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Anyone ever been to a Joe's Crab Shack? The music is extremely loud and geared toward young people. We once asked that the volume be lowered, and this during an off-hour. They refused and so we left for another venue. Haven't been back since.

I'm so old that I remember when fine dining included soft piano music tinkling throughout the restaurant.
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My older daughter hatred math for a long time, because it just seemed like a lot of work for nothing to her. I tried all kinds of games to help my kids see the patterns in math, which my other daughter just got from the beginning. Then one day out of the blue, older daughter came home and said she suddenly "gets" math, and she loves it! She could see how the patterns fit together. She wanted to be a mathematician for a while after that ...until she found something else.
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My town only has Cracker Barrel and Applebees from this list, but I've eaten at some of the others elsewhere, and agree with the list for them. Denny's has a reputation on the 'net for attracting drunk fights at night, but most people just go there to eat at normal times and now that I'm eligible for a senior discount, I'm always looking for a Denny's on road trips.
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This is yours truly in the chamber where we had beetles breeding. Each jar contained a male and female, a sugar maple log for oviposition and twigs for food. They were changed weekly and extracted larvae were raised in cups of artificial diet until pupation. One of the grad students was working on his PhD developed a way to control them using fungus.
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For any Civil War buffs out there, the US officer Pickett mentioned in the story is, yes, the guy who went on to be involved in Pickett's Charge at the Battle of Gettysburg.
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A testimony to the men and women who worked endless hours in the early days of space exploration, and to those who have stayed behind to keep the lights on, so we can continue to be enlightened.
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because the milk from the store is produced in a regulated and inspected environment. we can be pretty sure the cow it came from is not strung out on heroin or crack or meth, and can safely assume it didn't have hepatitis or syphilis. i would not assume the same about someone who would do this.
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I remember that day well. I was working my way through college. Because of my age (and that fact that I was a rock fan) I had been pretty oblivious to Elvis' comeback years. People were seriously crying like a family member had died, and I just didn't get it.

After all, I had just seen Star Wars.
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Glad the few and hopefully enjoyed the above tale

Till next time,

"remember to take your daily dose of all things Neatorama and discover and enjoy the few & many most curious blogs out thar" =^)
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