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George Lucas is a great guy. My daughter used to work for him at Lucas Ranch. He treated his employees very well indeed, the better to encourage their creativity.
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There are some neat variations of this that have been around for the last several years, using often bags filled with beans or sand. I think this is the first I've seen that didn't have some sort of solid filler in the grasping part.
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When I had kidney stones, I found that lying down letting the kids jump on my belly shifted small stones wonderfully. The renal specialist thought about it for a while and then agreed that it should work.
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Well, near enough. Considering I only saw that the once, over thirty years ago that ain't bad.
Now - if only I could remember what I did half an hour ago...
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I am intrigued by the theory that you couldn't kill Hitler if you traveled back in time. Maybe it happened. After all, there were lots of unsuccessful attempts on his life. In the end, the only one who could kill Hitler was ...Hitler.
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I've always been tempted by the fact that the trues horrors of WW2 were a blessing for us : it gives us documented, visual testimony of what mankind can do, it gives us facts for avoiding the same mistakes.
I've been watching lately the 9 hours long Claude Lanzmann "Shoah" movie/documentary. I feel educated now.
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