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Genius Scientists Invent Seaweed That Tastes Like Bacon

(Photo: AP)

It looks a lot like bacon . . . and it tastes like it, too! Researchers at the Oregon State University have bred a strain of a seaweed called dulse that tastes strongly of bacon. Dulse is very nutritious and is a popular if expensive health food. But now its appeal can spread even further. Live Science quotes lead researcher Chris Langdon:

"In Europe, they add the powder to smoothies, or add flakes onto food," Langdon said. "There hasn't been a lot of interest in using it in a fresh form. But this stuff is pretty amazing. When you fry it, which I have done, it tastes like bacon, not seaweed. And it's a pretty strong bacon flavor."

-via Foodiggity

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Buckminster Fuller's Proposal to Build a Giant Floating Tetrahedron in San Francisco Bay

Buckminster Fuller, the architect most famous for inventing the geodesic dome, once proposed building giant floating cities shaped like tetrahedrons. In his book Critical Path, Fuller explains why this structure would have been ideal:

In the early 1960s I was commissioned by a Japanese patron to design one of my tetrahedronal floating cities for Tokyo Bay.

Three-quarters of our planet Earth is covered with water, most of which may float organic cities.

Floating cities pay no rent to landlords. They are situated on water, which they desalinate and recirculate in many useful and nonpolluting ways. They are ships with all an ocean ship’s technical autonomy, but they are also ships that will always be anchored. They don’t have to go anywhere. Their shape and its human-life accommodations are not compromised, as must be the shape of the living quarters of ships whose hull shapes are constructed so that they may slip, fishlike, at high speed through water and high seas with maximum economy. […]

The tetrahedron has the most surface with the least volume of all polyhedra. As such it provides the most “outside” living. Its sloping external surface is adequate for all its occupants to enjoy their own private, outside, tiered-terracing, garden homes. These are most economically serviced from the common, omni-nearest-possible center of volume of all polyhedra. […]

All the shopping centers and other communal service facilities are inside the structure; tennis courts and other athletic facilities are on the top deck.

The tetrahedronal city in Tokyo Bay was never built. Fuller attributes that reesult on the death of his patron in 1966. So he took his idea to the United States and refined his design. It was to be almost 2 miles wide and float in San Francisco Bay. Robert Kronenburg describes it in Architecture in Motion: The History and Development of Portable Building:

This earthquake-proof building had 20,000 apartments gathered in the wall of a giant tetrahedron. In 1968, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development financed a detailed study for Triton City, a series of neighborhood-sized floating communities between 3,500 and 6,500 persons. The structures would also be self-sufficient by the use of wave power and solar energy.

Would you want to live in one of these floating cities?

-via American Digest | Image: unknown

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Snakes Added to Classic Paintings

Snakes . . . why did it have to be snakes? Because they're cute and funny. These snakes aren't really, but Bill Flowers's paintings of them are. He calls himself the Snake Artist.

(Video Link)

And he deserves that name. He likes to get terrifyingly close to extremely dangeorus animals in order to sketch them. These include Australia's most venomous snakes, crocodiles, and Komodo dragons. You can tell from this video that he gets too close because is regularly attacked by his subjects.

I have no idea how he is still alive.

So I would prefer to get closer to Flowers's lovely paintings instead of their models. He adds them to famous works of art, including the Mona Lisa, Van Gogh's Starry Night, and Dali's Persistence of Memory. You can see more of them at Bored Panda.

-via Lost at E Minor

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New Profession: Sandcastle Butler

(Photo: Oliver's Travels)

Oliver's Travels is a travel company that specializes in providing family vacation villas. It now offers a new luxury service to guests who want a unique beach vacation experience: sandcastle butlers. At selected locations, Oliver's Travels hires sandcastle artists to compose their crafts exactly as their guests want them. The Daily Mail reports:

Blueprints will be drawn-up so the exact structure is brought to life. 

Then it will be down to the butlers to select the best quality sand, and the safest spot on the beach for the precious creation. 

Youngsters will even be able to assist the butler in creating their sandcastle. 

-via Marginal Revolution

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Darth Vader Leads Funeral Procession for Grandma

(Photo: Steve Parsons/PA)

Lorna Johnson of Luton, Bedfordshire, UK, passed away. She loved dressing up in costume for Halloween. So her many friends and family members who attended her funeral dressed in costume for her it on Wednesday. They came as Beetlejuice, the Tasmanian Devil, witches, and other characters.

Brett Houghton, the funeral director, led the procession to her service in the garb of Darth Vader. Her son, Neil Johnson, told The Guardian:

“My mum’s always said you need to celebrate, you need to have a party. So we’re not going to sit around feeling sorry for ourselves. My mum wouldn’t want that.”

Johnson, who has three sons aged nine, eight and six, said his mother would have loved the idea of a fancy-dress funeral.

“She’d love it. She’d say: ‘That’s it, that’s exactly what you should have done,’” he said.

-via Huffington Post

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Body Paintings of the 12 Zodiac Signs



Trina Merry is a body painting artist in New York City. Human bodies are the canvases on which she expresses incredibly realistic and imaginative designs. In the past, we’ve seen her paintings that blend into the background of New York City. More recently, she’s depicted the 12 signs of the zodiac. In the series she makes highly effective use of black paint to conceal unnecessary elements. You can see the rest of her paintings here as well as a video that shows how she made them (content warning: artistic nudity).

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97-Year Old Grandma Dances to Pop Music with Her Great-Granddaughter

(Video Link)

Alexis Taylor’s 8-year old daughter loves Fifth Harmony’s song “Worth It.” It makes her move to the music. And it’s worth it to make the little girl's 97-year old great-grandmother rock out, too. She asks, “You want me to do my thing?” And then she unleashes the moves of a much younger dancer.

-via Tastefully Offensive

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Terrifying Machine Will Get Rid of Your Ingrown Toenail, Appetite

(Video Link)

The Makizume Robo Ingrown Toenail Fixer is a simple device. It consist of two clamps and a threaded press. Slip the clamps around the edges of a toenail--preferably someone else’s--then turn the center press until it forces the edges of the toenail to spring up. Soak the foot in water for a long time, then dry. It’s the perfect party game!

-via BuzzFeed

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Awesome Mom Gives Dolls Geeky Makovers

Rebecca Millar’s daughter asked for a Black Widow doll. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find one locally and the cost of shipping one to her home in Australia was prohibitively high, so she made one. The doll was a huge hit, so she made more for her kid and others.

Millar has made them for a wide variety of fandoms, including DC, Marvel, and Star Trek. Pictured above are Uhura, Janeway, Dax, and Seven of Nine, all of whom, Millar sees as excellent role models for her daughter. You can see more of her dolls at her Facebook page.

-via Nerd Bastards

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Inside-Out Peppermint Patties

Hannah of the food blog Bitter Sweet came upon some very high-grade baking chocolate and decided to put it to good use in this novel experiment. These inverted mint patties have a mixture of chocolate and corn syrup in the center with cocoa butter, sugar, and peppermint oil on the outside. She waited for the centers to harden, then dipped them in the coating twice to create this unusual and eye-catching treat.

-via Tasteologie

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Adorable Sea Slug Looks Like a Bunny

(Photo: unknown)

Rocket News 24 reports that Japanese twitter users are going bonkers over the Jorunna parva, a member of the nudibranch family. They come in different colors, but they all look like fat little rabbits! 

(Photo: unknown)

They even have fluffy bunny tails!

(Video Link)

This video captured by a diver in the Pacific shows one crawling along the ocean floor, presumably looking for sea carrots and sea lettuces, all while avoiding sea foxes.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The Fanciest McDonald’s in the World Serves the Regular Menu, But with High Class

(Photos: Sorrida)

This is Restraunt M. It’s a special restaurant in Tokyo that will be open for only one day. On that one day, you can get fairly standard food from the McDonald's menu. But it will be offered to you fine china, ornate silverware, and bleached linens. The table service will, of course, be far superior from that which you can find at your local burger joint. You can see more photos at Kotaku. Unfortunately, it’s unclear what toy comes with the Happy Meal.

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Beachgoers Rescue Stranded Great White Shark

(Video Link)

If I saw a great white shark trapped on the beach, I might have several responses, but none of them would involve picking it up and dragging back into the water. Fortunately for this shark, more daring and caring people were present at the beach on Chatham, Massachusetts on Monday. They found a 7 and ½ foot juvenile shark that had beached and was unable to return to the waters off Cape Cod.

Harbormaster Stuart Smith took over the rescue effort upon his arrival. He and his colleagues tied a rope to the shark and pulled it into the water. It was still sluggish, so they towed it out into deeper water. Greg Skomal, a biologist, put a tracking device on the shark before the rescuers released it. Animal wildlife officials will use it to monitor the shark's location.

-via 22 Words

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The Hands-Free Wheelchair

(Photo: Joel Maxwell)

This is the Ogo, an electric wheelchair. What sets it apart from other wheelchairs is that it's not controlled with a joystick, buttons, or pedals. It's controlled with body direction, like a Segway. This means that users who lack hand movement ability can steer it.

Kevin Halsall, the inventor, built it for a friend, Marcus Thompson, who is a paraplegic. When Halsall used a Segway for the first time, he realized that its directional system offered a great option to people who use wheelchairs. Joel Maxwell writes in Stuff:

The moving seat made the acceleration and braking more responsive to movements from the rider's core muscles, he said.

His mate Thompson used the device to mow his lawns, and trialled it at his work as a teacher at Otaki College.

Halsall said the doing things like picking up items and moving round while holding them, and mowing lawns, sounded mundane to most people.

"But when you're in a wheelchair you just can't do it."

Thompson got a buzz out of mowing his lawns, Halsall said, because as a paraplegic he previously relied on others to do work like that.

-via Damn Geeky

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Stunning Diptych Tattoos Form Landscapes across the Back of Legs

Thieves of Tower is the creative duo of Houston Patton and Dagny Fox. Together, they make innovative tattoos that spread across both legs of their subjects. This is really thoughtful because it uses the body as not just a surface for inking, but also as a form to contribute to the design. Together, the paired legs form complete scenes.

The images themselves are reminiscent of woodcuts and would be impressive on any part of the body or even just paper. You can view more at My Modern Met as well as additional non-tattoo art at their Instagram page.

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Man Takes Engagement Photo Shoot with a Burrito

(Photos: Kristina Bakrevski)

Theirs was a love built on not just passion, but true relationship compatibility. Sure, you can embrace each other for an evening. But if you want a lifelong companion, then you have to fit together. David Sikorski and his burrito, a carne asada from Taqueria La Cumbre, are truly made for each other.

That's the official story. But the truth is that Sikorski saw his Facebook friends posting relationship milestones and grew anxious. When was his special someone going to come along? His solution was to ask Kristina Bakrevski, a friend and professional photographer, to show Sikorski and his favorite burrito in tender, romantic moments. You can see more images from there series here.

-via Pleated Jeans

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This Guy Almost Sold a Bag of Air for $20,100

But not just any air. It was air from Williamsburg, a neighborhood of Brooklyn. Yes, that Williamsburg--the hippest, coolest place on earth. If you want to live inside Lena Dunham's TV show Girls, then you move to Williamsburg. If you want to put that interdisciplinary studies degree to surprisingly profitable use, then you move to Williamsburg.

Dan Ozzi lives there. He has access to the local air. You do not live in Williamsburg and therefore do not have access to that air. But Ozzi is (or was) willing to sell you a bag of premium Williamsburg air. In a very funny article on his experience, he explains:

Since my salary as a brandegizing synergist at a boutique marketing firm barely covers the maintenance fees at my loft as is, I decided to sell a few items on eBay—some rare shoegaze vinyl from Record Store Day at Rough Trade, an extra bike seat, an unopened mixology set. But then I thought: What could be cooler than owning a sample of air from the trendiest zip code on the planet? So on Monday night, I listed a sampling of Williamsburg’s finest oxygen on eBay.

He started the bidding at $39.99. As you might expect, a bidding war erupted immediately, driving the price as high as $20,100 before eBay's administration inexplicably shut down the auction and Ozzi's account.

So: no Williamsburg air for you.

But there is hope. Consider that Williamsburg, for all of its hipness, is aging. The spotlight is moving away. And I think that I know where. And I think that I know how to profit from that change. If you are interested in a bag of authentic air from Flatonia, Texas, let me know. If you have a shipping address, I have a PayPal account.

-via Daily of the Day

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Fire the Catzooka

Super Epic Cats, which previously brought us a cat with telekinesis, now unveils its latest invention: the Catzooka. I want one! What software does it use?

(Video Link)

-Thanks, Jessica Danielson!

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The Pluto in Pluto

NASA's New Horizons probe is revealing pictures of the most distant planet in our solar system with unprecedented resolution. Many people are seeing other images in the scarred surface of the planet. You can find an excellent list of them at BuzzFeed.

But I think that Rob Beschizza and Heather Johanssen of Boing Boing have discovered the most truly startling find: the Disney character Pluto (for whom the planet was named, as that company owns it) appears in the surface of Pluto. I'm deeply impressed with Disney's imagineering here.

-via Popped Culture

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Obvious Plant Puts Helpful Shelf Labels in a Grocery Store

Internet prankster Obvious Plant adds helpful signs and labels in public places, often in stores that are unaware of his helpful contributions. In the past, he's added fanciful descriptions at a pet store and realistic section makers at a bookstore. Now he's contributing to sales at a grocery store by adding tips for shoppers. Rubbing up against other customers sounds like a great idea. I'm going to try that report back on the results.

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Women in Vintage Ads Are Way Too Happy about Getting Appliances

Could it be? Is it really? Yes, it's a . . . toaster!

What is going to make you happy in life? Time-saving home appliances. Flashbak rounded up advertisements from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s showing women overcome with joy upon receiving or using new advanced vacuum cleaners, ovens, and refrigerators. As these paired ads from Toastmaster prove, the more pieces of toast that you can toast simultaneously, the happier you will be.

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How to Make a Watermelon Cake

(Photo: Rakuten)

Rocket News 24 calls this marvelous cake a Baumkuchen. It’s popular in Japan, but originally from Germany. From the inside and outside, it’s a remarkable facsimile of a real watermelon, complete with seeds in the pulp.

(Photo: dareyanen23)

It’s made on a spit. The baker adds layers of batter onto a spinning rod until it becomes a thick mound of cake. It has rings like a tree, which is why the German name for it means “tree cake.”

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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These Milkshakes Have Completely Earned the Name of “Freakshow”

(Photo: Christines2)

That’s what the bakery Pâtissez in Canberra, Australia calls its extreme milkshakes that are as big as your head and filled with everything they can think of to stuff inside. If it’s in the bakery, why not shove it into the milkshake? Sure, add ice cream and syrup as well. But don’t stop there. I want a chocolate fudge milkshake with an entire Boston cream pie as a garnish, followed by whipped cream and a single cherry.

You can see more pictures of people enjoying the “Freakshow” at BuzzFeed.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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This Man Kicked Himself in the Head 134 Times in 1 Minute

We’ve all done or said something so embarrassing that we’ve wanted to kick ourselves in the head. But that wasn’t the motivation for Puskar Nepal of Nepal who holds the Guinness World Record for kicking himself in the head the most number of times in a single minute. He hit the 134 mark in a demonstration at Kantipur City College in Kathmandu. Puskar hopes to win records that will bring honor and glory to his homeland:

I'm now so passionate about Guinness World Records that I aim to set more than 100 records. I believe my records would help promote my country, birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, around the globe. Also I want to prove that people from a small and poor country like Nepal can also do anything. I want to be inspiration of the people of my country.

(Video Link)

Now ain’t that a kick in the head?

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Cat Bread

Lou Lou P's Delights is a bakery in Leeds, UK. When carefully shaped and decorated, its loaves of bread look like cats!

Continue reading
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Women Are Swooning for This Handsome Gorilla

(Photos: AFP/Reuters)

On the left is American actor George Clooney. On the right is Japanese gorilla Shabani. Both have sent many female hearts aflutter with their rakishly good looks. The BBC calls Shabani the "metrosexual gorilla."

Well, hello there, miss. Welcome to my cage. Would you care for a drink?

Shabani, 18, lives at the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens. In March, he came to the attention of young Japanese women on social media. The BBC reports how women describe him:

Ikemen: It's the Japanese slang for "handsome guy". The word is a combination of "I-ke" (pronounced "ee-kay"), which is an abbreviation of a word meaning "cool" or just "good", and "men" derived from the English. […]

Dark and brooding: According to local media reports, many women who flock to see Shabani in action are using words of admiration often attributed to the likes of George Clooney or Hugh Jackman or Japan's own Ken Watanabe - "shibui" (meaning "bitter") and "nihiru" (derived from the English "nihilistic") both used to describe "dark and brooding" men.

Unfortunately, ladies, Shabani is taken. He's already married--to another gorilla 24 years his senior! He has a son, too. But you're welcome to visit him at the zoo. Just expect cold stares from his wife.

-via Oddity Central

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Penguin Scared of the Water Gets Swimming Lessons

Just jump in, Charlotte. You're a penguin, so you've got to swim. All penguins can and you're old enough to join them.

But Charlotte struggles to overcome her fear of the water. So this king penguin that lives at the Birdland Park & Gardens at Bourton-on-the-Water in Gloucestershire, UK, is getting swimming lessons. Alistair Keen, her zookeeper, is giving the lessons himself. The Telegraph reports that she's doing well:

Mr Keen said: "Initially Charlotte was absolutely terrified at the prospect of getting her feathers wet.

"I know penguins can't fly but she was making a pretty good attempt in her bid to avoid taking the plunge.

"In the wild the chicks only learn to swim by following their parents in to the water so I, as her adopted dad, felt obliged to get in and try to show her how it was done.

"At first it didn't seem like she was ever going to get the hang of it, she certainly hasn't taken to it like a duck to water."

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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This Baseball Team Has a Batdog Instead of a Batboy

The Charleston RiverDogs is a minor league baseball team in Charleston, South Carolina. The team employs Titus to retrieve bats from the home plate after batters have dropped them. He does a fine job contributing to the team, which was smashed by 12-2 in this game against the Kannapolis Intimidators.

(Video Link)

-via Tastefully Offensive

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Cat Is Underwhelmed by Shell Game

If you want to score any money on the street with this classic con, then you've got to improve your skills. Hamlet the cat knows exactly where the pill is. You're wasting his time and you'll waste your money if you try to hustle money this way.

(Video Link)

-via Huffington Post

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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What If Game of Thrones Was a 1977 TV Movie?

The blog Flashbak takes us way back to the golden age of made-for-TV movies: the late 1970s. Back then, it was possible to attract big stars for widely-watched movies made for broadcast.

Who would have been cast for the major roles in Game of Thrones in 1977? Flashbak is right that Michael Landon (Charles Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie) would have been an excellent Ned Stark. Peter Cushing (Grand Moff Tarkin on Star Wars) would be perfect as Tywin Lannister, as would Ricardo Montalban (Mr. Roarke on Fantasy Island) in the role of Stannis Baratheon.

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