Archive for August 10th, 2005

Truck Carrying Explosives Exploded.

Truck carrying 35,500 pounds of explosives overturned and exploded, leaving a crater about 70 ft. wide and 30 ft. deep. The truck was pretty much vaporized. http://...

A Really, Really Bad Car Day.

Ever had a bad car day? Not like this though, I bet.

That Shirt is So Money.

How to make a shirt out of a dollar bill. Or, if you can't do it, just go to Goodwill and buy a real shirt for a dollar.

How to Fold a Shirt.

It turns out that all these years, millions of people have gotten it wrong! Link...

Where's Fluffy?

Translation: "Traditional American Hot Dog". I think they took it a little too literally....

Hair Hat - the New Mullet.

Toupee is so passé - the hair hat (100% human hair!) is sooo in!Wait, if you wear the hair hat then you wear a hat, do you get a hair hat hat hair?Link (via we-make-money-n...

The Ultimate Grill.

If you need to cook 240 hot dogs in 3 minutes then this is the grill for you! It's powered by a 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine and it's the winning entry of the "What Can...


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