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This cop is like OSHA's wet dream. He not only secured himself in a safe position, when the danger was over he immediately went to a fellow officer and delivered an oral report of the situation.

He's probably taken the OSHA 30 class.
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Before he activated the slide and exited, he grabbed some beers. That's the funniest part, imho. Few of us could quit our jobs in a more entertaining, fabulous manner.
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The rat was deceased when they found it. It was gently disposed of. Now as a former owner of rats, and a champion of their great petness, I, for one, shed a small tear for sidewalk rat.
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While Ocean's 12 was the weakest of them, I still love this series. It's pure escapist cinema, and just a lot of fun to watch again and again. Andy Garcia's characterization is so perfect, I can't imagine Michael Douglas doing any better.
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As long as we're on the subject, it's pretty much clear that nuclear worldwide holocaust is improbable. I use the word 'pretty' ironically, cause it won't be that at all, but it will be relatively isolated.
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I remember seeing the movie in theaters, and LMAO at the "No Stairway" scene. But on viewing the video some time later, I was devastated that it wasn't there. What happened?
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That beat the huge and boring record holder that inserted a glut of words into "A man, a plan, a canal...Panama!" I love the centerpiece, "Be still if I fill it's ebb."

+10, Demetri.
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Since my faraway friend joined, our correspondence has increased tenfold, and no more fwd fwd emails. Plus it's fun to see whats she's up to that is too mundane to phone me about.
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Aww, I read the title wrong. I thought it said "10 Facts About Neil Diamond..."

Great info, though. I was reminded of Michael Rappaport's character in "Beatiful Girls" and his engagement ring which was "Champagne".
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That was a lot of fun, but I call shenanigans on 101; they should have accepted 101 Dalmations. I sure didn't know the remake was just called 101. Some others I toiled over for a long time, just shy of pegging them, before giving up and peeking. Then kicking myself for not getting them.
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I was just remarking today that: In the 90s, I used to work at a gas station, and changing the price was on average done once every week or so. Sometimes they'd raise it twice in a week if we were lucky. These days every time I pass my neighborhood station, it changes. That's an interesting difference to me.

Also, I'm very torn about the NASA whale oil thing. I am currently reading Fluke, and I'm a long-time space exploration buff.
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I thought Part 1 of Burns' show was the best so far...last night's coverage of the African front and the women building planes was kinda snore-worthy, but tonight brought up how weird it was to be a Japanese-American who wanted to ride a bus--and didn't know whether to ride with the whites or the blacks.

Wow. Great work all around, and I can't wait to see the finale. WWII was such a different war, and everyone in America was indeed touched by it.
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