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Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" -- Game of Thrones Style

In Taylor Swift's song "Blank Space," the singer says that the rumors are true: she's got a long list of ex-lovers who can testify that she'll take you to new heights of "magic, madness, heaven, sin." If you want to risk that, then she's got a blank space where she'll write your name.

(Video Link)

Watching Game of Thrones is like that, as this parody video by Nerdist shows. George R.R. Martin sings that he'll create characters you'll love. Then he'll kill them horribly and pointlessly. If there's someone that you like, then he's got a blank page.

-via Geek Art Gallery

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:

Attach a Parachute to Your Snowmobile and You're Ready for the Insane Sport of Para-Snowmobiling

Okay, so here's the plan:

Step 1: attach a parachute to your snowmobile.
Step 2: drive your snowmobile as fast as you can off a cliff.

Let me know when you get to that point and I'll tell you step 3. I don't want to overtax your working memory, so just work on those two parts right now.

Stunt Freaks pioneered a new sport that will no doubt become very popular soon. Watch this man ride a snowmobile right off a snowy cliff in Sweden while a camera in a hovering helicopter records this fun and surely entirely safe activity.

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This Shamrock Bread Bowl Is Perfect for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is on Tuesday and Beth Jackson Klosterboer of Hungry Happenings is ready! She made this shamrock-shaped bread bowl with canned French bread dough. She shaped the sides over a dough layer bottom, then cut away the excess dough. After baking it, Beth filled the interior with white chicken chili.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Archery Tag with a Flyboard

Archery tag is a sport similar to paintball. They key difference is that players shoot each other with foam-tipped arrows fired from bows instead of paint beads from a compressed air gun. A flyboard is a cross between a jet ski and a jet pack. Users fly over the water, held aloft by jets of water.

Together, they form the elements of a great combination sport: flyboard archery. John Jackson, an expert in archery tag, and Austin, a watersports professional, joined forces to demonstrate how it works. It looks like an awesome game to play!

(Video Link)

-via Core 77

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Horse Hair

(Photo: unknown)

Ride like the wind. You are a master horseman traversing the plains on a majestic steed. People will look at you with respect and honor if you style your hair like this.

-via Rocket News 24

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Alligator Gets Prosthetic Tail

(Photos: Phoenix Herpetological Society)

In 2013, Mr. Stubbs was an 11-year old, 7-foot long alligator living at the Phoenix Herpetological Society in Arizona. He had lost his tail when he was a baby, so it was very difficult for him to swim. His swimming stroke resembled a slow dog paddle, rather than the quick, graceful movements of a healthy alligator.

Mr. Stubbs's handlers wanted to give him the freedom and ease of movement that a normal alligator has. So they built a prosthetic tail and attached it to his body.

That's not a decorative mound of rubber. It's a functional tail thoughtfully engineered to move in a manner similar to a living alligator tail. A 2013 article in USA Today (warning: auto-start video) describes it:

Using cameras and a computer, Justin Georgi, an assistant professor in the department of anatomy at Midwestern University in Glendale, Ariz., studied Mr. Stubbs for weeks. Georgi studies alligator and reptile locomotion. At times he would attach reflective dots to the gator, whose jaws were secured with electrical tape before each session. The dots would form a 3-D computer model, allowing Georgi to see exactly how Mr. Stubbs got around.

Georgi used the research to devise the tail's specifications. It had to be buoyant, and weigh just seven to nine pounds. It also had to be flexible, so when Mr. Stubbs wiggled his rear stump, the tail would swing to propel him forward.

-via The Soul Is Bone

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The Diving Bell Spider Builds Its Own Underwater Air Tanks

(Video Link)

The Diving Bell Spider (Argyroneta aquatica) is the only spider species that lives its entire life underwater.

It accomplishes this amazing feet by maintaining subsurface air bubbles. The spider's body is covered with tiny hairs. Air bubbles adhere to that textured surface. The spider then weaves protective cases for these air bubbles with its silk. It attaches these air tanks to underwater plants and rocks and then climbs inside.

In addition to maintaining the air inside the bubble, the spider silk cover functions like a gill, pulling breathable air out of the water. The Encyclopedia Britannica explains:

Research has shown that the inflated web serves as a sort of gill, extracting dissolved oxygen from the water when oxygen concentrations inside the web become sufficiently low to draw oxygen in from the water. Slowly, however, the inflated web collapses, and the spider must travel to the water’s surface for bubble renewal, which it does about once each day.


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Mesmerizing Video of Ice Melting from the Inside Out

(Video Link)

This video shows a pipe covered with ice. The heat in the pipe is melting the interior of the ice sheath. As the water flows down, it creates otherworldly images of shapes and movement.

-via Twisted Sifter

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This Conference Table Is Loopy

Michael Beitz warps reality with his surreal sculptures, such as a liquefying picnic table and a wall that literally has an ear. One of his recent works is Not Now, an enormous conference table that loops in the center. That may be occasionally inconvenient in an office environment. But there are some meetings in which it could be handy.

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15 Great Hideouts for Your Supervillain Lair

(Photo: Fanny Schertzer)

So you want to be a supervillain. Good for you! It's important to have ambition. But you'll need more, such as a great name, a character hook, a costume, and some henchmen. Once you have those taken care of, you'll need to choose a lair.

A mere storage rental facility won't do, nor your studio apartment. You need a place that impresses people as the domicile of a serious, dedicated supervillain. When on Earth has 15 sites you should consider. Pictured above is one of them: Ball's Pyramid. It's the tallest volcanic stack in the world, which makes climbing it difficult. The island is located a few hundred miles off the coast of Australia, so there's no nearby shopping. Still, when you need quiet time to think away from the hustle and bustle of your day job in retail, Ball's Pyramid will be ideal.

-via The Presurfer

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Visual Glitches Turned into Real-Life Rugs

Faig Ahmed, an artist from Azerbaijan, creates surreal carpets that appear to bend and distort reality. Some pop out in 3D dimensions. Others seem to be physical manifestations of digital image glitches. In an interview with Art Radar Journal, Ahmed explains how he designs and weaves them:

I work with a group. Usually there are twenty to 25 people involved in the process. This group experience gives my work vitality and I’m the spark that ignites it.

When I decide to begin a piece, I first talk to the carpet makers and then edit and correct their work alongside my own sketch. Next, my artwork is transferred onto engineering paper. After these preparations, the weaving process begins. As a rule, the process itself is not that easy, and I have to visit the workshop often and make corrections all along the way.

Each work needs a different type of research. For a carpet from the “Fluid Forms” show, for example, I was pouring paint onto the walls to see how different colours blend into each other and flow. For the Geometric series of carpets, I was cutting different shapes from paper to place over the surfaces to see what kinds of shades they create.

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Body Paintings Blend into the Natural World

Two weeks ago, Lisa highlighted the optical illusion body art of Natalie Fletcher. Her mindbending illusions are cool, but she's done even more amazing stuff with body painting. I'm especially impressed with a series called Lost in the Landscape. Fletcher painted human bodies so that they almost perfectly blend into the background of natural wonders. Her models recede into nature as their skin turns into the images behind them.

Content warning: artistic nudity.

-via Fubiz

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Funny, Pun-Filled Pop Culture Cutting Boards

Etsy seller Dave Stencil makes fine wood cutting boards with inlay images of television, film, and music stars making cooking-themed puns. His online shop is appropriately called Cutting Boredom. His themes include The Beatles, Harry Potter, 300, and The Big Lebowski.

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Dive Bomber Squirrel Attacks Bird Feeder

(Video Link)

You can almost see the thought processes inside the squirrel's mind. The bird feeder has a built-in dome to protect it from squirrels climbing the shaft. The solution is to find a position high enough but also close enough to make a death-from-above leap onto the bird feeder.

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Spock Helps Kirk and McCoy Forget the Star Wars Prequels

I saw Episodes I, II, and III when they came out. But I barely have any memory of them. I don't think that I could even describe the general plot. This is as a result of intense therapy over several years. It would gone a lot faster if I had access to Spock's mind meld abilities. Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy did in the episode "Spectre of the Gun." It saved their sanity and their lives, as demonstrated in this mashup video by Drew Krotz.

(Video Link)

-via Geek Tyrant

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Can You Guess the Movies for These Untitled Posters?

Art director Madani Bendjellal took posters for famous movies and removed their titles and pictures of their main characters. You can view more at Fubiz. How many can you identify? Which ones were instantly recognizable and which ones took you some time to think about?

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8th Graders Build Frozen-Themed Prosthetic Hand for a Little Girl

The Deer Creek Intermediate School in St. Francis, Wisconsin has a robotics team. Its equipment includes a 3D printer. The members learned about Ariah, a little girl in California who was born without most of her right hand. They decided to print an articulated prosthetic hand for her.

But it was no ordinary prosthetic hand. The team members decorated it with colors and images from the Ariah's favorite movie, Frozen. The Huffington Post reports:

With the guidance of their teacher, Peter Graven, they chose color combinations and added snowflakes to the design. To top it all off, they put “Queen Ariah” across the hand.

Later, they got to view an online video of Ariah using her new Frozen hand.

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Springfield, Illinois Gives Cobra Commander the Key to the City

Inexplicably, the capital city of Illinois surrendered to Cobra, the terrorist organization from the G.I. Joe entertainment franchise. Why? Did Cobra Commander have dirt on Mayor J. Michael Houston? Did he offer Houston greater power after Cobra's conquest of the Midwest?

Officially, Mayor Houston gave Cobra Commander the key to the city in order to welcome visitors to G.I. Joecon, a fan convention assembling in Springfield from April 9-12. Still, this seems like a drastic and short-sighted move to get tourism dollars.

It does, however, speak well of Cobra Commander's leadership. In the past, he's failed in one violent venture after another. Perhaps he has learned that victory lies not in naked force, but by subverting pre-existing political structures. The press release quotes Cobra Commander demonstrating his now more conciliatory approach:

Springfielders near and far, I accept your Mayor’s generous gift. And let it be known that I too bring a gift for every man, woman and child of this city that is so near and dear to my heart; an invitation to join with me. Join Cobra!”

-via io9

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This Dog Will Smile on Command

(Video Link)

Molly, who is biding her time--just biding her time, mind you--is a 3-year old Labrador. When you ask her to smile, she'll do it. She act like a happy, friendly dog who loves you. For now.

-via Pleated Jeans

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Vince Gilligan Asks You to Stop Throwing Pizzas on Walter White's Roof

In a famous scene in Breaking Bad, a furious Walter White, while feuding with his wife, angrily throws a pizza on the roof of his house.

That's a real house in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Fans know where it is. It's a tourist attraction. A pleasant couple lives there. They're okay with people stopping by to take photos. But they are tired of fans throwing pizzas on their roof.

Vince Gilligan, the creator of the show, is quite serious when he tells fans to stay off their property and not throw pizzas on their roof. You can listen to him talk about the problem at the 3:15 point in this podcast.

(Content warning: foul language.)

-via First We Feast

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Please Choose Your Preferred Advertising Experience

(SMBC Comics/Zach Weinersmith)

You can choose from 3 different advertisements that our data mining programs reveal will be effective on you. The ad will automatically pause when you stop paying attention.

Reader pro tip: You can add the caption "The future is terrible" to all SMBC Comics and they will still make sense.

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How to Be Socially Awkward

(Books of Adam/Adam Ellis)

Are you struggling to find the right thing to say? Despite the outcome of this scenario, you should still go with "say something weird." If he sticks around, then you've found a keeper. Think of your awkwardness as a sorting device.

-via reddit

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Game of Thrones Meets The Princess Bride

(Video Link)

"Jesus, Grandpa, what did you read me this thing for?"

Game of Thrones is a heartwarming love story. The Princess Bride is a terrifying look into the abyss of the human soul and suffering in a godless world. Or something like that. I get them confused sometimes because, as this mashup by Shawn Kohne points out, they're very similar.

Content warning: violence and gore. On the other hand, Hodor keeps his clothes on, which is probably a good thing.

-via Jeremy Barker

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Storytelling with Conductive Ink

Dalziel + Pop, a creative agency in London, is currently exhibiting at the Retail Design Expo in London. To demonstrate its skill set, the company built an interactive display using screenprinting with conductive ink. When visitors touch any of the 48 elements, up to 100 possible light animations activate. The company suggests that this is a great way to interact with potential customers.

(Video Link)

I've never heard of conductive ink before. But now I want to see if I can use it in a crafting project!

-via Lustik

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This 5-Storey Apartment Building Is a Huge Urban Treehouse

(Photo: Beppe Giardino)

There are 150 trees built into and around this building!

It's as close as you can come to living in an Ewok village in the middle of a city. Luciano Pia designed 25 Verde, an apartment building in Turin, Italy. It's designed so that the difference between inside and outside is blurred. There are 63 units in the 5-storey structure. The 150 trees provide shade and, the designer claims, help clean the air. You can see more photos of it at Colossal.

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Krispy Kreme Bacon Donut Hot Dog

(Photo: Darren Rovell)

The Wilmington Blue Rocks is a minor league baseball team in Wilmington, Delaware. It has devised the perfect means of luring me to its games. This is their invention: a hot dog bun made from a Krispy Kreme donut and filled with bacon and raspberry jelly.

The team is holding a contest to name the new taste of Wilmington. Dan Carson of Bleacher Report suggests "the Groanut":

I suggest “the Groanut,” because one of these bad boys coupled with two Bud heavies equals you on the floor, instantly hungover and wallowing noisily in that hellish no man’s land beneath the stadium seats.

-via First We Feast

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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How to Make a Captain America Fan

Here's a crafting project that makes clever use of what a fan looks like when it's turned on. Just apply paint in the right spots and you have a Captain America shield. You can throw it at your enemies, but first make sure that you have a long extension cord attached.

-via Pleated Jeans

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Man Rolls in Dog Poop to Avoid Getting Arrested, Fails

(Photo: Karyn Christner)

It seemed like a foolproof plan. But like many brilliantly conceived capers, it failed anyway. Police in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania found a man walking into a busy street. They talked to him and discovered that he was drunk. They also pointed out that he had stepped in dog poop on the sidewalk.

This is when the suspect developed a cunning plan: if he was covered in dog poop, they police wouldn't be able to arrest him! The Times-Leader reports:

At that point, Franklin allegedly jumped to the ground and started rolling in dog feces. He then allegedly stated that officers could not arrest him because he is “covered in (expletive),” police said.

Franklin was taken into custody, cited and held until sober, police said.

-via AP

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Nerd Court: The Legal Battleground for Geeks

Nerd Court is a riveting courtroom drama in which geeks battle over their greatest controversies. In the most recent episode, two Trekkies debate whether Commander William T. Riker of Star Trek: The Next Generation is a great leader or a flake. The outcome appears uncertain until actor Jonathan Frakes himself shows up to defend the reputation of his character.

Frakes strides in, performs the Riker Maneuver at the 6:26 mark, and is sworn in by the Vulcan bailiff.

(Video Link)

He then argues effectively for the awesomeness of Commander Riker in a testimony packed with overt and sometimes subtle Star Trek references.

-via Jonathan Frakes

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Dangerously Adorable


It's real good what you've done there, Anthony. Yes, real good. Having your parents fight each other to the death is just what we needed.

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