Archive for September 22nd, 2005

Silberberg's Air Sickness Bag Museum.

It's formally called the "Emesis Bag", but we call it the Space Shuttle Barf Bag.It's part of a giant collection by Steven Silberberg, the curator of the Air Sickness...

Conan Vs. The Bear.

Matt Alland and Randy Rydeen asked their palsfor drawings of Conan O'Brian fighting a Bear. This is their collection:

Sword Swallower.

Dai Andrews holds two world records for sword swallowing. He's one of 50 sword swallowers left in the entire world.

Sulabh Museum of Toilets.

Sulabh International Museum of Toilets is dedicated to, you guessed it, toilets. The website has an interesting article on the evolution of toilets and the ancient Indian rules fo...

Nakamura's Tessellation Art.

If you like MC Escher, you'll love Makoto Nakamura's wonderful tasselation tessellation artwork and animation. Link...


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