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John, the first car I ever drove was a 1948 Packard, in 1964. My parents owned 2 cars at the time - that and a 1952 Nash Rambler. Both companies are gone now, of course, although you could argue that Nash survived since it merged with Hudson to form AMC, which was later acquired by Chrysler.

That was back in the days before government bailouts, of course, so it was survival of the corporate fittest.
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Thumbs up on the theological joke. It is actually quite apt, since the PCA is staunchly Calvinist in soteriology, and that Irresistible Grace is one of the central tenets of Calvinism.
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Sorry thread is unclear. This "She claims that her photos are perfectly in line with what she's making and that anyone who says otherwise is sexist."

I have never said that. I have never claimed sexual harassment or reported an account. I have no problem with admitting that my projects get attention because of my appearance. I have said dozens of times a child could make why I make. I constantly point to true female makers that are role models of mine. I don't see how I could be any more self effacing about it. I don't get angry about people noticing my appearance since obviously I like some attention (and who does not?). I'm pretty good tempered for the hundreds and hundreds of posts calling me a disgusting slut/whore/hooker.

Because I am reasonable people just make stuff up and claim I say that. Then people get outraged by the things they heard that I said (but do not). If I don't take the time to correct it that story spreads.

I dress weird, I taught myself to make some simple things, I like some attention- like everyone with a social media account, but I'm not trying to make money or promote anything. This is apparently an unforgivable sin in the West.
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No I didn’t. For reasons that are beyond me I make a lot of people very, very angry. They go around and make this stuff up when a quick Google will show anyone what I actually say.

The Strawman: SexyCyborg posts sexy pictures and then gets angry when people say they are sexy.

The Reality: SexyCyborg posts sexy pictures with projects she thinks are interesting and then repeatedly says that she thinks the projects are very simple and the sexy part is where nearly all the interest comes from. Interesting DIY is often closely linked to the craftsperson and the sum total is what provides the entertainment.

Try and post something fun without making a dime off it and the Internet punches you in the ovaries. Nearly everyone who enjoys what you post will none the less stand back and timidly watch the crowd stomp you into pudding because the are cowards who live in fear of being called a “White knight”.
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I wonder if someone thought of testing this when their archer fish kept spitting at them and not anyone else.

I have a very hard time recognizing faces, it's a little sad that fish are better than me when I've walked past my own friends and relatives without realizing who they were.
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John - not urinal-related, but if you've ever listened to Messiah (or any similar choral music from the Baroque era, you'll be aware of how phrases are repeated (sung) over and over. I can't think of Messiah without thinking about how the phrase "We like sheep have gone astray" is reduced to "we like sheep" and repeated for several minutes.
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Ha. This is the short version. The full scene has one of the regulars lift . . . 450 pounds (!!). As a warm-up, he actually lifts Hamish first! Unfortunately, the video quality on that one is poor, with lots of interleaving, so I posted the short 'official' version instead.
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A friend of mine was the lead on transcribing the Clinton impeachment. It was a British company so that the product would be available over night. Spellcheck had to be beaten into submission.
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