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Fake or not, while everybody else was referencing Total Recall, all I could think of was Eccentrica Gallumbits, the triple-breasted whore of Eroticon Six, from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
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Skallagrim on youtube had a good video where he demonstrates some issues with women and armor but I'm having trouble finding it now. Basically he points out that a well-endowed woman wearing rigid breastplates can potentially have issues with range of motion for certain two-handed sword techniques. His girlfriend, who fits in that category, even demonstrates them and says that she prefers single-handed blades for that reason.
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A long time ago, my two-year-old announced loudly that she wanted to use a fork for breakfast, although she couldn't pronounced the "r". This was in a hotel atrium among about a hundred people, who turned to look when they heard "I WANNA FOCK!" So I loudly answered, "WHAT'S WRONG WITH A SPOON?"
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From the UK law restricting some hand weapons lists it as another name for a throwing star:

1 (h) the weapon sometimes known as a “shuriken”, “shaken” or “death star”, being a hard non-flexible plate having three or more sharp radiating points and designed to be thrown;
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My two kids have band practice until dark, then hours of homework. I had to make an appointment to help one apply for college and give the other a driving lesson.

Now I'm all verklempt.
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I spend as many hours as I can with my kids. I know someday i'm not gonna be their best friend to come hang out with. I have put all personal projects and hobbies on hold for a few years. It's 100% worth it!
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