Archive for August 9th, 2005

"Gardeners" Stole $68 Million from Bank!

In a daring, real-life The Ladykiller-esque bank robbery, a gang of thieves dug 260 ft tunnel underneath a bank in Brazil & got away with $68 million. To disguise to...

Robot Claw Catches 186 mph Fast Ball

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have created a robotic claw with three fingers and an array of photodetectors that can catch a 186 mph fast ball!Blog Link (via Engadget) |...

Peekaboo 2.0

Oookaay - if you know who (or what) this is, email me!!

Awesome Sidewalk Art

The absolute coolest sidewalk chalk (yes, chalk) drawing you'll ever see!

Look Closely

Cool, huh? My shaddow puppet creations now have an inferiority complex. Link...

Orange, Meet Mr. Bullet

If you must know, the first is a .223 Remington and the last two are .444 Marlin. Probably didn't make much difference to the orange. Link orange, bullet...

Aluminum Can No Match for World's Electricity

Build a machine to crush aluminum can using four times the world's electricity: $48 million. Crush a can: $1 million....

Cool Optical Illusions

A very, very cool collections of optical illusions - wait, it may just be you going crazy... Be sure to check out the rotating face mask, the Thatcher Illusion, and the Face in th...


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