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A friend of mine was the lead on transcribing the Clinton impeachment. It was a British company so that the product would be available over night. Spellcheck had to be beaten into submission.
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Actually I think the issue with "gray" vs "grey" might be less about recent pop culture and is the same reason as "canceled" vs "cancelled". UK vs US spelling. It popped up in my life/work often even before the recent horrible book series.

In my job I handle global content and the UK vs. US spellings often come up as an issue to those not in the know (aside from the obvious color/colour and theater/theatre, etc). I've been in the midst of many discussions about "misspelled content" due to people not being aware that they are looking at Euro English vs. US English. "Cancelled" is always a big one that many people are unaware of, which is why I think it hits so many times on this list. People have a recollection of seeing it both ways (correctly in context) at times.
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People only look up words when they care about getting them right, and almost all these words are difficult to remember. I looked up "boutineer" last week (spellcheck doesn't know the word, Wikipedia gave me boutonnière).

But "gray"? I think that may be just people arguing about "gray" vs. "grey." The 50 Shades book did not help there.
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My dad used to work at the Natural History Museum in London in the Fish department from the 60s to the 90s - Emperor Akihito (then Crown Prince) used to swing by from time to time. Nice to see he's still doing the thing!
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Does it break down after a year, or over the course of a year? Because that's a pretty big difference. I'm not sure I'd want to get a tattoo that gradually fades over time. Plus, what if it comes out awesome and you really want to keep it? Seems like it would be better to develop an ink that's still permanent but is more easily broken down by laser treatments (which is hinted at on their website, but it's not entirely clear). That's why they pay me the big bucks, I'm an idea man.
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I hope this works, especially for those who have the ugly tats all over their arms. Still never saw a woman with one that made her look prettier. Maybe that's hat they wanted? Yes, I have one, my nic here on my upper left arm where all my short sleeve shirts hide it. Not one of my better moments.
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Great idea. Now, when people consider a tattoo, they have to weigh the price and pain involved with the outcome. It sounds like the price will be in line with a one-year tat. But will the pain (and possible infection) involved be worth it?
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Very cool that people are working on ways to help people who need help.

Although, I'm a little confused. Wasn't this one of the many things that Google Glass could do? As in, wouldn't it have just been another app for that product? Also, when I look up the price for GG, it seems to be $1500. Also 2, I'm pretty sure GG has translation software included, so it could do this in a hundred or so languages. So what makes this better than GG? There's gotta be something about it that justifies the extra $1000-$2000 extra, right?
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