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Absolutely fascinating. I'd love it if we could get a view of what their life is like, of course, without actually being physically present on the island (except for remote-controlled cameras, maybe).

Here's a direct Google Maps link to the location of the Primrose, for anyone interested:
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Years ago I unintentionally made it a habit to not inhale or exhale when I yawn, yet I still feel the full physiological effects. Without aspiration playing any part in it, the one thing I notice every yawn (even as I type this) is how my eardrums seem to open up a great deal.

As it seems to me breathing actually has little to do with a yawn, I've always guessed that its purpose is to maybe heighten your hearing sense (and maybe others) at least temporarily so when going to sleep or waking so a mammal couldn't be so easily caught off guard around slumber time.

But that's just me.
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Thanks Mossel! Alex deserves all the credit. All of this is the result of the genius that oozes from his brain. All I did was bring his ideas into the real world... as illustrated above. ;-p
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