Archive for October 21st, 2005

Do-Ho Suh's Fabric Home.

Korean artist Do-Ho Suh re-created his childhood home in Seoul and apt in NY from semi-transparent fabric that he can pack in a suitcase and carry with him! Link...

Fly Guy.

You control Trevor Van Meter's Fly Guy as he flies around for fun.Link...

UFO in Medieval Arts.

"The Madonna with Saint Giovannino" was painted in the 15th century - above Mary's right shoulder is a UFO!!! For more UFO in medieval arts, see:

Secret Lives of Icons.

Cute 'lil Flash clip about the secret, violent lives of icons on your computer. Link...

Plant with a Secret Message.

This is the Amazing Message Plant - it comes as a seed that will grow to reveal a secret message in just 7 days.

Holy Polka Dot, Batfish!

The polka dot batfish, or more fancily Ogcocephalus cubifrons, is probably one of the strangest fish in the sea. From the website: "The pectoral fins are quite flex...

Zoom Art.

What's chicken got to do with this cool series of pictures? Link...


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