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There was a high level college football coach who "padded" his resume and got caught. Makes you wonder how many people actually get away with it. Remember the story "Catch Me If You Can" and others?
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When I first took my kids to New York City, I explained city stuff to them, but it doesn't come natural. They still spread out across a sidewalk, took up the whole width of an escalator, and flashed their money in a crowd. They remember me grabbing them constantly during that trip. They are much more experienced now.
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That must've been a lovely experience to have the author come to the school! We missed ya here, btw - I tried emailing you a while ago, but I don't think my email went through.
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I hate any seafood on pizza! And I enjoy Hawaiian pizza. I just can't understand all this hatred on pineapple in a pizza. Maybe cause I live in a tropical country that is one of the top producers of pineapples in the world? To be honest, I don't like to eat pineapple, except on a fruit salad or on a pizza.

All these pineapple-pizza-hating-people remind of identity-politics. They have pre-defined roles for how people of one race, ethnicity, religion, gender, social class, etc., and you have to stay on that role or else you're "appropriating" other people's culture. Same with the pizza-nazis. Pizzas must be as authentically italian as possible. If you innovate in any other way, you're just an appropriator and hate pizza and perhaps even italians themselves.
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The anime girl trope I hate the most, and can't stand, is the crybaby type. Absolutely no redeeming value, I can't stand them. From Nagisa from Iczer One to Shima in Stellvia of the Universe, they are all emotional cripples. I'd take a tsundere over a crybaby any day.
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Tsunderes are fun to watch if done right (<3 Eri Sawachika). They are, in essence, a variation on the theme of The Taming of the Shrew. It should be about the taming, not the shrew. When Eri Sawachika was "tamed" by Harry McKenzie (the umbrella scene), my heart skipped a beat.
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The problem is you're dating the wrong kind of anime girl. Forget the bipolar "Tsundere" girls (even though they're the best, <3 Eri Sawachika). Don't settle for the charming genki girl either (their shtick gets old fast). And never ever go for the bubbly airhead. Nuff said.

If you want the least complicated anime girl to date, just get the "Yamato Nadeshiko" girl, or even the so-called doormat like, say Aoi Sakuraba from Ai Yori Aoshi. Sure they are boring as heck, but they make up for it with total un-complication. (Yeah I'm a chauvinist. That's what watching too much harem anime for more than 20 years will do to you.)
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Even if the amount of the tip were much more, this game would still be demeaning. Our tipping custom is a sort of "pay what you like for the service" scheme anyway, but at best we try to do it fairly and with some dignity.
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I've never seen this before. It's terrible! I have nothing but scorn for the person who thought it up and the people who do it. I have never been a waitress, but one of my daughters was (she's an artist), and I know how hard the work is, and how meager the pay.
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As a female, I just never understood the whole "get rid" of guys stuff. Guys have some pretty awesome stuff! My boyfriend and I have a really cool apartment and people always get amazed by it, I think they're also a bit jealous since I'm not the kind of girl that told him to ever get rid of his things (we live in a horror/sci-fi/ geeked out decor apartment)... life is sweet when you can find the right person to share your things with. :)
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Culturally a large part of Florida is much closer to the North, and while the state succeeded, parts of it remained loyal to the North and caused minor annoyance to the Confederates.
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Sorry but no, she's not dressed as sailor moon or Usagi. She is referencing the Dark Lady/Chibiusa (English version: Rini) character from Sailor Moon, who is Usagi's daughter, when she turns dark.

...Close though... sort of.
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