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I think the idea is that kids don't want to do that. They want to play games, text each other, and surf the 'net during class. Since you can't trust some of them, you better mistrust all of them.

My kids' school used to be like that, but now they all use their phones in class -for classwork. School wi-fi is cheaper than outfitting classes with computers, and keeping their phones busy keeps students from goofing off with them too much.
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Skittles do taste different. The five original flavors were all sweet fruit flavors. Then they decided to change green from lime to green apple. So now you've got 4 sweet flavors and one bad sour apple version that leaves a chemical aftertaste.

The rainbow is ruined.
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I am a real estate investor. I see this sort of stuff daily...

In the process of buying a house that was turned into a biker bar. Flat black everywhere. Mannequin heads hanging from the ceiling. Shotgun shell christmas lights. Toilet seat on the wall for the $#!T#3AD of the month! Cheat codes for most games written on a scrap piece of paper(my favorite). Could probably produce a chapter just on this one house...

I went into another house, and they had a stripper pole in the living room, and a book on the mantle "7 habits of highly effective people"....

LIVE THE DREAM! Become a real estate investor.
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I've seen this video take off in a few spots and don't understand it. I got my mom one of these things back in 2008...and pretty sure they've been around a while before I bought one. They're always being sold at holiday markets and bazaars. Where the heck have the rest of you guys been that you're only discovering it now? O_o
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While I really like the original movie/made for tv version because of the excellent cast, I never liked how they portrayed 'It' as just some sort of an evil spider. I hope this new version will be truer to the original book's version.
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The thing with the party doesn't work for me because it's likely that nobody would notice you moving to the other side of the party. The kitchen and lecture hall would kill though because you'd immediately become the center of attention.
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The surprise-ending of Star Trek: Bread and Circuses is quite jarring to a modern audience... Everyone's face lights-up when they realize the sun worshipers they were helping were actually worshiping "not the sun up in the sky [but] the Son of God". Rather heavy-handed pro-Christian theme, which, while innocuous, is quite shocking with today's pervasive political correctness.
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My Mom and Dad are Santa and Mrs. Claus in my hometown for several different organizations and my Dad is Kris Kringle in the Kringle Parade. He is also a volunteer Auxiliary Police Officer. He doesn't always carry candy canes, but he is always out helping people in one 'uniform' or another. I am so proud of them both. :)
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