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Culturally a large part of Florida is much closer to the North, and while the state succeeded, parts of it remained loyal to the North and caused minor annoyance to the Confederates.
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Sorry but no, she's not dressed as sailor moon or Usagi. She is referencing the Dark Lady/Chibiusa (English version: Rini) character from Sailor Moon, who is Usagi's daughter, when she turns dark.

...Close though... sort of.
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Good point. I don't really think you should take legal advice from a map in the first place, I just think it's an interesting look at how confusing these laws are in the US.
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Nope. Too many syllables. If there's one thing that confuses metal-music listeners, it's big words. For example:
Metal words = 'rock', 'fire' , 'yeah'
Non-metal words = 'anniversary', 'photosynthesis', 'syllable'

The same rule applies to rap.
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I don't see why you can't combine the words from the first list with the second to make them more metal. "The beast gonna be the secretary of the university committee, whose veins will burn while his employees will cry through the ashes of their souls." ROCK ON!!!
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Manure-pile fires are nothing new; piling up manure, often mixed with hay and sawdust, is part of the composting process to turn it into fertilizer. The composting process generates heat in the pile, and if not turned over regularly, the center of the pile can reach temperatures high enough to ignite. The composting process requires a minimum ambient temperature for the microorganisms responsible to reproduce well, but higher temperatures do not of themselves raise the risk of the pile igniting.
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