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Bilingual Pranking

(Owl Turd Comix)

If you really want to treat your friends like σκύβαλον, then this is what you do to them when you have a lingual advantage over them. But at least you're drawing two people closer together in a romantic bond.

-via Tastefully Offensive

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Solar Pyrography: Wood Burning Art Done with a Magnifying Glass

Pyrography is the art of creating images by burning the surfaces of wood. It's commonly done with electric tools made for that purpose. But Jordan Mang-osan of Baguio, Cordillera, the Phillippines, takes a radically different approach. He uses the heat of sunlight concentrated in a magnifying glass to burn huge images into boards. 

It requires an incredibly steady hand and lots of patience. But he doesn't need access to electricity to create amazing pieces. You can view more of his work at Visual News.

(Photos: Visual News)

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This Diner Has a Spin-the-Bottle Table

(Photos: Navid Baraty/Gothamist)

If you're going to have a business lunch and want to impress potential clients, then you may wish to meet them at Amancay's Diner, a new restaurant in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. Owner Chang Han envisions it as a classic diner that is open 24-hours a day. 

Nell Casey of Gothamist visited the joint and was impressed. There's a large booth with a spinning Coke bottle built into the table. Take a spin and hope for the best.

-via First We Feast

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Can You Guess the Movies for These Abstract Movie Posters?

Which movie poster do you see above? All of the text and graphic details have been stripped out, leaving a minimal design. It's part of a project from John Taylor called Film the Blanks. So much of original is gone, but the core design elements make many of these posters instantly recognizable.

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This Gun Makes and Fires Paper Airplanes

What is so amazing about the A6 V1.0 paper airplane gun by YouTube user Papierfliegerei is that it doesn't just fire pre-loaded paper airplanes. As you can see from the bottom screenshot, it folds flat pieces of paper into airplanes, then fires them at a rate of about 1 airplane for every 1.5 seconds. It's an engineering marvel that will allow him to win any middle school classroom paper airplane battle.

(Video Link)

-via Popular Science

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This Scorpion Chair Is Everything I've Ever Wanted in an Office Chair

When someone comes into my office, I want that person to adopt an attitude most conducive to a productive working relationship. And now I know what is the perfect design for that purpose: the Scorpion Chair (translation) by Vyacheslav Pakhomov. It costs 230,000 rubles, which is about $5,749 USD. 

-via OhGizmo!

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Study: The Best Place in the World to Live Is Canberra, Australia

(Photo: Brenden Ashton)

Where is the best place in the world to live? After Texas (obviously), you may want to try Canberra, the capital city of Australia. According to a recent report published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Australia, and in particular its capital, does very well on a test of nine measures of livability. Alan Flippen of the New York Times explains what that test assesses::

The nine measures were education, jobs, income (measured at purchasing power parity to correct for cost-of-living differences between countries), safety, health, environment, civic engagement, access to broadband and housing.

If you decide to move to Canberra as a result of this report, keep in mind that you will probably want to vacate eventually. In the Exosquad universe, that city will the site of a fierce and destructive battle in the year 2121. If your property in Canberra survives the Neosapien War, the value of it may decline significantly.

-via Ace of Spades HQ

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This Is a Google Street View Camera Mounted on a Camel

Google Street View is a handy feature integrated into Google Maps. It lets you see photos of travel routes. I find that it's really handy at times when I'm navigating in an unfamiliar area.

Google creates its massive photographic archive for Street View with 360º panoramic cameras that capture images of locations from multiple angles. So far, that archive extends to 230 nations around the world.

Google uses cars, trikes, backpacks, and even scuba gear to travel over all types of terrain. To get over the brutal Liwa Desert in the United Arab Emirates, Google mounted one of its panoramic cameras on the back of a camel. Google selected this method "to collect authentic imagery and minimize our disruption of this fragile environment." You can see photos from this effort here.

-via io9

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Jalapeño Chocolate Donuts

Recently, I wrote a post about a donut shop in Los Angeles that has inventive recipes, such a donut with a whole Snickers bar baked inside. In the comments, BillB said, "They've got nothing on Amy's in Colorado Springs."

He has a point. Amy's Donuts in Colorado Springs, Colorado offers a donut unlike anything I've seen before: a jalapeño and chocolate-covered donut!

Amy's Donuts also makes donuts with Almond Joy bars, Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies, and cotton candy. I like the way that Amy thinks.

It's time for a road trip! Thanks, BillB. I appreciate the tip.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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What Happens When You Bake Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream?

(Photos: Andy Kryza)

The short answer is: it's awesome.

Andy Kryza of Thrillist realized that because Ben & Jerry's brand cookie dough ice cream is wonderful as ice cream, there would be a good chance that it would make great cookies as well.

He made small balls of cookie dough from the cookie dough ice cream, which he reports baked pretty well. But it's not necessarily a good idea:

It's essentially the same as the minis, but less flat and way more flavorful. If somebody said this was made with store-bought dough, I'd absolutely believe it, then laugh and inform them that most store-bought dough doesn't cost $4 per cookie. Then I'd patiently listen as they scolded me for wasting money and ice cream.

-via Jeremy Barker

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Brilliant Invention: Suit Doubles as a Bed

(Photos: Japan Trend Shop)

Do you ever say to yourself, "I wish that I could just stay at work all of the time and never go home"? Surely you can use your time more productively than commuting or spending time with your family. To make that dream a reality, the Japanese company King Jim invented the Wearable Futon Air Mat Set.

You don't have to waste time by changing clothes or making your bed. Ever. You're always wearing the only clothing and bedding that you'll need. The suit (which really needs a tie for professional office settings) weighs about 1.5 pounds and inflates for a comfortable evening.

-via Joe Carter

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Scholar Publishes Study on How Much Damage Calvin Did During Calvin and Hobbes

(Image: Bill Watterson/GoComics)

How much damage can a 6-year old do? A lot! But "a lot" is a vague quantity. What was the financial value of Calvin's damage? Matt J. Michel published an article on that subject in the Proceedings of Natural Institute of Science, a humorous scholarly journal.

It's a noble application of statistics to practical needs. Michel acquired the entire print run of the comic strip and concluded that Calvin cost his parents almost $16,000. He explains:

In total, Calvin caused an estimated $15,955.50 worth of damage over the duration of the comic strip (Figure 1). Damage ranged from a broken glass jar[6] ($2 from to a flooded house[7] ($4,798.83 from Taking into account Watterson’s sabbaticals (see Figure 1) and the November start to the comics, Calvin caused $1,850.55 of damage per year. For context, the USDA estimates that middle-income families spend an estimated $1,750 per year on child care and education for 6 year-olds. In fact, the amount of damage caused by Calvin would rank 4th out of the USDA’s categories in annual expenditures, behind Housing, Food, and Transportation, and ahead of Education, Miscellaneous, Health Care, and Clothing. However, it should be reiterated that Calvin is presented as a worst-case scenario. If you believe your child does more than $1,850.55 in damage annually, then you may want to consider professional help, alternative forms of punishment, or, at the very least, take away their stuffed tiger.

-via 22 Words

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Snickers-Stuffed Donuts And Other Wonders from California Donuts

California Donuts in Los Angeles makes a lot more than just glazed donuts. The shop is filled with pastry wonders that will make you slobber all over your computer monitor, such as this donut with a whole Snickers candy bar baked inside. Other donuts feature popular kids' cereals as toppings.

Maple bacon peanut butter and jelly

Fruit Loops

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4 Hi-Tech Escape Chutes

Do you need an escape chute from your life? We all do at some point, but it can be hard to install one at home, work, or in a relationship. Perhaps, though, emerging technologies offer us options. The design blog Core77 rounded up photos and videos of 4 advanced escape chutes that help people get out of dangerous situations, such as burning skyscrapers.

Pictured above is a Viking Escape Chute, which is designed to get workers off oil rigs quickly. It automatically deploys a long, multi-leveled escape chute that ends in an automatically deploying inflatable life raft. The video below shows a test of the system in a shipyard in Okpo, South Korea.

(Video Link)

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This Coffin Was Made for a Snake

(Photo: Gavin Ashworth, Brooklyn Museum)

The Brooklyn Museum contains many antiquities from ancient Egypt, including this small bronze coffin. It's about 22 inches long and is decorated with an image of the Egyptian god Atum, who was commonly depicted with the body of a snake. The curators of the Brooklyn Museum think that it dates back to between 664 and 30 B.C. The coffin is now empty, but was it probably crafted to hold the body of a mummified snake.

-via Ka-ching!

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The Warships of Uzbekistan--A Doubly Landlocked Nation

While doing research for my post about Russia's naval fleet on the vanishing Aral Sea, I encountered evidence that Uzbekistan has at least two active warships.

This is remarkable. Although a few landlocked nations maintain navies, Uzbekistan is not only landlocked, but doubly landlocked. That means that Uzbekistan is completely surrounded by landlocked nations. It and Liechtenstein are the only two such nations in the world.

RusNavy, a website about Russian naval affairs, offers what it claims is an English translation of a Russian military journal article about the Uzbek acquisition of two Ukrainian-built armored patrol boats. The US paid for the purchase of these two boats, a claim supported by this State Department website. The Gurza-class patrol boats are typically armed with 7.62 and 30 mm machine guns and a grenade launcher. The boats will patrol Uzbekistan's rivers, such as the Amu-Darya, which forms the border between that nation and Afghanistan.

Pictured above is a photo of what internet rumor alleges is one of the Uzbek warships.

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This 1862 Board Game Was the Civil War Version of Candy Land

Slate's Vault blog describes a fascinating board game made in the midst of the American Civil War. Charlton & Althrop, a publishing house in Philadelphia, produced the "Game of Secession, or Sketches of the Rebellion." It's a lot like the children's game Candy Land, except with a bit more bloodshed.
The game shows an American bald eagle strangling a snake representing Southern secessionism. It's a game of pure chance. Players take turns rolling dice. The number on the die represents the number of spaces that they can advance. Landing on some spaces sends them forward or back as the fortunes of war dictate. The final space shows a bird representing secessionism baked to a crisp.

Image: New York State Library Special Collections

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American Wins Canadian Poutine-Eating Championship

(Photo: Brian Neilson)


This was, after all, an eating competition. Did the Canadians seriously think that they could beat us at our national sport?

(Photo: Smoke's Poutinerie)

Our champion is Matt Stonie, a competitive eater from San Jose, California. He won by eating almost 15 pounds in less than 10 minutes. Smoke's Poutinerie hosted the event in Toronto on Saturday. 

(Photo: cupcakedawnie)

Stonie proudly carried off one of these beautiful poutine-themed trophies.

-via Dave Barry

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The Illumaphone Uses Light Sensors to Make Music

(Video Link)

Bonnie Eisenman, an engineer, recently took a course on electronic music. She felt inspired to make a unique instrument. The result of her efforts is the Illumaphone, a light-controlled electronic instrument.

It consists of 6 coffee cups with light sensors inside. Each one plays a different pitch. As she moves her hands over the cups, the differing light levels measured by the sensors adjust the volume and vibrato.

-via Hack A Day

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What Happens Next in This Comic Will Shock You

You'll cry with joy when you click on this misleading headline that suggests a counter-intuitive contrarian view that is actually quite normal or disingenuous. Go ahead and bite into Dave Coverly's Speed Bump cartoons.

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A Real Sword from Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time is a series of 14 fantasy novels. Robert Jordan began the series. After he died in 2007, Brandon Sanderson finished the last 3 books in it.

In the series, the greatest swordsmen are known as Blademasters. Those who achieve this high level of fencing excellence may carry swords marked with the image of a heron. Thus heron-marked swords are the public symbols of the finest swordsmen.

Brendan Olszowy, a swordsmith in Western Australia, forged this heron-marked sword. It is specifically the sword of al'Land Mandragoran, a great hero in the series. The sword weighs 2 pounds, 14 ounces and the blade is 32.2 inches long. It is inscribed with words from the Old Tongue that translate as "True Blood of Manatheren" and "For the glory of the Red Eagle."

This is one of many fantasy-inspired swords that Olszowy has made, including others from The Lord of the Rings, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and Conan the Barbarian.

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Disturbing iPhone Accessory Forces You to Deal with Siri

Designer Saad Alayyoubi calls his iPhone accessory "Omniscent Siri." It's not a case, though it does slip around an iPhone. It's designed to block access to the screen so that you can't type in commands. You have to deal with Siri, Apple's interactive digital assistant. It's the only interface that you have to use to access the online world. Siri knows everything--at least that you're allowed to know.

-via Super Punch

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A Particular Set of Skills


Taken 3 will come out at the beginning of next year. Taken 4, er, I mean, T4ken, should start development immediately.

Taken 5 should be a romantic comedy just for a change of pace.

-via Daily of the Day

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John Lennon's "Imagine" Performed on a Ukulele, a Slide Whistle, and a Spinning Plate

(Video Link)

Jack Lattimer is a musician and performer who consistently offers surprises in his funny YouTube videos. For this one, he plays John Lennon's iconic song "Imagine." Lattime begins by spinning a plate on what appears to be a plastic straw, inserting that straw into his ukulele, then playing the ukulele with his hands and working a slide whistle with his mouth.

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath

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Lab Grown Penises Ready for Testing on Humans

(Photo: Dr. Anthony Atala, Director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, via Winston Tech Salem)

The loss of the penis through physical trauma, such as a battlefield injury, or the malformation of it as the result of a birth defect, can be a brutally debilitating event in a man’s life. But a solution may be on the way.

The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina has developed a technique to grow human penises in laboratory environments. The process involves taking cells from a man’s own penis, then growing those cells on a collagen scaffold. The reformed penis then grows over the scaffold.

The Institute has already produced rabbit penises successfully using this method. Soon, it will attempt the process on human patients. It is uncertain whether these penises will be capable of erections.

-via Stuff

Previously on Neatorama: Doctors Successfully Implant Laboratory-Grown Human Vaginas

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Why Does Star Trek's Dr. McCoy Wear a Pinky Ring?

Lately, I have been watching the original Star Trek series--something I have not regularly done since about 1988. I'm watching the show from start to finish. I noticed that on one early episode entitled "Mudd's Women," Dr. Leonard McCoy wears on his left pinky finger a gold ring with a blue stone.

It struck me as an unusual costuming choice, so I did some googling. Terry Lee Rioux's From Sawdust to Stardust: The Biography of DeForest Kelley's, Star Trek's Dr. McCoy explains why Kelley wears a pinky ring.

DeForest Kelly dearly loved his mother, Clora Kelley. Clora owned a ring that her brother had won in a card game while he was in France. When Clora died of cancer in 1957, her son was consumed with grief. But he was private about the depth of his feelings. He asked for only one item from her possessions: the ring. He wore it from then on in remembrance of her.

When Kelley was recruited for Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry was firm: the actors would not wear jewelry. But Kelley was firmer: if he wasn't allowed to wear his ring, he wouldn't be on the show. Roddenberry conceded. You can see Kelley's ring throughout the series, though the stone is often turned into the palm to make it less noticeable.

In the movie Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Sybok forces McCoy to relive his euthanasia of his own father. DeForest Kelley's ring gleams in the faint light during the scene of mourning and loss. It is a fitting accent to a story of the loss of parents. Kelley would continue to wear it until his own death in 1999.

When Star Trek was rebooted in 2009, Karl Urban took up the role of Dr. McCoy. As you can see in this screenshot, he wears a ring on the pinkie finger of his left hand. According to an internet rumor, he did so to honor his predecessor, DeForest Kelley.

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Baby Bears Rescued from Hollow Tree

For 2 days, a woman in Polk County, Wisconsin heard strange animal noises from behind her home. She eventually summoned the police, who discovered two bear cubs trapped in a hollow tree (warning: auto-start). They had apparently climbed in through the top into the hollow trunk, then found themselves unable to escape. One had lodged his head in a hole.

Rescue workers cut windows into the tree trunk, which gave the bears enough room to escape.

(Video Link)

The bears were dehydrated, so the rescuers fed them watermelon, which the bears ate eagerly. Once they could escape, the two cubs fled to the woods as quickly as they could.

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath | Photo: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, USA Today

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Hiker Stumbles Upon an Abyss in Portugal

Redditor RTWin80weeks was hiking along the beach outside of Lagos, Portugal when he came upon this amazing rock formation. It's a hole that goes deep into the earth--farther than he could see.

(Video Link)

Other redditors claim to have been there. Ski6666 made this video showing the other side, which empties into the ocean. -SSS- thinks that this spot is at Farol Ponta Da Peidade, an area known for its exceptional natural beauty.

-via Twisted Sifter

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Polyphonic Singing Is Weird and Amazing

(Video Link)

This is Anna-Marie Hefele, a German singer whom blogger Marilyn Bellamy aptly describes as "a human theremin." She specializes in polyphonic singing, which means singing multiple notes simultaneously. When she performs, she can pair notes however she wishes in a vast variety of combinations. The musical effect is stunning and unlike anything I've ever heard from a human voice.

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Important PSAs from Jim Benton

The famous cartoonist Jim Benton spends most of his time entertaining readers with his funny takes on the human experience and raking in the piles of cash that result from doing so. But he also wants to give back. He cares about us, so he created 6 public service announcements highlighting important skills and values that we should all keep in mind.

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