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My father in-law once played this prank on his unsuspecting friend. The friend purchased a brand new pair of shoes - unbeknownst to him, my FIL bought two more pairs of shoes, each in consecutively smaller sizes. Every couple of days, he'd switch out the guy's shoes ... so he was perplexed as to why the shoes that once fit perfectly got smaller and smaller.

It was an expensive joke to play on someone though.
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It was not taken in Columbia, South Carolina, It was actually taken at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina at Hardin Gardens. * I'm a student there and recognized it right away, also SearonTrejorek confirmed it.
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I'm the fangirl, thanks for the love! It was so much fun to see that moment on every person's face as they realized what my costume was :D

I've got an even more pun-tacular costume in mind for next year, I can't wait!
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My first apartment out of college was on the second floor. The living room had an entirely glass wall, floor to ceiling. Stepping near it made me really nervous, and it was only about 12 feet off the ground! My roommate and I couldn't afford a curtain that big, so we put a bunch of large houseplants there to form a barrier of sorts -it make us feel more at ease. I'm not afraid of heights, but having the glass all the way to the floor was weird. No way would I live in a cliff house, no matter how stable it is.
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I worked for a Silicon Valley startups where we could pick our own titles. I chose to have no title ... and they accepted it! If that failed, I was going to use my name as the job title. After reading the Fast Company article, I see that I inverted the goal of a job title. If "the more that being yourself is part of your job description, the less reason you have to fake it even on the hardest days at the office", then perhaps my younger self was saying that I didn't want to be defined by my title.
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She was further insulted by our taking our dog to CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital, here in Fort Collins, where we receive excellent service. I've learned from this experience, that just because one has a vet degree, does make him/her a cost effective diagnostician.
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Certainly - I don't lock my front door because I know burglary is bad and not my fault and that we should be tackling theives, not locking our doors. (insert smiley of choice here, for anyone irony-challenged).
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"Each kid has $2.5 million controlled by trustees, who can release money only for education, health care, a home purchase or a business start-up."

Is that all? If I took the mortgage, health care costs, and the fear of college costs out of my budget, I would have worries, and enough money to quit all but one part-time job. To pay for groceries.

But then again, I'm over 40, so I'd get enough to quit all my jobs!
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