Archive for November 6th, 2005

Rube Golberg-ian Tea Making Machine.

This Rube Goldberg-like contraption is the first commercially produced automatic tea-making machine, built in the early 1900s by Albert E. Richardson, a clockmaker from Lancashir...

Inflatable Church.

Innovations Xtreme is a company that specializes in making large inflatable anything, including an inflatable church! Link (via Reality Carnival)...

Propane Boot Dryer.

From the website: "Now the assurance of warm, dry boots is available right at camp with this portable propane dryer. And it's completely safe to use on all types of footwear,...

Fantastic Images from Rare Books.

Cornell University Library's Division of Rare and Manuscript Collection has digitized some amazing illustrations from old books. This one is Rappelais' Denkmäler des Theat...


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