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Thank you for clearing that up. The image in my mind was very unpleasant.

Not that an adult chimp throwing poop is pleasant. But....ya know....
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Not his first role, but one my favorite early roles of Jack Black was in the movie The Jackal, where (SPOILER ALERT) his arm was blown off by Bruce Willis. I also remember Scarlett Johansson in Just Cause. I did not know her at the time but when I rewatched it about five years ago on cable, I recognize her almost instantly. It doesn't hurt that she had recently been considered the sexiest woman alive.
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*Sigh*... Those are NOT "brilliant inventions". Those are expensive gimmicks made by 1st world engineering students.

* Solar ovens take FOREVER to warm-up food. You have to leave your food out in the sun ALL DAY LONG like a weak & inconvenient crock-pot. They have been given away to the poor for many years, and they DON'T USE THEM at all.

* Water filtration only requires letting it sink through 1-2 meters of sand. It costs nearly nothing and is infinitely renewable. An expensive manufactured filter that needs replacement parts is a gimmick you sell to rich hikers, because the poor could never afford them, and they would despise the effort required (imagine filtering several gallons every day, when you've got tons of other chores to do).

* Mosquito netting pretty well solves the bug problem, and doesn't need frequent & expensive replacements.

* Generic glasses are available for under $10 in drug stores here in the US, and would be cheaper to an NGO ordered direct from China. You just go in and try them on until you find the lenses that works for you. Your eyes change only little over the years (and glasses wear-out quicker than that), so adjusting them is a very expensive gimmick that few need.

* Hand-pumps are pretty cheap and last forever with minimal maintenance and work well for young and old. A solar-powered monstrosity is just an albatross sucking funds from more useful projects.

* An incubator for premature children is provided free by nature... Skin-on-skin contact with the mother's body will properly maintain & regulate the infant's body temperature.

* I could fashion a water cart from some wooden wheels pretty easily, or just roll a barrel with tight lid. Neither works very well over soft sand, mud and other rough terrain, which is why water gets carried, regardless.

* Hexayurts are hippie tents for Burning Man. Requires very expensive Styrofoam boards and strong tapes, are a severe fire hazard, and aren't very strong. Meanwhile, locally produced clay/adobe houses are dirt cheap, have plenty of thermal mass, aren't flammable, and can be repaired with local dirt.

* Pretty sure anybody can make sandals with local materials (wood or leather soles) for cheap. More a matter of convincing folks the benefits are worth the effort.

* Like potato clocks, a salt water lamp works by acid eating away copper & zinc rods (or a few other metals). They're low power, require a steady supply of expensive metals, and just not worth it. You're really just giving them one disposable lantern battery... Meanwhile, a solar light with good battery can cost as little as $2 and last for 6 years of regular use.
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My dad was a master beekeeper for over 30 years and there were many times that he would get calls from homeowners to come and remove a hive of bees in their attic. Lots of people would actually have yellow jackets or hornets instead of bees. The great thing was IF they were bees he would relocate them to his property or a farmer's pasture so they could pollinate the flowers and make some fabulous honey. My dad passed away 3 weeks ago today. Caring for his honeybees was one of his greatest joys in life.
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Is it just me, or is this some kind of weird conceptual idea or disingenuous mock up? It looks like one side was printed with an overview map, and the other with a zoom in of a random place, and not actually zoomed in a lot by squeezing.
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Plasmagryphon will likely weigh in on this, but since liquid Nitrogen boils at -320F (-195C) and dry ice sublimes at -110F (-80C), they are likely using Nitrogen vapor and the temperature is in Fahrenheit.
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I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but it wouldn't go through

But Congrats Mrs C and may the next 10 years bring plenty more interesting topic and equally weird cat stuffs
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Congrats, Miss C! You're an amazing blogger and person, and this blog and the whole Interwebs are much better with you in it! (I left you a congrats message on your blog, but it marked me as "unknown" Hah!)
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When I was at the U of Maine in the late 1950's, there was a campus dog, LeRoy, who wandered about and stayed in dorms and frat houses wherever he felt like. The forestry students would take him to the woods when they were doing studies. I don't think he was anyone's dog but himself. I dropped out of school and went into the army for a while. When I came back, LeRoy must have passed away.
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