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When my wife's pregnancy was overdue, we tried to think of ways to induce labor. My wife tried riding a camel at the zoo (the camel needed a rest afterwards). I decided that the way to induce labor was to cover the gas gauge with tape and drive west on Interstate 40 until we ran out of gas. I was sure she would go into labor as soon as the car stopped running.
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I've been thinking that Stephen Colbert might have been the real guiding force, not Jonathan Leibowitz. He was there before Jon, and within maybe two years after he left to do his own show, the quality of The Daily Show faced a precipitous fall... The humor and intelligence disappeared, and was replaced with something more like rolling his eyes when anyone said something that didn't perfectly match with the extreme-left dogma of his audience, then holding for applause. I'm the furthest thing from Republican, myself, but it was just embarrassing and mind-numbing, and after years of watching, I found no redeeming qualities remaining... It turned into something like the liberal version of AM talk radio...

Or I could be wrong and Jon coincidentally decided to phone it in around that time. Perhaps he should have decided to retire a few years earlier.
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