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wait, they're not frenopathics!
People is afraid and they do need to belive before thinking they'll get lost in darkness after dead.

While alive they should question their beliefs. Fanatics won't do that and those 'weak', 'fearful', or simply those illiterated won't question their beliefs.

Freedom solution comes with more schools, empirism and scientific knowledge ^g^
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I think you can rip off a shark's eye and a cat would still eat it because it smells like food.

That's fruit. I'm sure that the first times they gave me apples I didn't knew they were apples at all... It's fruit and somehow in our genetical info is stored the good and bad of the smells and tastes...

The bear doesn't care, eats fruit.

Round here some bears got killed by humans being fed with artificial sponges with honey on them... They swallow them in a piece and it packs tight to their vias :(... But it smelled soooo well...
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It's the emotional companion to the speech.

Most of the woman can say whatever without any other emotion inside so I think there'll be no problem at all ^g^
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Notice that the repaint of the page kills the video player :/ the webmaster should program the videos to pop in another window...
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