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Objects and Installations by Tony Spyra

The work of a good conceptual artist will surprise you with something you’d have never considered, then upon reflection you find that it makes total sense in some way. That’s the impression I get from Austria-based German artist Toni Spyra, who takes everyday objects and sees them in a new and creative way. He wants to share that creative re-imagining with you.

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

There Goes the Neighborhood

In the town of Solikamsk, Russia, there’s a large hole swallowing a neighborhood. The main industry in the area is salt mining, and an influx of water has caused a “failure of the soil,” or in other words, a great big hole in the ground. The soil began shifting in 2005, and authorities responded by evacuating the area, cutting electricity to encourage everyone to leave; so no one lives in these houses. On Tuesday, the mines were evacuated due to shifting earth, and the hole opened up on Tuesday evening. Russian authorities are studying the scene and performing air quality tests to determine whether noxious gasses are being released. -via reddit

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Bad News for Cookie Monster

(YouTube link)

The Furchester Hotel is a Sesame Street production for preschoolers in the United Kingdom. To promote the show, Cookie Monster is traveling to the UK to visit the hotel. He’s a little worried about the language difference. John Oliver tries to reassure him, but there are a few differences between British English and American English -one difference is very close to our blue friend’s heart. -via Tastefully Offensive

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No More Free Time

I checked all day yesterday for a new comic from Doghouse Diaries, but it never came. This morning, we have an explanation. One of them has become a father for the first time, ten days before the due date! I believe it’s Will, because Raf is already a father and Ray is active on Twitter and hasn’t mentioned a birth. Congratulations from your friends at Neatorama!

This is the previous comic, which us about something every parent knows, but it has a sort-of easter egg. Can you spot the error in the comic? Strangely, it was the first thing I noticed.

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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How to Make Sparkling Wine with a Soda Stream

(YouTube link)

To be honest, this is an demonstration of how NOT to make sparkling wine with a Soda Stream carbonation machine. You aren’t supposed to do it. But Larry G and his son Noah thought it would be a great idea, especially while Mom’s not at home. And of course, their first attempt uses red wine, which leaves permanent stains on …well, you will see in the video. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

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Baby Rewarded for Her First Crawl

YouTube Link

According to daddy Don Swift, he was shooting video of his baby learning to crawl when his black Labrador retriever gave her an extra reward for her efforts. A double shot of cute in case your morning was lacking. -Via Viral Viral Videos

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Not Your Average Cabin in the Woods

Artist Kat O'Sullivan (also known as "Katwise") transformed her Woodstock, New York home into the cornucopia of color seen here. Strangely enough, the pictures of the house in its place in the countryside don't appear jarring due to the contrast. The house complements and somehow blends with its natural setting.  

Kat has decorated the place so that it is as whimsical and vibrant inside as it is outside. She credits "ninja elves" with helping her to make the home into her vision. The house is appropriately named "Calico."

Visit Kat's website Katwise to see before and after pictures of the inside and outside of Calico.

Images: Katwise | Via: Viral Nova  

Before and after of staircase

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Terrifying Campfire Tales About Bill Murray

This Halloween people will be sitting around campfires telling scary stories, but those stories won't be about boogeymen or hook handed killers, they'll be about a different kind of fiend- the eccentric entertainer.

They can pop up out of nowhere, their behavior is totally unpredictable, and they have so much money and notoriety that they can get away with just about anything.

(YouTube Link)

Bill Murray Stories is a comedy short by Jon Bershad about a group of friends discussing the strange appearances of the beloved, and totally eccentric, actor.

Bill has become the stuff of legend since he's able to appear anywhere, and his uncanny ability to solve people's problems with sage advice and a bit of bartending makes his appearances hard to believe. 

If you encounter Bill Murray in the wild make sure you snap a pic or nobody will ever believe you!

(Barely NSFW due to language)

-Via Laughing Squid

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Romanian Headmaster Is Still Hanging Around School Long After His Death

Private school headmasters often keep their jobs for a really long time, sometimes to the point where they feel like they’ve spent their whole life in school.

Alexandru Grigore Poescu spent fifty years as teacher and headmaster of the Puchenii Mosneni Elementary School in Romania, and when he passed away in the 1960s he left his skeleton to the school, so his kids could use it in their science classes.

(YouTube Link)

Health officials recently decided the skeleton was a risk to student health, so they took it away to have it specially treated, which caused a wave of outrage from students and teachers who felt like they were taking away a friend.

The skeleton was promptly replaced in a protective glass case, and the story of the skeletal headmaster was shared with the world, which proves that some educators make an impact on their students long after their death!

-Via RT

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How Little Girls See Barbie

People worry that Barbie dolls with their unreal figures present an unattainable ideal for a woman’s appearance, which can be stifling to a young girls’s ego. But the kids who really play with Barbies are typically between 3 and 7 years old. I can totally relate to this. Relatives would buy my daughters Barbies left and right, and my kids would cut their hair, paint them, draw tattoos on them, amputate a few limbs, and they even made one into a male because they didn’t have enough Ken dolls. This story is from John McNamee at Pie Comic.

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Foxcatcher Trailer Looks To Change The Way We See Steve Carell

(YouTube Link)

You know those moments when you see a trailer and you just know the movie will have some kind of impact on you? That is how I feel about the Foxcatcher trailer. A movie where the normally hilarious and perpetually innocent Steve Carell will take on the much darker demeanor of real life criminal and wrestling enthusiast, John Du Pont.

You can tell this is going to be a game-changer for Carell. An incredibly talented guy who, quite frankly, deserves it. I will toss a little warning your way. The trailer may give a little more away than some may like, so be prepared for that. Sadly, that is how most trailers work lately anyway. You can't be THAT mad, though. This all already happened in real life. Also, allow how much he looks like his Gru character from Despicable Me to distract you from the spoilers in the trailer.

Keep your eyes peeled for Foxcatcher this November. Also, I didn't bring up Channing Tatum on purpose. This isn't Tiger Beat. Just kidding, Channing. We love you. 28 Jump Street: Wrestling School yo!

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Horror Short: Mockingbird

(YouTube Link)

The helplessness of an infant is something most horror writers and directors wont even tread on. They know it is too much for some people to even try to fathom, so they don't touch it. For that reason, when someone does finally tread, it can be even more terrifying a thought because we so rarely "go there".

This leads us to Mockingbird. An amazing little horror short from the crew over at FEWDIO. It takes the idea of the helplessness of a child to new heights, all while never showing us a thing. Just using the simplicity of a haunting nursery rhyme and great sound design to drive the horror home. Don't worry, it's not gory. It's very disturbing, but not gory. When horror is this scary, it doesn't have to be gory.

I have said this about Fewdio's work before (seriously, go spend a few hours on their YouTube page after you spent a few hours here) and I will say it again: they do more with horror in two minutes than most full length, big budget, million dollar films. Hell, here they only needed a minute and a half.

Love Halloween and cosplay? Check out our Halloween Blog!

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If I Had Known My Mother Back Then

Graphic artist Danielle Delph shows us a very personal project in which she combed through old family photographs and matched some from her childhood with those of her mother’s childhood. And then combined them.

I've always wondered if my mom and I would have been friends had we grown up together. Would we be in the same classes? Would we have the same sense of humor? Would people tell us we're inseparable? After seeing myself in her childhood photos, I'm pretty sure we would have been great friends..

Melding the images gives us a pair of intergenerational best friends. See the sweet results in six images at Delph’s website. You can tell who is who by the hairstyles and clothing. -via mental_floss

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Musician Glen Campbell Writes (Final) Heartwrenching Song About Alzhemiers

This might just be the most difficult post I have ever written here. That may sound silly, but sadly, Alzheimer's has been in my life since I was just a child. To see someone you love forget themselves and forget everything around them, while slow degenerating, is a dark place I would not wish on anyone. In the same breath, we ALL need to talk about this condition more, and a song like this will incite the needed discussions.

(YouTube Link)

Famous 70s musician Glen Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2011 and has been battling it relentlessly since. Seemed he had finally reached a point where those around and even he became aware that he could not record music anymore, as his Alzheimer's was getting worse and worse.

He decided to record one final song called "I'm Not Gonna Miss You" and it is about exactly what you think it's about. I will tell you right now, this is painful. A man aware he is slipping into oblivion and choosing to say goodbye one last time the only way he knows how. Please, share this and spread the word. The more aware we are of this condition, the more funding it gets, the less we have to worry that it will be like this forever.

Remember when Johnny Cash put out the Hurt video right before he passed away? Yes, this feels like that, but with an even deeper meaning. For those looking to learn more about the disease or find out ways they can help, check out the Alzheimer's foundation. 

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X-Men have Vanity Plates

Now we know where Professor X is from, and what sweet ride he has! Redditor funboixero spotted this car in Houston. He saw the driver exit the parking lot in a wheelchair, but hasn’t yet mentioned whether he was bald, which is what everyone wants to know. You can get a closer look at imgur.

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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What If Horror Movies Took Place on Facebook?

Finally, a truly modern horror movie! Except it’s not a movie, it’s a string of Facebook posts, which will make it easy to follow for those who live on Facebook. Like many horror films, the plot is inconsequential, or at least overly familiar: teenagers gather in a spooky place that hides something bent on killing them.

How does it turn out? If I were to guess without peeking, I would suppose that the cute girl with the most previous acting credits is the sole survivor. Read your way through a horror movie, Facebook-style, at Mandatory. It is conveniently flipped so the posts read from top to bottom. -Thanks, Daniel!

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23 Exceptionally Bizarre Craigslist Ads

Ah, Craiglist. It's a cornucopia of creepy and crass. It can also be a fun read. Occasionally though, Craigslist functions more as it was originally intended, and not to promote any number of felonious actions. There are times when a person just needs something taken off of his/her hands, whether they're willing to sell it for a song, or give it away. Something like a toaster chair, complete with handy "toast upper downer handle." Or a sofa made of rocks. Perhaps people are needed for a strictly scientific hair growth study. These listings are proof that if one simply gives Craigslist a chance, it's possible to find honest and honorable people in need.

See the other Craigslist ads in this collection here. (I had a hard time selecting which of them to post here!) 

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Winner of the International One-Minute Film Festival

YouTube Link

This eerie film short called "Tuck Me In" by Ignacio F. Rodó is this year's winner of the international one-minute film festival, Filminute. The competition and festival features the winners, each having been selected by jury. Much like writing contests in which all entries must be 100 (or similarly few) words, entrants are challenged to make every film second (or word) meaningful in terms of creating atmosphere or furthering the story.

Watch the Filminute runners up and viewer's choice award winners here. -Via Twisted Sifter

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He Went to NYCC as Johnny Depp

You don’t have to look like Johnny Depp to look like one of his movie characters …or two …or half a dozen. This cosplayer was spotted at New York Comic Con over the weekend. Let’s see, we have the bird on the head from The Lone Ranger, the glasses and cigarette from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the hair from Pirates of the Caribbean, the badge from Rango, the bow tie from The Tourist, the blades from Edward Scissorhands, the watch from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, shoes from Alice in Wonderland, fingernails from Dark Shadows, and probably a lot of other accoutrements from other movies. I think he should have gone with the eyewear from Sleepy Hollow.

-via reddit

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10 Cartoons From The 1990s You Might Not Remember

The 1990s were the last great era of Saturday Morning cartoons, when cartoon giants like Hanna-Barbera were still creating animated series in their classic style, and anime had yet to take over on network television.

Shows and spinoff shows were popping up left and right, and producers and network executives were open to trying out all kinds of ideas for an animated series.

Want a show about Rick Moranis teaching a bunch of teenage monsters how not to ruin their lives? Sure, why not.

(YouTube Link)

How about a series based on a hockey team's mascot, and loosely based on the movie that inspired the creation of the hockey team in the first place? Alrighty then!

Gravedale High and The Mighty Ducks are but two of the strange, and in some cases really cool, cartoons found on GeekTyrant's list of Ten 1990s Cartoons You Probably Don't Remember.

They've got more information on these strange shows, and clips that might jog your memory, but don't be surprised if you can't remember them all!

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The 30 Best Films of the 2000's

                                          Image credit: DNA Films/British Film Council

Do you remember what your favorite movie from the 2000's was? Though it was not long ago, it can be hard to remember. There were so many good films (and so many bad ones) that came out in that time, sometimes you try and look back and it is just a blur of characters and stories.

Thankfully, there are lists like this one put together by Film School Rejects that remember for us. Movies like 28 Days Later and Oldboy that all worked towards changing the way we look at modern cinema. The trend you will notice from the list is that there WAS no trend, and that is what set the 00's apart. There are as many comedies and thriller films on the list as there are dramas. The 2000's was when indie film making became the norm again, and that reflects itself in some of their choices.

This list also makes me want to watch most of these again.

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Justice League: Thrones of Atlantis Official Trailer

It should be widely known (and isn't) that DC Animated make the best comic book movies. I am not even saying best "animated" comic book movies. I am saying best comic book movies, period. From Batman: Year One to Superman: Doomsday, their cartoon movies are often what we wish actual movies based on comics would be like.

Well it looks like DC Animated is adding another one to its roster. Question is, can DC make Aquaman cool again? Who am I kidding, he was never really cool. But I'll be honest with you. This looks like it might change that.

(YouTube Link)

Holy crap. Aquaman is cool.  

*Walks away speechless.

Via GeeksAreSexy

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Nobel Prize in Physics Goes to Blue LED Creators

The Nobel committee has announced the winner of the Physics Prize. Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi Amano of Nagoya University and Shuji Nakamura of the University of California Santa Barbara will share the prize for their invention of blue LEDs. Blue LEDs are both brighter and more efficient than LEDs of other colors, but were more difficult to develop.

The Nobel committee noted that a LED bulb can be nearly 19 times as efficient as a traditional lightbulb as well as lasting 100 times as long. It said that the technology could be “revolutionary” as around one-fourth of global electricity consumption is for lighting, and also noted that LED bulbs can be powered by solar panels, making electric lighting feasible for the 1.5 billion people who aren’t connected to a power grid.

The development of blue LEDs was a complicated process, but you’ll find a compact explanation at Geeks Are Sexy.

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The World’s Best App!

Don’t you wish it were this easy to get rid of all those pesky drivers on the road? After all, you have places to go! Vine star Zach King (previously at Neatorama) made this little demonstration of an app every driver wants. Too bad it exists only here. If this were a real thing, it would be all-out war on the roads! -via Ralph Roberts

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13 Recipes For Fun Jack-O-Lantern Shaped Dishes

The jack-o'-lantern is a traditional symbol of Halloween, and a smiling ambassador of fall. When you see Jack's grin around town you know it's almost time for spirits to haunt the land of the living, and visions of candy and costumes start dancing around in your head.

Here are 13 fun, and easy to make, jack-o'-lantern shaped dishes that will add some Halloween fun to your get togethers, or simply make dinner with your family more festive.

1. Jack-O'-Lantern Quesadillas-

Let's start out with a super simple recipe that anyone can make, a recipe so easy even your kids can get in on the fun.

Simply cut eyes, a nose and a jagged smile into the top tortilla of a double decker quesadilla and put a smile on their faces!

Tutorial Link

2. Jack-O'-Lantern Cheeseburgers-

Imagine the look on your guest's faces when you slide a smiling jack-o'-lantern burger onto their bun, they'll be grinning from ear to ear!

Tutorial Link

3. Smiling Pumpkin Fruit Plate-

The smiling pumpkin fruit plate is another super simple recipe/concept that you'll be using for years to come.

Arrange a plate of fruit, or candy, or pretty much any colorful finger food, into the shape of a smiling jack-o'-lantern on a serving tray and watch that pumpkin head slowly disappear during the night. 

Tutorial Link

4. Masked Jack-O'-Lantern Cookies- 

This recipe is a bit more difficult to prepare than a fruit arrangement on a plate, but the end result is so satisfyingly delicious it's worth all the effort.

This recipe is great because you can sub out any of the fancy tools or decorating ingredients for simpler ones- frosting instead of luster powder, cookie dough leaves instead of fondant, and jam instead of candy in the middle.

Tutorial Link

5. Simple Jack-O'-Lantern Cookies-

If you're looking for a simpler cookie recipe, without all the razzle dazzle but with plenty of flavor and character, then you'll love this jack-o'-lantern cookie recipe which uses real pumpkin!

Tutorial Link

Continue reading
We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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This Cereal Cake is a Cereal Killer

(YouTube link)

Charles Phoenix is famous for his quirky, over-the-top recipes, such as Frosty the Cheeseball Man and the Cherpumple. Now he brings us his Six-Layer Milk Soaked Cereal Cake with Frosted Flake Frosting! Different layers contain Apple Jacks, Trix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cap’n Crunch, Froot Loops, and Coco Puffs, embedded in different flavors of cake batter. And then there’s the frosting. Just looking at it, I feel the need for a quick dose of insulin. Get the complete recipe at Phoenix’s site. -via Blazenfluff

See also: Other recipes by Charles Phoenix.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Stacked: The Urban Architecture of Hong Kong by Peter Stewart

Australian photographer Peter Stewart's photo series "Stacked," of densely populated Hong Kong, give us an idea of the millions of worker bees that make up this giant hive habitat. Stewart's captures of Hong kong’s public housing developments are beautiful as well as dauntiing in the way they picture so much life in such limited space. Stewart uses compositing and color enhancement techniques during post processing to create these works of art. 

See more of Stewart's series at his website. Via Trendhunter. 



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Brazilian Man Spots Giant Anaconda, Grabs It By the Tail

YouTube Link

In a video that proves, among other things, that terror can be universally understood by all, no matter what language in which it's expressed, this group of Brazilians in a small boat spot a massive anaconda. As the woman on the boat proceeds to loudly voice her discomfort with the situation, a man on board pursues the yellow anaconda and grabs it by the tail, presumably so it can be better seen on the video they are shooting. (If I'm not mistaken, at 1:54 I think the woman tells him he's sick in the head.) What an amazing sight! Via Geekologie.

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Disney Movies in Chronological Order by Historical Setting

Aish at Disney's New Groove posted this chart of Disney movies in chronological order according to their historical settings. She posted it with the following note:

"(Excludes most of the package films. Some films, eg The Lion King, are impossible to pin down exactly and some, like Aladdin and Treasure Planet, are anachronistic, so these are estimations. A few have been split into 2 if there is more than one time period in the movie, and sequels have been put together.)"

What do you think? -Via Geeks are Sexy.

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Meet The Suitsy - A Business Suit And Onesie Hybrid

Folks who have to wear a suit to work on a daily basis know what a pain it is to put on their suit piece by piece, only to take it all off again as soon as they get home.

If only there was a simple solution to this dressing dilemma:

Well now there is, thanks to San Francisco based inventor/venture capitalist Jesse Herzog and his unique creation the Suitsy- a suit-onesie hybrid that makes it stupidly simple to get all dressed up.

The Suitsy combines the sophisticated style of a business suit with the unified ease and comfort of a onesie, and might be just what the terminally lazy need to ensure they're properly dressed for work.

(YouTube Link)

Here’s the 411 on the funky fashion faux pas brought to life by Betabrand:

The Suitsy is a jacket connected to a shirt connected to pants. A zipper is hidden behind the shirt button placard (with false buttons) and pants zipper. Fake shirt cuff material extends from the end of the jacket sleeves to give the impression of an actual complete dress shirt worn underneath. It’s like if a jumpsuit and a business suit had a lovechild.

-Via Dangerous Minds

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