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It breaks my heart to know there are so many dogs and cats who only want a forever home and yet they are stuck in cages and sometimes euthanized.
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Heretics! Those of us in the Old True Faith know that God created the Internet in 1969, then populated it with all manner of Protocols - telnet, ftp, nntp, smtp, ntp, and so many more. Online discussions started, and flamewars and spam soon followed, tempered only be the anger of the SysAdmin (praise be the SysAdmin) and the distant frowns of the ARPANET overlords. This was a time of purity, before the worms and viruses came. But this was also a time of soundless darkness, for images, sound, and movies could only be found in the corners of the world. Archie, Veronica, and Gopher sustained us in that net until Mosaic brought us to the new land of HTTP and HTML that the prophet Berners-Lee created. Now, alas, our old faith is crumbling, forgotten, overwhelmed.
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Why? Is there something wrong with the idea two dolls that are different colors going for a ride in the barbie corvette and moving in together in the barbie mansion if the conversation is lively and they like each other?
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You've got to remember how old they actually are. The Great pyramid at Giza dates back to 2540 BC whereas the Great Wall is 2000 years younger. Imagine if you had people climbing over it day in day out, the damage suffered would be tremendous. We already removed over time the capstones that used to cover them and we need to preserve what we still have. Honestly I don't see how not being able to climb up it somehow makes it boring but each to their own I guess.
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Nice pictures and video but does not change the fact the guy is a selfish idiot who does not care about the preservation of these historical monuments for future generations.
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Alas, my poor computer geek hands do not have any dexterity outside of a keyboard. I can't imagine building beautiful things like those wood models. BTW, that Valkyrie fighter is in GerWalk mode.
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Hell! I built the Sailing Ship Constitution in 1980 from scratch with No computer just the picture from a ship book. It was 5 feet long 7 feet high, 3 Masts carved from tree branches by hand, 38 miniture guns 3 inches long, you get the Picture? I sold it for $10,000.00 and it took 4 years to do. Building out of wood is fun,
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As a parent, I find this tragic. She's on a self-destructive path to a life of petty crime, teen pregnancy, welfare dependence, etc. She should get professional counseling before it's too late.

And I should ask.... is she being "abused" in her home? It looks like a plea for attention.
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My guess would be that whatever he can't pull off would come off with mineral spirits (paint thinner). It would take a long time, though, because you can't use a lot of that stuff at once. He most likely ended up with some nicely-waxed legs.
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