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I'm not a tattoo person, but now and then I consider getting part of the Litany of Fear tattooed on me to remind me what I've survived and how far I've come. The Litany was the most important and memorable part of Dune for me when I read it as a teen. I think it helped me.
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In a perfect world, being gentle and kind would be easy. But the world throws unkindness, injustice, hypocrisy, and other challenges at you. It takes strength to not respond the same way.
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Regarding your question, let's think first about arguments. If you are in an argument and you allow yourself to lash out in anger, common wisdom says you've already lost, no matter how well-constructed your points were to that point. Emotional weakness undermines whatever strengths you may have demonstrated, prior to or during your outburst.

It's easy to act out in rage, to let our emotions fly, to run away, and to ignore. It's easy to be impulsive. It's easy to withdraw into oneself, especially when times are tough. To act with kindness and gentleness toward all others -- to be actively compassionate in the world -- requires tremendous self-control, self-awareness, and strength.
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Somewhat minor semantic point:

"Can you drive fast enough..." A: No, it is not possible to drive any vehicle fast enough. Warp travel (folding space) would be the closest we'd get one day, and we haven't done the math to know how folding space would affect a speed camera.

"Can an object travel fast enough..." A: Yes, at greater than 1/6th the speed of light...
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Yeah, this is not the kung-fu touch of death we're talking about. If that bridge, unprepared, could be collapsed by a single touch then I'm glad I never drove over it.
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The idea of making weird-shaped screw heads and expensive screwdrivers is pretty much what every electronic devices company does to protect their proprietary hardware (usually supplemented by hiding them behind "warranty void if removed"stickers). Seeing a smiley-faced one when opening up an xbox may cheer you up, but is more likely to make you feel like you're being trolled ;-)
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People are always using their fingers to get my attention while driving. But I don't think they want to get to know me.
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As someone in Wellington, I don't really feel "plagued" with rats. I can't remember the last time I saw a rat and I'm pretty sure it was a pet.

The native bush around Wellington, of course, I'd expect has plenty. But if I'm to successfully bush-bash through wilderness to find a rat I want the comic directly plus a decent RD figurine.
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