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The Origin Of The Phrase "Guess What Chicken Butt"

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Ask a little kid "guess what?", wait for them to say "what?" then reply "chicken butt" and watch their face light up at the absurdity of what you just said, either that or they'll yell something like "you're not funny!" and storm off.

Kids are weird, which is why they're likely to repeat the phrase "guess what? chicken butt" after hearing it for the first time, spreading it through the schoolyard like a linguistic flu bug.

But, like many of the silly rhymes kids love to repeat, the origin of the reference is complicated and far from common knowledge, just like the fact that butchers used to call barrels full of chicken shoulders "butts".

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Simon Whistler discusses the origin of this strange schoolyard phrase in this Today I Found Out video, so you can school kids on where their favorite chicken butt joke came from!

-Via Laughing Squid

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Every Online Job Posting Ever

Job hunting can really crush your spirits, especially when you've put in time getting a degree, effort learning relevant skills and energy working for years only to find you lack a degree in forklift operation.

It seems like most employers are looking for special skills these days, and even entry level jobs want multilingual applicants with five years of experience, which just isn't working.

So let's all do like the guy in this comic by Jacob Andrews and revolt against the job market...until we find a job that accepts our questionable resume as truth!

-Via CollegeHumor

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People Who Hate Cats Are Forced To Hang Out With Kittens

It's hard for a cat lover to understand how someone could hate our feline friends, especially in their compact and ultra-cute kitten form, but there are cat haters among us- and they look just like you and I.

They often dress up their disdain for cats by claiming cats hate them or that they're allergic, but there's clearly more to the story than mere allergies or bad vibes.

The question is- can cat haters maintain their irrational hatred after hanging around a bunch of adorable kittens?

(YouTube Link)

It may never be clear why some people naturally hate cats, but while serious research continues it's good to see BuzzFeed Video messing with cat haters by conducting "social experiments".

-Via Boing Boing

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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10 Times Superheroes Killed Other Superheroes For The Greater Good

As a rule superheroes don't kill unless it's absolutely necessary, and writers have been using this moral dilemma to their advantage from the very beginning.

In fact, so many story arcs would have ended before they even began if superheroes would just kill the bad guys and get it over with, but heroes are more likely to kill one of their own than their wicked foes.

Wolverine is often seen as a savage fellow and therefore has no problem killing his foes, but one kill definitely weighs heavy on his conscience- the time he had to kill Jean Grey.

Jean Grey was resurrected by the Phoenix Force hoping to become Dark Phoenix once again, but this time Jean was prepared to fight the Phoenix- with a little help from Wolverine.

Logan was forced to kill the woman he loved over and over again, weakening the Phoenix Force so Jean could separate herself from it, and all he knew was murdering Jean Grey was the only way to save her from that cosmic force.

Wolverine isn't the only superhero who has killed a loved one- Namor the Sub-Mariner was also forced to kill his lady love for the greater good.

But Wolverine isn't the only hero who had to kill the love of his life for the greater good- Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner

It seems his beloved Marrina's alien DNA had a very strange reaction when she became pregnant with Namor's child- the pregnancy transformed her into a gigantic sea creature.

Namor was forced to do the "right" thing by using the Black Knight's Ebony Blade to slay Marrina, which may have contributed to Namor's anti-hero conversion.

See 10 Times Superheroes Killed Other Superheroes For The Greater Good here

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Twitter Hero Reminds People About Their Tweets Years Later

People have a tendency to discuss future plans via Twitter only to have those goals go unrealized simply because the Tweeters forgot about their post.

In fact, forgetfulness is the number one cause of hopes and dreams being forgotten, so it's a good thing Twitter hero Jon Hendren is out there reminding people about their important Tweets, like the one about the 40th birthday butt stripes.

Jon has been putting his online time to good use, reminding the forgetful that they once had lofty dreams of robot ownership.

And whether these Twitterers were serious about being reminded or not they're all gonna get a reminder from Jon, because he's just that good at reminding!

See This Hero Is Reminding People About Their Tweets Years Later Just Like They Asked here (NSFW language)

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The Life Of A Final Fantasy IX Innkeeper

Gamers think about lots of things while playing Final Fantasy IX, things like "when will I level up?", "where can I find some phoenix downs so my party doesn't wipe?" and "how do you pronounce that name?".

But nobody ever wonders how the poor townspeople feel about our heroes waltzing in to their homes and places of business and brazenly ripping off their hard earned Gil.

Maybe this comic by Julia Lepetit will make gamers stop and think about how those poor NPCs feel when we steal from them...just kidding, who gives a crap about those digital losers!

-Via Dorkly

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Movie Villain Plans That Made Absolutely No Sense

Suspension of disbelief has its limits, and movies like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises have such ridiculous plot elements that viewers can't help but be put off by these oversights.

Let's start with The Avengers- why did Loki enlist the services of an alien army with soldiers wearing armor normal arrows can go right through and gigantic creatures Hulk, Iron Man and Thor crush with ease?

You'd think feuding with his brother would have given Loki some insight into the kind of army he'd need to beat his bro's squad, but maybe he just didn't feel like putting in the work?

But the winner of the "WTF kinda plan was that?" award goes to Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, who had the chance to kill Batman once and for all but decided to give him the old "let's see you get outta that one!" routine instead.

Apparently Bane's hell bent on the destruction of Gotham, but he won't push that button before he gives some speeches and properly builds suspense!

Read The 6 Most Nonsensical Evil Plans In Movie History at Cracked (NSFW language)

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Snail Eating Cucumber Slice Stars In A Photoshop Love Story

When Mr. Snail scored a huge cucumber slice he thought he'd won the food lottery, and the slice made him feel like his life was finally changing for the better.

(Image Link)

His outlook on life was no longer quite as slimy, and he thought about settling down with a Mrs. snail and having some little snail-lings.

His life had taken on a whole new meaning, and to think his fateful future began with that slice of fruit, at least according to this recent Photoshop battle which took a romantic turn.

(Image Link)

The Photoshoppers felt it was time for Mr. Snail to put aside his swinging bachelor days, so they used the cucumber slice as a catalyst for a gastropod love story.

And then those dastardly digital manipulators threw a monkey wrench in Mr. Snail's life story, and he lost half his slice in the divorce.

(Image Link)

Destitute, drunk and dreaming of the days when he was a happy papa snail with a sweet Mrs. by his side, Mr. Snail was left wishing he'd never found that cucumber slice in the first place!

(Image Link)

See Snail Eating Cucumber Sparks Photoshop Battle, Internet Creates Better Love Story Than Twilight here

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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We Can Learn A Lot From The Way Kids Play Video Games

When kids sit down to play a video game they have little to no expectations, no goals in mind and no emotional attachment to their save file.

As gamers grow older they become more serious about gaming, and the innocent fun of youth is transformed into a more tense and regimented form of fun.

So why do video games stop having the same effect they had on us when we were kids?

Mark Serrels of Kotaku Australia was inspired to write about the merits of child's play by his son's enthusiasm for all things Mario, and his hilarious account really makes you think about the way we adult gamers play.

"I have learned a lot about video games from my three-year-old son who loves Super Mario 3D World more than I love any non-sentient object in this universe. Some of it is actually interesting.

The way children consume things is otherworldly. You or I — adult people — are content to play or watch something once – two or three times if we’re big fans. But there’s a diminishing return here. You don’t get the same pleasure the third or fourth time. At the very least it’s a different experience."

Read We Could Learn A Lot From The Way Kids Play Video Games here (NSFW language)

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Utterly Bizarre Images From The 1994 Scientology Handbook

Bizarre and Scientology go together like Hare Krishnas and tambourines, but if you think Tom Cruise and John Travolta were better off after they joined the Church of Scientology then you won't like the rest of this post.

Because we're gonna gaze at the ridiculous engram-implanting images found in the 1994 Scientology Handbook and have a good laugh, which is the only sane reaction to these pics when they're viewed out of context.

I'm sure there's a simple, or overly complicated and super sci-fi, explanation for each image contained in the Scientology Handbook, but we don't have the time or money needed to fully understand these "truths".

So we'll just continue to imagine what the hell these images mean, and since imagination is a key component of Scientology that's sorta like being a full-fledged member of the Church, right? *wink*

See 20 Utterly Bizarre Images From A 1994 Scientology Handbook That Will Numb Your Mind here

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What Makes Men Brave

Bravery can be measured on many levels, and sometimes inaction is the bravest course of action, but we're not all born to be brave.

Some guys were born to be cowards, hiding behind their moustaches in times of crisis and letting their lip hair play the hero like no facially hairless person ever could.

Because, as this comic by Things In Squares shows, there's nothing more manly and brave than letting a clump of hair grow above your top lip!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Disturbing Sex Scenes Pixar Didn't Want You To See

Pixar movies like UP, Toy Story and The Incredibles aren't quite as whitewashed and G-rated as their Disney cousins, but they're still kept family friendly and pure to maximize box office revenue.

They accomplish this by simply omitting any content that could be construed as mature and change the rating, such as Mr. and Mrs. Incredible's morning ritual of fooling around before breakfast.

If that scene had been included in the film parents would've had to discuss this delicate issue with their kids on the way home, and we can't have cartoons forcing parents to give the sex talk, now can we?

But humans aren't the only ones who get edited in Pixar films, check out this deleted scene from UP showing Dug's romantic side.

That scene would have been too disturbing for all viewers, so it's a good thing we can still look at Dug without thinking about him humpi.....never mind, that illustration by Paul Westover has taken away Dug's innocence, now hasn't it? Sorry Dug!

See 6 Disturbing Pixar Sex Scenes That Definitely Happened here (NSFW)

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Add Some New Flavor To Halloween By Carving A Pineapple Jack-O'-Lantern

(Image Link)

Pineapple carving has become a Halloween tradition for people looking to add some tropical flair to their fall festivities, and while they'll never replace pumpkins the spiky pineapple does make a pretty great jack-o-lantern.

(Image Link)

And unlike many new additions to the holiday carved pineapples look traditional enough to fit in with the rest of your Halloween decorations, and may even steal the show away from the squash.

(Image Link)

But why stop at pineapples when we can add carved watermelons, cantaloupes and honeydew melons to the mix? Carve it up and go crazy, because Halloween comes but once a year!

(Image Link)

See People Are Carving Pineapples For This Halloween, And They Look Pretty Awesome here

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Halloween Then And Now

(Image Link 1/2)

Halloween is relatively young as far as holidays are concerned, but by the mid-20th century it was so popular with adults and kids alike that everyone agreed they couldn't live without a night of costumed trick-or-treating.

But over the decades Halloween has become virtually unrecognizable, and much more terrifying...

In the beginning Halloween costumes were simple and homemade, but as the holiday became more popular so did the idea of buying a licensed costume off the rack, and then some adults started buying off the wrong rack.

(Image Link 1/2)

Soon the madness spread to other Halloween traditions, as simple and smile inducing gave way to complex depravity, and the world was exposed to the horror of a jack-o'-lantern giving birth.

(Image Link 1/2)

But despite the changes Halloween is still pretty much the same as it ever was, only these days people tend to show a lot more skin.

(Image Link)

See 12 Comparisons of Halloween Then And Now here

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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Wolverine Vs. Cyclops

Wolverine and Cyclops have a somewhat adversarial friendship, and not just because they've both got their eyes on Jean Grey.

But these mighty men are willing to put their differences aside when they're called to battle, which is why they're the ultimate representatives for the X-Men.

Blazers At Dawn has continuing coverage of the whisper war being waged between Wolvie and Ol' Lazer Gaze, as the two vie for control of the squad and their ordinary mutant lives.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Secrets That Were Stranded On Gilligan's Island

The castaways on Gilligan's Island claim to have kept no secrets from us or each other, but even the innocent looking star of the show has been hiding a secret all these years- because his name was originally supposed to be Willy Gilligan.

The name Willy never came up in the show, and Bob Denver insisted Gilligan's first name was Gilligan forever after the show, but Sherwood Schwartz named the character "Willy Gilligan" in the original treatment.

Schwartz came up with Gilligan's Island while at college, and originally intended the show to be a "social microcosm and a metaphorical shaming of world politics in the sense that when necessary for survival, yes we can all get along.”

Even the name of the ship was meant to make a statement, as the S.S. Minnow was named after the head of the FCC- because show creator Sherwood Schwartz hated him and felt like he was sinking the entire television industry.

Who says a silly TV sitcom can't have depth and make a bold statement?

Read 20 Surprising Secrets About "Gilligan's Island" You Need To Know here.

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Superheroes Who Need Their Own Video Game

Comic books and video games often fail to make a love connection, and while movie and TV show adaptations keep getting better video game adaptations almost always fall short of super.

But every once in a while a great comic book game like Deadpool, the Batman Arkham series or Injustice: Gods Among Us comes along and renews our faith in the medium.

So maybe game designers should focus on making character or team specific games that aren't just a direct movie adaptation, because characters like Batgirl, Moon Knight and Cyborg are dying for their own game!

(Image Link)

Nerdmuch? put together this list of 20 Superheroes Who Need Their Own Game, and while it has some good picks I think their list is missing three superheroic names in need of a game- The Tick, Howard the Duck and Lobo!

(Image Link)

Ocean of America tried to make a Lobo fighting game for the SNES twenty years ago, yet nothing has come up since. Seriously, what does the Main Man have to do to get his own game?!

See 20 Superheroes Who Need Their Own Game here

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Heavy Metal Without Distortion = Surf Rock From Hell

Ask anyone what makes heavy metal an unique genre of rock and they'll list off some key components- dark imagery, hard drumming, intense vocals and guitar distortion.

So it follows that removing one or more of these elements would essentially rip the heart out of that distinctive heavy metal sound, but how bad could a minor change be?

As this video from Paranormal Guitar Channel shows taking the distortion out of heavy metal guitar isn't so bad after all- because it becomes surf rock from hell.

(YouTube Link)

-Via eBaum's World

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Why Rounds Make No Sense In Mortal Kombat

Fighting games generally go out of their way to flash a great big K.O. across the screen when the round ends, so players know their fighter is still alive and coming back for another round.

But Mortal Kombat changed all that, because the "mortal" in the title meant characters were often dead by the end of the round, and could be dispatched with a grisly Fatality finishing move.

So how the hell did a fighter who was beaten to death come back for more in the next round? (Barely NSFW due to language)

(YouTube Link)

This Dorkly video poses a theory, although it still doesn't explain how they come back from a spine ripping fatality.

-Via Laughing Squid

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102-Year-Old Woman Crosses "Get Arrested" Off Her Bucket List

(Image Link)

With all the stories circulating about cops killing kids and unarmed people it's nice to read a heartwarming story about police officers doing something good- like arresting an old lady.

Don't worry- the centenarian in question isn't a criminal about to spend the rest of her life behind bars, she's just a sweet old lady who wanted to cross "get arrested" off her bucket list.

102-year-old Edie Simms from St. Louis, Missouri has lived a life of generosity and goodness, but for some reason she's always been fascinated with the idea of getting handcuffed and thrown in the back of a cop car.

So Michael Howard, creative director of the 5 Star Senior Center to which Edie has been donating handmade items for nearly a decade, decided to repay her kindness by calling the cops.

Here's more on this unusual arrest:

Since one of the center’s volunteers is friends with a local police officer, the police department “offered to send a police cruiser to take her” to the center, Howard said.

Simms’ reaction was one of unbridled joy.“She said oh that’d be wonderful and said, ‘do you think that they’d put the handcuffs on me?’” Howard recalled.

Once in the back of the car, Howard said Simms was one proud passenger. While passing a county police officer, Howard recalled: “Edie held her hands up to show that she had the handcuffs on! She’s just such a neat lady.”

-Via Huffington Post

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Makeup Artist Turns 3-Year-Old Into An Old Hag

Makeup artists love to see how far they can take a transformation before it becomes too obvious or ridiculous.

Which is why they often choose to do old age, gender or species swap makeups, so they can show off their face painting skills by completely transforming a subject.

But makeup artist Lynn Hetherington Becker really had her work cut out for her when she decided to transform this darling 3-year-old girl into an ugly old hag.

Lynn's subjects are typically little cuties who have their cuteness enhanced by the adorable images she paints on their faces.

But when Lynn goes for a transformative old age look the illusion is only broken when the camera pulls out and reveals the hag's cute little hands and feet.

-Via Bored Panda

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Honk If You Love These Hilarious Bumper Stickers

(Image Link)

Bumper stickers can be an eyesore, a way to induce road rage and a way to make us LOL while we're driving, but they rarely say anything we should take seriously.

Because only a total crackpot would think a bumper sticker stating their cracked opinion about an issue would have the power to actually change someone's mind.

(Image Link)

Of course, there are plenty of witty and insightful bumper stickers out there, with slogans we can actually get behind, so we can't entirely dismiss the power of their slogans to stick in our minds.

(Image Link)

But who wants to read some racist, sexist or religious slogan some crackpot felt like sharing with the world when we can read silly slogans we'll actually want to share with our friends?

(Image Link)

And why would you want to use your bumper sticker to shove an agenda down another driver's intake manifold when you can make people smile with a silly slogan?

(Image Link)

See 32 Funny Bumper Stickers You Could Actually Commit To here

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Mush It Up People!

Humans naturally hate Daleks, not because they want to exterminate us all but rather because they remind us of ourselves.

We're soft, squishy little critters hiding behind steel walls too, fragile creatures afraid to crawl out of our armor shells for fear of being stepped on.

And, according to this Owl Turd comic, it all begins with life throwing NOs at us, which is why it pays to develop a healthy appetite for rejection.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Gross Art Series Featuring Dissected Pop Culture Characters

There are many ways to deconstruct a pop culture character, but anatomically minded artist NYCHOS prefers a direct deconstruction, slicing the character into layers so we can see what they're made of.

NYCHOS has a knack for infusing a character's internal organs with their personality, making it clear that you're looking at Batman's guts, Mario's boney fist or Spidey's grinning skull.

(Image Link)

And once you've seen your favorite pop culture characters split into an exploded view that leaves nothing to the imagination you'll know what makes them tick- which is liable to make you feel sick!

(Image Link)

-Via GeekTyrant

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Designers Create Real Life Playmobil Guy Hair Helmet

Bike helmets don't just protect the heads these days- they serve as a fashion accessory and get the rider lots of attention, which is exactly what many kids are looking for in a helmet.

In fact, kids are better about wearing a helmet that looks cool, and since their safety is a top priority, helmet designers try to make their designs visually appealing for kids.

And since kids love Playmobil, designers Simon Higby and Clara Prior teamed up with MOEF to create wearable Playmobil guy "helmet hair" so kids will want to wear it while riding.

Simon and Clara based their design on actual Playmobil guy hair, using 3D software to scale up a scan of the tiny hair piece and merge it with a standard helmet, then they 3D printed a prototype.

(YouTube Link)

This helmet is sure to appeal to the wee ones if and when it hits the market, and before you know it helmet hair will be all the rage once again!

-Via Bored Panda

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How The Part In Your Hair Affects Your Overall Appearance

Hairstyles affect the way we look more than most people think, and anyone who's ever gotten a bad haircut knows how easy it is for a  hairstyle to make us look older, heavier or less attractive.

A radical hairstyle can make you look totally hip while an outdated hairstyle can make you look like a bit of a kook, but all it really takes to radically alter our appearance is a part in a different place.

Refinery29 enlisted hairstylist Paul Warren to help demonstrate the power of the part on six of their staffers, and these parting shots prove going middle or side makes a huge difference.

Paul offers this advice on how to find your natural part, and why we should play with our hair:

"Comb back your wet hair with your fingers, and then push forward with your palm at the crown of your head," Warren instructs. "Your hair will split where it naturally falls."

"I don't think face shapes really matter anymore," Warren says. "The [face-shape guide] was a nice rubric, but when you take that away you just get so much more room to play. It's just what looks good on you, whatever you're comfortable with, and whatever you can rock."

See Changing Hair Part Before And After Photos here

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Our Favorite Fall Activities - Instagram Vs. Real Life

I love Thanksgiving cherry much #vscocam #pieyall

A photo posted by cait meisenheimer (@caitmeise) on Nov 26, 2014 at 1:18pm PST

For some reason people feel the need to show off their crafty side via social media during the fall more than any other time of year, but as we all know those shared pics aren't to be trusted.

Because the shot could be staged, it could be the best shot out of a hundred taken, or that person could secretly be a professional pie maker instead of acceptably average like the rest of us.

(Image Link)

So why do people feel the need to lie about their skills via Instagram? Because they can, and because the people in their circle want to believe their "friend" is truly talented.

#halloween #pumpkin #halloweenpumkin #funny#cadıbayramı #cadi

A photo posted by Esra (@ezradefne) on Oct 9, 2016 at 2:12am PDT

But in reality only a few gifted souls manage to carve their pumpkins like a pro every year, much less properly stage and photograph their work to make it look poster worthy.

The rest of us end up with a splitting headache and a lackluster pumpkin presentation.

(Image Link)

People also love to exaggerate about how much fun they're having now that it's fall, gushing about their trip to the pumpkin patch like they've just visited some squash-based wonderland.

When in reality going to a pumpkin patch is more likely to make you feel like this guy:

(Image Link)

See Your Favorite Fall Activities On Instagram Vs. Real Life here

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A Supercut Video Of The Best Supporting Weirdos

Weird characters are always memorable, and they help shape the look and feel of a movie whether they're part of the supporting cast or the main Magoo.

Actors like Crispin Glover, Marty Feldman and John Malkovich are known for the kooky characters they've played, so we know what to expect when we see them in a movie.

But some of the best supporting weirdos have been a one-off role for leading men and women such as Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice, Cloris Leachman in Young Frankenstein and Robert Blake in Lost Highway.

(YouTube Link)

Filmmaker John Lefkovitz put together this supercut of strange characters who have appeared in our favorite flicks, proving movies just wouldn't be the same without supporting weirdos.

-Via Laughing Squid

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Nose And Tongue

Your nose and your tongue work together to deliver sensory information to your brain, and even though they rarely get to meet these two facial friends really rely on each other.

But sometimes tongues get stuck out in derision and noses are stuck in the air, and we're forced to bring the two together with the ultimate unifying force- pizza.

The power of pizza- The Awkward Yeti totally gets it.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Foods That Used To Be Completely Different

There's lots of talk about GMOs, gluten and trans fats these days, and nowadays people feel like they know more about the food they're eating and where it came from than they did a few decades ago.

But we still don't know a whole lot about how the food we buy at the grocery store got to be the way it looks and tastes today, which is why food history factoids are so delicious.

And once you've learned some fun new facts about your favorite foods you'll have plenty to chew over with your fellow foodies!

See 22 Foods You Didn't Know Used To Be Completely Different here

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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