Archive for September 7th, 2005

FedEx Furniture.

Having just moved to Arizona for a new job and not being able to afford real furnitures, Jose opted to make all his furnitures (yes, all - table, sofa, bed, desk - everything)...

Animal Veggies!

A neat collection of veggies that look (or made to look) like animals. (via Chapel Perilous)...

Holograph Screen.

The TransScreen created by a company called Laser Magic can create the illusion of a life-size, full color, 3D holographs. This cool screen gives a high resolution, projected 3D i...

Beneath the Surface.

"Beneath the surface" is a short video clip made by Tobias Landberg of the Comparative Physiology & Biomechanics Laboratory in University of Massachusetts. The clip...

Unintentionally Funny Comics.

I've always suspected it. Link to more unintentionally funny comics....

Japanese Kids' Lunch.

Japanese kid's lunches. Cool, but I prefer a sammich. Link...

Crazy Labels.

Crazy Labels a lá MAD magazine from 1979.


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