Archive for October 25th, 2005

Tiny Baby.

Camille Allen made these amazingly detailed and life-like tiny babies from polymer clay (no, actually not marzipan). (...

Dr. Angry and Mr. Smiles

Take a look at the pictures above - the left is Dr. Angry and the right is Mr. Smiles. Now, back away from your screen but keep on looking - see how the characters swap over? (...

The Game of (Mushroom) Life.

Play the Game of Life (invented by John Conway in 1970 to illustrate cellular automaton) in this neat mushroom variation!

Minaret at Jam, Afghanistan.

The Minaret at Jam in Afghanistan was built in the 12th century. It stands alone in a remote valley surrounded by barren mountains. The tower is decorated with calligraphy and is accented with...

Stupid Videos.

Evil Penguin 1& 2Ball PlayerBasket GirlIf it's a stupid, amazing, or funny video clip, chances are StupidVideos got it. Link...

Jordan's Photos of Our Consumptive Society.

Chris Jordan documents our penchant for consumption via his photo. The one you're seeing above is (probably perfectly good) cell phones, all thrown away. Link...


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