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Before parenthood: "Of course! Because of equality, etc. etc. etc."
After parenthood: "Nope, can't take that risk however remote. Equality be damned!"

Just being honest here.
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I used this through the last bowling season. The strain of throwing an 11 lb. ball, 12-15 games a week with my right arm, while lungeing out on my left leg was really taxing. The tape was applied to the right side of my neck, and my right shoulder. The tape supports overstressed muscles in the way an Ace bandage would, but without the bulk, and it's much more versatile. It will stay put even after showering, so it doesn't need to be reapplied as often as conventional athletic tape. It's flexible and moves with the athlete's body.

Athletes of Olympic caliber are looking for any edge over their competition that they can legally use.
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I like the new design and huge thanks to Alex and Rommel for getting me back in the comment system! Was having a heck of a technologically frustrating morning earlier (multiple systems I was trying to get into weren't working and none of it was MY fault!) Really surprised at the very fast response!
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