Archive for September 27th, 2005

Keyboard Bag.

João Sabino is a young designer from Portugal who made this wonderful keyboard bag. Link (via Core77)...

Robot Arm Controlled by Thought Alone.

University of Pittsburgh scientists have developed a robotic arm that can be controlled by thought alone. Human trials to begin soon. Link...

Water Sculpture.

Liquid sculpture is the process of creating shapes by dropping and splashing water, then photographing these forms, which last only a few thousands of a second. Very cool photo...

Puppy Swallowed 13-in. Knife, Survived.

Vetenarian Jon-Paul Carew successfully removed a 13-inch serrated knife from the belly of Elsie, a 6-month old Saint Bernard puppy who swallowed it.

Zombie Dogs Brought Back to Life.

Pittsburth's Safar Center for Resuscitation Research (huh?) scientists have successfully revived dogs after clinical death (i.e. no heartbeat, no brain activity).The scientsts dev...


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