Archive for October 16th, 2005

Rotor House.

In Luigi Colani's rotor house, you can move a room you want (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom) into view of the main living room. Link...

Alien Autopsy Revealed!

Now you don't have to pay the one-easy payment of $29.95 (plus s/h) to see those famous alien autopsy pics! Want...

Maize Maze.

Amazing aerial shots of intricate, huge maze in corn fields. Link...

Moon Panoramas.

Very awesome VR panorama of Apollo 11, 12 and 17 moon mission by Hans Nyberg. Can you spot the "hubcap" on the Apollo 12 panorama?

Samurai Pork McBurger?

Did you know that McDonald's have created the following burgers for its international (non-US) customers: Maharaja Mac (two all lamb patties, special sauce ... on a sesame seed bu...


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