Archive for September 9th, 2005

Roller Illusion

The image above is static, but it appears to "roll". For more very cool optical illusions, you simply can't beat Akiyoshi's Kitaoka website. illu...

Vase with Your 3D Sillhouette

Remember those "is it a vase or a face" optical illusion? Well, someone took it a step further by creating your silhouette in 3D.

Ballpoint Pen Art.

Some people use oil, others use watercolor. Dave Archambault uses bic ballpoint pen to make his very cool art. Link...

Rock Papper Scissors with Saddam.

Saddam: "I'm bored. I've got an idea! Let's play a game of Rock Paper Scissors!" Hilarity ensues. Link...

No Ordinary Ketchup Bottle.

The image above doesn't look like much - just two bottles of condiments and a container of sugar. But look closer, it's not a photograph, rather it's a photo-realistic...


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