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It just makes good sense to buy furniture that matches the color of your cats. There will be hair all-over, no matter what you do... but if that hair is the same color, nobody will know.
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So you put the cat in it and walk around with it hands free. I have two cats. One MIGHT put up with that. The other one? Let me grab my video camera before you start.
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Interesting story.
The pictured gun was not the one Seaman Sanford was assigned to. According to the story, he was at the bow gun which fired the first shot.
The one in the park was the Number three gun which actually hit the sub. It is a 4"/50 gun and was mounted atop the midships deckhouse, starboard side.
The crew members were:
R.H. Knapp - BM2c - Gun Captain
C.W. Fenton - Sea1c - Pointer
R.B. Nolde - Sea1c - Trainer
A.A. Domagall - Sea1c - No. 1 Loader
D.W. Gruening - Sea1c - No. 2 Loader
J.A. Paick - Sea1c - No. 3 Loader
H.P. Flanagan - Sea1c - No. 4 Loader
E.J. Bakret - GM3c - Gunners Mate
K.C.J. Lasch - Cox - Sightsetter
All of the crew were Minnesota Naval Reservists.
There is a plaque naming the crew mounted on the gun which is on display at the capitol grounds in St Paul.
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Funny ad, I like it. I don't own or use a selfie stick. I don't know which group I hate more, people who use selfie sticks or the busybodies who bitch and moan about the first group.

Ok, I hate the haters more.
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Pretty good list, but I think #7 really sums it up quite nicely:

"Everything is the same as ours, only with far less booze."
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As a history buff, this kind of thing is really problematic. I mean, what this seems to say is that the definition of war has really changed in the last few decades. We live in an increasingly globalized world where non-intervention is becoming untenable. Definitely, even if the younger generations has spent more of their lives in a country at war than the older generations have, I don't think that they feel that way (as Martha Raddatz points out). There's no draft, no war shortages, unless you have family in the armed services, being at war has no effect on your life that you are conscious of.
I guess the question that this chart raises is: is there something really different going on now than before? Are we applying the word "war" to something that wouldn't have gotten that label in previous generations? Or has the way that wars are fought fundamentally changed?
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Same with John Farrier. I remember watching Small Wonder religiously. As a tweener in the 80s, I had a crush with the robot girl. At least they didn't bash Punky Brewster too!
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Nye Armstrong created a tutorial for that back in 2011, she ended up being criticized from people claiming she wasn't a "real Muslim" because she broke the rules of decency. Whatevs. She is cute. There are Star Wars fans. There are Muslims. There are Muslims who are star wars fans, who like to show some of their SW geekiness in a unique way.
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In my previous career, I always called myself a disc jockey because it was pretty straightforward. Then some begin referring to us -or themselves- as "air personalities," which I thought was overly pretentious. I am not a personality, although I have one. It was another way of boosting an employee's ego instead of paying them decently. I happen to know that in several places, we were called "the help" behind our backs.
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I do not have read past 25 to appreciate that they know what they are about.

Parts of childhood were marred by the paving stones marketed as Cinnamon-Something Pop Tarts.
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