Archive for October 23rd, 2005

Oh So Chic Cheesegrater Lamp.

Everyone needs a cheesegrater lamp. Everyone. Here's how to make one. Link...

Droste Effect in Escher.

That Escher guy is really sneaky - here's a neat infinite loop clip of his Print Gallery illustration, showing a picture within a picture within a picture effect (or Droste Effect...

Nachtwey's Witness Photography.

James Nachtwey's photos, in a series titled Witness, dramatically captured the anguish and devastation of war, famine, and diseases. Highly recommended. Link...

Pop a Water Balloon in Zero Gravity.

We've all popped a water balloon before (and yes, it is fun) but what happens if you do it in zero gravity? Here's the answer: Link...

Lizard Man of Zimbabwe.

Lizard Man, a retired park ranger in Maboto Hills, Zimbabwe, can command lizards like dogs. On his command, little lizards will appear, jump onto his hands, and so on. http://www....

Dark Postcard.

Why send just another postcard when you can send a Dark Postcard?

Recchia's Body Art.

For Nelly Recchia, the body is her canvas. Whether you like it or not, this French artist definitely took body painting to a new level. Link...


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