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My cat vanished recently, and before she returned, I got a lot of flak for not microchipping her. Hmmm, I wonder why their chip didn't work to the point where they'd given up hope.
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This cop is like OSHA's wet dream. He not only secured himself in a safe position, when the danger was over he immediately went to a fellow officer and delivered an oral report of the situation.

He's probably taken the OSHA 30 class.
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Before he activated the slide and exited, he grabbed some beers. That's the funniest part, imho. Few of us could quit our jobs in a more entertaining, fabulous manner.
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I liked all of the Rascals, but it was Petey the Dog that always warmed my heart. I also remember my Dad telling me that the guy who played my favorite cop on TV was one of the kids. Yeah, Robert (Robby) Blake. I always thought that was kinda cool.
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The rat was deceased when they found it. It was gently disposed of. Now as a former owner of rats, and a champion of their great petness, I, for one, shed a small tear for sidewalk rat.
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I think it's a scientific method of some kind.

Anyway, that first one wasn't the size of a shark, but I remember seeing an episode of Nova that had a large, similar creature that thrived in the mostly ocean world of the Pre-Cambrian (or maybe post), and it was something you wouldn't want swimming up on you, for sure.
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I was wondering when the concept of Battle Bots would meta into creating an R2D2 so precisely. My favorite SW character, I'd be tempted to buy one if I was filthy rich. I love the fire extinguisher detail. And the Zune docking hack was brilliant!
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While Ocean's 12 was the weakest of them, I still love this series. It's pure escapist cinema, and just a lot of fun to watch again and again. Andy Garcia's characterization is so perfect, I can't imagine Michael Douglas doing any better.
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As long as we're on the subject, it's pretty much clear that nuclear worldwide holocaust is improbable. I use the word 'pretty' ironically, cause it won't be that at all, but it will be relatively isolated.
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