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While the work at this school is commendable, you have to remember it's a charter school. It isn't easy to get in, so you need a supportive family to even try. And charter schools expel more students than public schools.

At Urban Prep Academies, which annually boasts a nearly perfect college acceptance rate, more than 3 percent of the student body was expelled during the last school year at three campuses. At district-run schools, just over 0.05 percent of the student body was expelled last year.
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Looks like it needs better wheels and is higher up from the ground, IMO. Also, if it's supposed to transport stuff it should have a wider shelf for heavier, bulkier stuff. As it is, I would NOT buy it.
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If you carry the box label with you, and have a sufficiently puzzled/helpless look on your face (at home, we call this the 'Victrola Dog' look), you can look innocent while finding them. Also, someone may help you out.
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Not surprising. A lot of the qualities that declined only did so because other qualities rose. The top few can be explained by the modern notion that you should love your spouse. Desire for home and children rose because it used to be a given instead of an option. Other factors that rose up only did so because the importance of chastity declined drastically.
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OMG I can relate. There are certain dishes I am addicted to.
Indian Restaurants: Chicken Tikka Masala
Mexican Restaurants: Pollo en Mole
Chinese Restaurants: Moo Goo Gai Pan.
I can stare at a menu for ten minutes, examine every offering, and 99 times out of 100, I will order one of the above.
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To what end? A quick look on their map shows no less than 30 3-word associations with my house. None are relevant to each other or the neighboring properties. I could see value in this if there was a logic flow but I'm not willing to commit the brain power to read into it any further.
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I've done some pretty harsh things with my kids like this, even cancelled a birthday party once. But I always talked to them and gave them the chance to do the right thing first. My motto: "You can learn this the easy way or the hard way." Take my advice right now or suffer the consequences.
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Where's the "Publicist creates viral post" poll option? ;-)

I'd suggest what she did was within the realm of personal parenting choices. I know the Internet demands we micromanage everyone but, contrary to popular belief, it's our choice to do so.
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Neither in civil society or family should a punishment be given for breaking a rule that was not set earlier. Random punishments, or randomly severe punishments, undermine the authority and trust you have as a parent (or police).

Sure, sometimes taking away the favorite toy for a while may be the only option to make the kids think twice. But then you have to have a talk about how their actions led to your reaction. Family rules cannot be hundreds of paragraphs covering everything.

I think she just suddenly thought her kids were acting spoiled, but spoiling is her fault, and not theirs. She should've explained to them how angry she got and why, and then set the rule that next time it happens ...the ice cream goes in the bin.
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I have eighteen years of industrial experience (manufacturing and contracting) and I have seen, first hand, some of these accidents.

A machine operator lost fingers when he stuck his hand far too close to a heavy machinery's moving parts.

Contract workers have fallen from high places because they were too lazy to wear safety harnesses or other fall restraint system. One broke a leg, another his pelvis.

One worker lost an eye when he shoved a two hundred kilogram oil drum on a wheel trolley and it snapped back so hard the handle hit him on his temple and popped his eyeball loose.

Another crushed his fingers when he was moving another 200kg oil drum and it fell on his hand.

Lastly, a one-time subcontractor of ours was working for another company. His team was painting the interior of a cistern tank when a spark (probably from someone smoking nearby) ignited the fumes, causing an explosion in the tank. The sub-contractor and five of his employees (relatives, really) died.
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The question I have is whether there is a qualitative difference in the sensation of having an intact foreskin over a circumcised one. I don't think it can be reducible to penis sensitivity. The skin itself may change the overall sensation and may add pleasure to the sexual act.

As a circumcised man, that is something I can never experience and enjoy. My two boys, on the other hand, are whole. I'll leave it up to them if they want to be circumcised later on.
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