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This is yours truly in the chamber where we had beetles breeding. Each jar contained a male and female, a sugar maple log for oviposition and twigs for food. They were changed weekly and extracted larvae were raised in cups of artificial diet until pupation. One of the grad students was working on his PhD developed a way to control them using fungus.
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For any Civil War buffs out there, the US officer Pickett mentioned in the story is, yes, the guy who went on to be involved in Pickett's Charge at the Battle of Gettysburg.
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A testimony to the men and women who worked endless hours in the early days of space exploration, and to those who have stayed behind to keep the lights on, so we can continue to be enlightened.
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because the milk from the store is produced in a regulated and inspected environment. we can be pretty sure the cow it came from is not strung out on heroin or crack or meth, and can safely assume it didn't have hepatitis or syphilis. i would not assume the same about someone who would do this.
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I remember that day well. I was working my way through college. Because of my age (and that fact that I was a rock fan) I had been pretty oblivious to Elvis' comeback years. People were seriously crying like a family member had died, and I just didn't get it.

After all, I had just seen Star Wars.
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Glad the few and hopefully enjoyed the above tale

Till next time,

"remember to take your daily dose of all things Neatorama and discover and enjoy the few & many most curious blogs out thar" =^)
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Of course there are other reasons to do it before 35. Namely, I don't want to be attending my kid's high school graduation when I'm pushing 60. The early 40s are pretty much the perfect time for that empty nest. Sell the house, downsize to a nice little condo, start enjoying that disposable income a little more, focus on each other a LOT more. To each his or her own, of course, that's just how I see it. I love my daughter but I'm glad I didn't have to send her off to grade school this morning.
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SMH. People, people. Whenever you're in a place where you think the plumbing is dicey or you have a big load to drop, do this. Poop flush, paper flush. There's no rule that says you can only flush once. Divide that load into manageable portions.
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There was a high level college football coach who "padded" his resume and got caught. Makes you wonder how many people actually get away with it. Remember the story "Catch Me If You Can" and others?
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When I first took my kids to New York City, I explained city stuff to them, but it doesn't come natural. They still spread out across a sidewalk, took up the whole width of an escalator, and flashed their money in a crowd. They remember me grabbing them constantly during that trip. They are much more experienced now.
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That must've been a lovely experience to have the author come to the school! We missed ya here, btw - I tried emailing you a while ago, but I don't think my email went through.
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