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Can You Find All The Easter Eggs In This 20 Gigapixel Image?

Digital image quality keeps improving by leaps and bounds, and some day the megapixel may be replaced by its bigger brother the gigapixel in standard digital camera technology.

Microsoft Research used their considerable talents, recent advancements in image technology, and 2,400 individual shots of the city to create a 20 gigapixel panoramic photo of Seattle for a project called Gigapixel ArtZoom.

Just to make this amazing image more fun to explore lead developer Michael Cohen decided to add some easter eggs in post for viewers to seek out, making the whole thing feel like a scavenger hunt you can participate in from the comfort of your chair. Have fun snooping around Seattle!

UPDATE- The easter eggs are all art related: artists, works of art, etc. Anything that doesn't seem to quite fit into the city is probably an easter egg, because there are over 100 hidden within this massive panorama pic!

Via Gizmodo

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DDP Wants To Teach You How To Do Yoga Like A Pro Wrestler

(Video Link)

A professional wrestler seems like the last guy you’d want teaching you how to do something calming and low impact like Yoga, but that hasn’t stopped former WCW star Diamond Dallas Page from living out his downward dog dreams by hitting a different kind of mat in the name of inner peace.

DDP has been sharing the physical benefits of yoga with fellow wrestlers for years, and he has his own DDP Yoga program you can purchase on DVD, but here we see what happens when Nerdist asks him to make a promo their way. It’s an all out brawl for your inner chakras, with Page shouting out the most relaxing catchphrase ever- "Bang!" (NSFW due to language)

Via Topless Robot

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Beware Of Giant Pigeons When You Leave The Car Wash

(Video Link)

French prankster Remi Gaillard recently released video footage of his latest prank- a crappy stunt that involves dressing like a giant pigeon and ruining some guy's day outside a car wash.

It’s part of a feature length movie full of pranks loosely translated as “Remi Gaillard Does WTF” which comes out on March 5th in France, and tentatively on June 3rd in the U.S.

We’re big fans of Remi here on Neatorama, and we’ve featured many of his pranks in the past, from the elevator prank to the real life Pac-Man and Mario Kart pranks, and we have no doubt a feature length movie full of his pranks will be a real hoot to watch!

Via Geekologie

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NFL Helmets Get The Haute Couture Treatment

Super Bowl season is upon us, those two weeks a year when everyone pretends to like football even if they’d rather be watching golf, and the advertising world revolves around making those big game bucks, so it’s nice to see Super Bowl hype being used for something other than profit.

Top fashion designers from The Council of Fashion Designers of America created 48 different helmet designs, ranging from furry to deconstructive to possible updates, for a series called "Fashion Touchdown", with individual helmets being auctioned off to benefit charities through the NFL.

You can almost tell which fashion designers actually like football by looking at their re-designs, while pieces like the panda bear head by Loomstate and the cube helmet by Rogan bring the whimsy to this unique collection.

Via Super Punch

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Surreal Photographs With An Interesting Story To Tell

Photography can convey powerful emotions through simple imagery, especially when the photographer is telling a story or trying to exorcise some of their personal demons through the lens.

Sometimes these emotionally charged images can come off a bit hoaky, other times they’re just too darn depressing to look at for long, but the photographic works of Ilya Kisaradov, aka DeviantARTist ezorenier, are just the right mix of dark and downright interesting.

Ilya's pics definitely have a story to tell, whether it’s about the man playing the burning piano or the woman trapped in her own personal birdcage, but these strange images defy simple explanation, leaving interpretation up to the viewer.

Via My Modern Metropolis

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Elementary School Students Discover A Slave Burial Ground

Students and teachers from a school in the South Bronx saw an old photo entitled “Slave Burying Ground” and decided to track down the location of the burial ground in the pic.

Using census data, maps and old city documents they were able to pinpoint the location to just outside the Joseph Rodman Drake Park in Hunt’s Point, uncovering an unmarked slave burial ground hundreds of years old.

The location was confirmed by researchers, who had previously discovered the bodies using radar but had yet to officially recognize the plot as historically significant. Now credit for the discovery will go to those inquisitive students from P.S. 48, and a little piece of New York's history will be uncovered.

Read more about this amazing historical discovery here.

Via Gothamist

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CGI Music Video For Damon Albarn's Song Everyday Robots

(Video Link)

Artists who work in 3D programs such as Maya, Cinema 4D or ZBrush experience a feeling of reality detachment and spaciness that comes over them when they stare at a window into the digital world for too long.

Damon Albarn apparently knows this feeling quite well, because the video for his song Everyday Robots takes place in a virtual headspace that makes the 3D artist inside me want to unplug and head for the hills.

Damon is known as the voice of 2D in the virtual rock band The Gorillaz, and he teamed up with fashion designer/pixel sculptor Aitor Throup to bring the digital version of Damon to life, one polygon at a time.

Via Hypebeast

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Soviet Silent Era Film Posters By The Sternberg Brothers

There is something so iconic about early Soviet art, specifically the Constructivist movement, that came to symbolize the early days of Communism. The Constructivists believed that a political movement should consist of both soldiers and artists, a rifle in one hand and a paintbrush in the other.

But seminal graphic designers Vladimir and Georgii Sternberg decided to go a different route when they began designing movie posters in the 1920s- they chose Dada as their major influence, and somehow still managed to create works which fit right in with the rest of their Constructivist contemporaries.

These posters and many more Soviet Silent Era movie posters are currently on display at the Gallery for Russian Art and Design in London

Via Dangerous Minds

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Surreal Animated Short - The Laughing Policeman

(Video Link)

The Laughing Policeman is, despite the title, a dark and melancholy animated short named after a coin-op amusement device located on the boardwalk. The sinister laughter of this machine causes a beat cop to remember not-so-fond memories of trashy women making a spectacle of themselves on the planks, and the mood is set to dreary.

But you’re not going to watch this short for the uplifting storyline, the star of this short is the animation style, which is reminiscent of Ralph Bakshi's hand-drawn style, with the oddly repugnant style of a Terry Gilliam sequence from Monty Python.

The hand drawn animation is what will really draw you in, and once you’ve watched a copper being tormented by his memories you’ll be left with an appreciation for creator Marcus Armitage’s unique approach to animation, and the sound of maniacal robot laughter in your head.

Via Cartoon Brew

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Photographer Makes Out With People Then Takes Their Picture

Jedediah Johnson is one of the luckiest photographers in the world, or maybe he’s a mastermind who came up with a great idea for a photo series that people bought so he ran with it, either way he’s living a life of bliss-because he gets to make out with people and take pictures all day.

Okay, so maybe he does more than kiss and shoot pics for his series The Make Out Project all day, he probably eats and bathes once in a while, and he may have other hobbies we don’t know about if he can find the time between sessions.

One thing’s for sure- the photos have a lot to say, with oodles of emotion conveyed by simple cues like the expression on the model’s face, or the background choice, and a deceptively simple formula that still manages to tell us an individual story for each of Jedediah’s lip locked subjects.

Via Beautiful/Decay

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Making Classic Novel Titles Upworthy

In the world of click-to-read online content it's all about the views- how many people view your article, how many people link to your article, and how those numbers compare with the rest. Writing content for the online world is a hit-or-miss affair, and sometimes the numbers just don't add up- sometimes people use sneaky tactics to falsely inflate those numbers, gathering views like Smaug gathers gold coins.

But what if novels were subject to the same criteria for success? Nick Moran and Janet Potter of The Millions wondered- what would happen to book titles if the creativity was stripped away and replaced with upworthy titles that conned people into taking a closer look?

Via 22 Words

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Images Of The Turmoil In Kiev Captured By Independent Journalist

Anti-protest laws passed by the Ukranian government brought people to the streets of Kiev in a massive protest rally that has turned into a full blown riot with no end in sight.

The Ukranian government has tried to limit the amount of press photos that make their way out of the madness, but Independent ournalist Ilya Varlamov has been taking notes and shooting pics, sharing a firsthand account on his LiveJournal of what life is like in the belly of this fiery, politically fueled beast. Ilya's photos are truly a sight to behold- full of raw energy, destruction and people in action, fighting for a cause they truly believe in.

You can read more about Ilya's experiences in Kiev at Animal NY.

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Cutting Edge Artwork Based On William Gibson's Neuromancer

William Gibson’s seminal Cyberpunk novel Neuromancer changed the game for all near future sci-fi works to come, and truly set the stage for the Information Age. Published in 1984, Neuromancer was so far ahead of its time that many creative types were influenced by Gibson's vision of a grim future full of black market organ clinics, cybernetically enhanced street samurai and cyber-cowboys hacking the Matrix for a chip full of credits.

The sci-fi loving folks at io9 have put together a list of their fav artwork based on the book, which includes "Chiba" by DeviantARTist PHATandy (top) and "Case and Molly on the Sprawl" by royalboiler. Like what you see? Check out the rest of the cutting edge art that made io9's list

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Adorably Surreal Living Art Project- The Buddhist Bug

Artist Anida Yoeu Ali has created an alternate identity of sorts for herself in an art project/public theater performance she calls Buddhist Bug, which is helping her overcome her religious confliction and bringing a brightly colored worm from Chicago to the streets of her native Cambodia.

The worm's color is similar to that of a Buddhist monk's robe, the head piece is modeled after the Islamic Hijab, and the wormy style is modeled after, what else, a worm!

Here's what Anida has to say about this incredibly colorful living art project:

The Buddhist Bug Project seeks to map a new spiritual and social landscape through its surreal existence amongst ordinary people and everyday environments. The Buddhist Bug (BBug) is a fantastic saffron-colored creature that can span the length of a 30-metre bridge or coil into a small orange ball. Rooted in an autobiographical exploration of identity, the Bug comes from the artist’s own spiritual turmoil between Islam and Buddhism. Set amongst everyday people in ordinary moments, the Bug provokes obvious questions of belonging and displacement.

Via Beautiful/Decay

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Custom Made Creepy Cute Little Creature Dolls

Santani is an artist from Moscow, Russia who has been making cute yet creepy little creatures for about five years now, which combine sculptural elements, plush sewing and amazing paint jobs to bring her fantastically furry creations to life. They look like real life Mogwai, or Pokemon, or whatever kind of skin crawlingly adorable little critters typically seen in a sci-fi movie or cartoon.

Santani has come back into the spotlight recently to announce that she’ll soon be opening an Etsy store, so anyone who has been dying to get their hands on one of these magical creatures, but didn’t want to go through the hassle and long wait of commissioning, will soon be able to bring one home. Just don't try to shove them in a plastic ball, or feed them after midnight, they hate to be treated like one of those other critters!

Via The Meta Picture

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Cards Against Humanity- Doctor Who Edition

Those who like their playtime card based and social have probably tried their hands at a game of Cards Against Humanity, the brilliantly crass card game best played in a group of people with thick skin and a sense of humor.

One of the greatest things about the game is how easy it is to add your own cards to the mix, the basic set even includes a bunch of blank cards so you can make up your own wacky content, and you can even download the whole set for free if you prefer to print and play.

Now a comedy improv group called Conventional Improv have created their own set of cards to add to the game called Cards Against Gallifrey, full of fun Doctor Who references that range from bizarre to downright dirty which you can download for free. What exactly is a Rusty Cyberman? Maybe we're all better off not knowing... (NSFW due to explicit language)

Via Nerd Approved

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What It Feels Like To Be Cured Of A Zombie Virus- The First Wave

(Video Link)

Zombie films, comics, television shows and novels have attempted to explain every little aspect of life during the zombie apocalypse, from the spreading of the virus to the effects on plants and animals and beyond, but what about those who are cured of the virus? What do those rare breed of horror scenario survivors do with themselves once they’ve been cured of a zombie virus and get to live again?

The First Wave, a short horror film by director David Freyne and prequel to upcoming feature length movie The Third Wave, addresses this problem in an extremely humanistic manner, with the air of desperation still left to linger about the room and peril waiting just outside the door. (Warning- contains zombie related violence!)

Via Twitch

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Make Life Happy With A Sad Keanu Action Figure

Want to get in on the Sad Keanu fun without using the same old, boring 2D images? Looking for a fresh way to express Mr. Reeve’s Matrix-induced sadness via 3D printed figurine and diorama? You’re in luck, now that Japanese toy builder idk has created the Sad Keanu action figure.

He’s completely un-poseable, totally devoid of any action save dwelling in the mire of deep depression, and he makes the perfect complement to any existing action figure or doll collection.

Want Keanu to look all sad while riding a Little Pony, or stare his own mortality in the face while hanging around with a bunch of movie monsters? With a sad little Keanu in hand, anything is possible!

Via Kotaku

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Game Of Thrones Scenes As Japanese Woodcut Style Prints

George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones saga may have taken place in Westeros, which is more like Europe than Asia, but it's every fan art/fiction creating geek's duty to consider the possibility of their favorite storyline taking place in another locale, or an alternate dimension.

Imagining scenes from the Game of Thrones series as Japanese woodblock prints somehow makes sense, and the characters really look right wearing old timey Nihon garb. Created by Imgur user seiji, these sharp looking scenes are so popular that seiji is now planning on offering prints for sale online. Check out all the prints in the series here, complete with description of each scene.

Via Geekologie

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Three Hour Long Supercut Of Every NES Title Screen Ever Made

(Video Link)

Old school gamers with no new games to play and nothing better to do might want to set aside some time, approximately three hours or so, and watch this compilation of every single NES title screen ever made in alphabetical order.

Press Start was made by YouTube user NicksplosionFX, and it's sure to bring back fond memories of waiting for your game to start, waiting for player two to get back from the bathroom, or waiting until you've finished your Hot Pocket before hitting the start button.

Some screens are a bit mundane, others are totally epic and exciting with full color pixelated visuals, and watching them all is the ultimate exercise in time wasting! Can you bear the full three hours of excruciatingly monotonous nostalgia?

Via Gamma Squad

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Nursing Home Residents Re-Create Scenes From Their Favorite Movies

You’re never too old to have some photographic fun, and when life gets boring for retirement community residents in the Westphalia region of Germany they get all dressed up and re-enact scenes from some of their favorite movies.

The Essenes Contilia Group gathered seniors from ten different homes across the region, brought in wardrobes and props and shot these hilarious movie re-enactment shots for a calendar called Klassiker 2014, which was made strictly for the employees, residents and their families. The seniors look like they had a lot of fun starring in these Hollywood themed photos, and hopefully they'll be putting together another calendar for 2015.

Via 22 Words

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Trailer For Love Child- A Documentary About Internet Addiction

(Video Link)

A South Korean couple were so immersed in the multiplayer game Prius Online that they let their child starve to death, raising questions about whether Korea’s “place as the world leader of Internet infrastructure has adversely affected its communal society”.

That’s the story behind the first plea of not guilty due to internet addiction that actually worked- a manslaughter case against Kim Yoo-chul and Choi Mi-sun that inspired Valerie Veatch to create the documentary Love Child, a timely documentary which recently played at the Sundance Film Festival addressing the problem faced by nations across the globe as our daily lives become more integrated with the Internet.

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Iggy Pop Shows You Around His New York Neighborhood In 1993

(Video Link)

Iggy Pop once called the city of Detroit home, but since he moved on from his time with The Stooges and became a solo star of stage and screen he’s spent some time in a few major cities across the U.S., including Los Angeles and New York.

In 1993 Iggy was living in the Christodora House in New York’s Lower East Side and loving every minute of it, and in this video tour directed by Bram van Splunteren the original punk rocker gives us a very Iggy tour of his neighborhood, which has changed quite a bit over the last twenty years. (NSFW due to language)

Via Gawker

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Majestic Scrap Metal Lion Sculpture

Creating a sculpture befitting the regal King of Beasts is a tall order, but making one out of nearly 4,000 pieces of hammered metal seems like a virtually impossible task, or at least one that involves a lot of time, patience and know-how.

Turkish artist Selcuk Yilmaz apparently has an abundance of all three, because his metal lion statue titled Aslan took him only ten months to complete and looks absolutely amazing. Aslan is larger than life and weighs 550 pounds, and each piece was hand cut and hammered by Selcuk, proving that he has the heart of a lion and a limitless supply of scrap metal!

Via Bored Panda

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Our Lenin Soviet Propaganda Kids Book From 1934

Back in the good old days of Communism the art was hip to be square, the statues were crazy huge and the kids were allowed to march around in the square. Dressed in smart little uniforms with their heads all full of that Red propaganda, what is a Soviet kid to read during story hour?

Here’s a copy of Our Lenin, so they can get the back story on their mighty leader Joseph Stalin and learn how long it took him to grow that sweet moustache. Freshly translated into English in 1934 by the American Communist Party, Our Lenin is jam packed with armed conflicts, corruption and, of course, Lenin looking all stoic and heroic.

Via Dangerous Minds

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Clean Up New York PSA By David Lynch

(Video Link)

If you don’t properly dispose of your trash, if you simply toss your garbage around like a litter loving savage, the rats will come and they are terrifying! According to this 1991 PSA by David Lynch for the City of New York the streets will be overrun with rats if people don’t do their part to clean up after themselves, and rats spell doom for the thriving metropolis.

Lynch created this stylish black and white PSA as part of the “Clean Up” campaign, and it’s so noir meets avant garde meets modern urban realist that they should write papers about it in film school, with a chapter on why rats are so good at method acting.

Via Gothamist

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The Skeletal Remains Of Vehicular Creatures

Warning- Seeing vehicles without their shiny metal veneers, molded rubber bits and windows may be disturbing to some viewers.

Looking like the insides of the killer vehicles in the horror movie Maximum Overdrive or the dog shaped van in Dumb & Dumber, these skeletal vehicle sculptures show us why our cars really purr, and what the fossils of an extinct species of automotive dinosaur might look like.

These spectacular vehicasaur sculptures were created by Jitish Kallat- the big one’s named Aquasaurus and the little bikey fellow is called Ignitasaurus, and both are on display now at Art Stage Singapore.

We featured another car from Jitish's series previously on Neatorama- the Prius skeleton Collindonthus, so check that one out and complete the series!

Via Boing Boing

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Ten Debunked Myths About World War I

World War I seems like one bleak, trench filled exercise in outdated war tactics and mustard gas attacks when history is viewed through the veil, but as it turns out we have been living under many false assumptions about The Great War, and with the centennial fast approaching historians want to set the records straight.

It seems most soldiers didn't mind being sent off to war, since they got luxuries like meat, rum and cigarettes every day which most couldn’t afford at home. Troops also weren’t stuck in trenches for years on end, they were rotated out about every ten days, and most soldiers only spent a maximum of three days on the front lines.

Read on to discover the truth about many World War I myths.

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Comedic Short Film About Prison Dating- Dinner And A Movie

(Video Link)

When you start an online romance with a prison inmate you never know who, or what, you’re going to be dealing with when they finally get released and you meet face-to-face for the first time. Some may be even crazier and more dangerous than you thought, while others simply got caught up with the wrong crowd and aren’t really bad at heart.

In Ben Aston’s comedic short Dinner and a Movie we see two people who met through a prison dating website seeing each other in person for the first time, and let’s just say he’s not quite what she expected when she started writing letters to a con. (Barely NSFW due to language)

Via Geek Tyrant

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Photographer Turns Himself Into A Two Headed Freak

There are very few photographers who would choose to make themselves look like some sort of freakish creature when they shoot a self portrait series, but Swedish photographer Samuel Pettersson decided he’d rather play the role of a two headed monstrosity in his series entitled “The Animal”, and as you'd expect the photos are delightfully bizarre to behold.

Watch a two headed, no legged man wander the streets looking all creepy, climb trees and drain pipes and take a nap all while looking creepy. He even lays on his own lap, and cuddles up in bed with two more versions of himself, like a good little animal man.

Via DesignTAXI

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