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Ring ring
You: Hello
Your grown kid: Mom! What do I do? These kids won't settle down, and I haven't had a decent night's sleep in weeks!
You: Ha! Enjoy your payback.
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CUT TO: The day you're on your death bed.

You look into their eyes and remember all those Saturday mornings and all those diapers and how they grew from little wildlings into successful people with kids of their own. They hold your hand and express their gratitude for all the suffering you put yourself through for them and assure you your memory will live on in them and your grandchildren. This brings you fulfillment and the peace of knowing you lived a life worth living and made a difference in at least several lives.


You lay alone wishing it would all just end already. All the money you saved by not having kids isn't going to bring you comfort and love in your final hours, but, hey, at least maybe you'll be at peace knowing you're dying with lots of money in the bank and no one to leave it to except your cats.
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Although the US mint wants to "discourage" defacing of coins, they do point out that the law says its only illegal when defaced with the fraudulent intent. As long as a defaced coin is treated as such, as opposed to deceiving someone about the nature of the coin, say being changed and sold as a mis-struck coin or one produced in a different year, etc., then it is ok. There are companies that will sell painted or modified coins in the US, and they don't get in trouble as long as they aren't misleading about what they've done to the coin.
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A professor from which university? Any US university receiving federal grants is required by law to have am "Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee" that oversees the care and use of vertebrates in research, and has a bunch of requirements for documenting procedures, inspections, and accountability for such things to the federal government. Besides the things they are supposed to be looking out for, they would block anything illegal because universities (at least all of the ones I'm familiar with) get very touchy about getting close to breaking the law, especially if just for research, because they don't want to take risks. That said, part of the issue will be what the law actually limits people to (e.g. neither of the two brown bat species are protected at the federal level, just at some local levels).

At least in that case, it should have been straightforward to deal with. If you come across a random poacher in the woods, the authorities finding them again can be near impossible depending on how smart the poacher is, but a professor will be quite easy to locate again and charge with any crime committed.
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7. Tim Curry was originally slated to be voice the Joker. But the producers decided that he wasn’t the right fit and so held new auditions. Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame got the job of voicing the Joker.

The decision was actually made by the network after Tim Curry had already voiced several episodes. Curry also voiced Captain Hook on the network's Peter Pan show. The network execs thought the two villians sounded too similar especially for shows that were running back-to-back.

Mark Hamill had already done a guest shot on Batman as Ferris Boyle, the evil industrialist in Heart of Ice. Hamill tried out for the Joker part and got it largely because of the Joker's laugh (which he'd actually created while performing Mozart in Amadeus on Broadway). He had to go back and ADR Curry's episodes. Hamill talks about this on Rob Paulson's Talking Toons Podcast.
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For the more outdoorsy types, a slide through the potty of a travel trailer, an hour in the 'sensory deprivation' black tank, then you get flushed out at the 'dump site' using a turbo hose.

Actually, we installed three Japanese-made toilets last year, Toto 'Drakes'. They are in every way superior toilets. We added only soft 'quiet close' toilet seats; there were a lot of other possible bells and whistles.
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I love this ad! Had to watch it again and liked it even more the second time. Advertisers should take note. If you can get consumers to want to watch an ad then you've truly succeeded in your job.
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If Peter Sellers was reincarnated as a cat... 'Careful, monsieur, with me. Do not tangle with me. I'm a trained expert in karate. My (paws) are lethal weapons. Now where did that Cato get off to?'
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Walt the Frog!? Simba-vabitch, This Goof-dang computer is Mickey me crazy. I'm gonna (Donald) Duck someone up if this doesn't get fixed soon. I tried Tinker-bell-ing with it myself by Hook-ing it up, but everything got Tangled. Arielly shouldn't have done that.
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Proverbs 26:26-27
(26)Though his hatred covers itself with guile, His wickedness will be revealed before the assembly. (27)He who digs a pit will fall into it, And he who rolls a stone, it will come back on him.
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