Archive for September 29th, 2005

Anti Monkey-Butt Powder.

You can buy real anti monkey-butt powder here (via Davezilla)....

The Purrfect Massage.

This cat has mastered the intricacies of deep tissue massage. (ads on page maybe NSFW)....

Padlock Shimmy from a Beer Can!

Turns out you can shimmy open a combination padlock using a piece of metal cut from a regular beer can! Link (via Make)...

Get Ready for Halloween.

For more funny Halloween customes you can buy, see: Link...

Artificial Firefly Lights.

If you like firefly lights, but are squeamish about bugs, then Firefly Magic's Firefly Lights are just for you! Link (via popgadget)...

Sports Moments They'd Rather Forget.

This moment in sports brought to you by SportDignity (caution: some NSFW)....

Muffler Men.

The Internet has everything, including a website dedicated to those fiberglass roadside giants, endearingly called Muffler Men. Link...

Blindfolded Mario Pianist.

This blind-folded pianist plays Nintendo's Mario theme song. Link Mario theme...

Build Your Own Segway.

Trevor Blackwell built his own segway from common parts.

She Can Kick The Rock's Butt.

This is "Lucha Libre", Bolivia's answer to pro-wrestling.

Not Just Any Air Max.

It's not just a shoe - watch it turn into something else.


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