "Garden of Earthly Delights" are now in 3-D goodness. Link (via All about Nothing)...

All The World's Rubik's Cubes.

Now this is a Rubiks cube that I can solve! For a catalog of all sorts of Rubik's cubes and variations ever made, see: (via Reality Carn...

America's Youngest Mayor.

Michael Sessions ran as a write-in candidate for mayor because he was too young to get on the the ballot. The young man used $700 from his summer job for a successful door-to-door...

Bird Thief.

Who stole $4000 worth of coins from a car wash in Frederick, Maryland?

How to Fake Your Fingerprint.

Running from the law? Here's a guide on how to fake your fingerprint in 12 easy steps.

Roxy Paine's Stainless Steel Tree.

Art takes many forms. Here, it's a 47 feet high stainless steel tree, created by artist Roxy Paine.

The Little Ghost Nebula

Planetary Nebula NGC-6369 or "The Little Ghost" as seen by the Hubble telescope. For more amazing space pictures, see: Link...


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