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Jenga Dog Balances a Treat on the End of a Straw

(Video Link)

This talented pooch is ready for the circus! He remains perfectly still with a treat on his nose and another one precariously balanced on the end of a straw. When he is released, he immediately leaps into action. Good dog!

-via Boing Boing

Check out more amazing talents over at our Mad Skills blog

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Baristas Helps Man with Autism Develop Speaking Skills

(Photo: Lancaster Online)

Aaron Seldomridge, 22, of Ephrata, Pennsylvania, has autism. It's very difficult for him to communicate verbally--especially with strangers. When his mother takes him to restaurants to interact with people, Seldomridge generally uses a picture menu rather than speaking.

The baristas at his local Starbucks have a picture menu, but were willing to go further. They worked with him to develop his social skills so that he could order his chai independently. Seldomridge began by coming in with his mother and using a picture menu to get chai. Now he comes in by himself and speaks his order out loud.

(Video Link)

It's made a difference to him and his parents. Lancaster Online reports:

Aaron’s regular chai runs take just minutes, but they leave a lasting impact: He gets a chance to practice new skills and feel connected to a green-aproned community committed to helping him grow.

Aaron’s parents, Janiece and Jeffrey, of Narvon, especially appreciate seeing their son treated like a “regular” by people who don’t look at him strangely if he flaps his arms or shrieks with excitement.

-via Huffington Post

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The Most Evil Rug

Try to walk over this rug without unconsciously tripping over it. Just try.

Then search for a hidden staircase. The rug ties the room together, but there's a good chance that there's a secret passage down there.

-via Tastefully Offensive | Photo: PaperkutRob

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But You Need an Electric Mustard Dispenser in the Dashboard

Chris Hallbeck has excellent advice. Eat a full meal before heading to the dealership lest you accidentally purchase an ice cream truck as soon as you see one. And avoid the free samples offered by the salesman. Just because a side view mirror feels good in your hand isn't a good reason to buy an entire sports car.  

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Voltron Key Replica Flash Drive

Voltron: Defender of the Universe was one of the first anime series to thrive on American television. It was my first encounter with anime when I was a child. I instantly recalled it when I saw this robot lion key made by Randy Padama. The five pilots who formed the Voltron Force used them to unlock the ancient robot lions that assembled to form the giant robot Voltron.

To the best of my knowledge, Padama's replicas won't do that (though you are welcome to experiment), but they will keep 16 gigabytes of information saved for you and accessible through a USB port.

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The Decor in This Hospital Is Unlike Any Other

We've seen some amazing children's hospital rooms before. But this elephant-shaped MRI machine isn't in a children's hospital. The Edogawa Hospital in Tokyo is for adults, too, and handles a full range of medical services, including surgery. The design, but inside and out, pops with fun illustrations, shapes, and textures. The purpose of these features is to make a hospital visit fun, rather than dreary and depressing.

You can see many more photos at Kotaku.

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Artist Creates Coffee Brands That We Wish Existed

Illarion Gordon, an artist in Russia, creates "melancholic and existentialist designs that would never exist in real life from real coffee brands." That's a real shame because I can definitely see an Adventure Time-brand coffee succeeding. It would be ideal for rising in the morning and eating with bacon pancakes for breakfast.

We shall never know for sure what happened to Princess Coffeebean. But we know that she would want us to enjoy these rich, delicious coffee grounds that we found on her throne.

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Woman's Hand Drawn License Plate Fails to Deceive Police

(Photo: Massachusetts State Police)

A woman from Springfield, Massachusetts had had her license plates revoked. Normally, this would prevent a person from driving a car on the road. But this woman had a cunning plan: she would draw a license plate on cardboard using colored pencils. The police would never notice the difference.

Unfortunately for her, one eagle-eyed state trooper did spot the unusual plate while patrolling Interstate 391. He pulled her over and inspected the plate. He determined that it was a counterfeit.

The woman was charged with, among other violations, driving with a revoked registration and without a driving license.

-via Dave Barry

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Möbius Bacon Strip

Begin moving forward at any point on the bacon strip. You will continue forever. Behold the infinite supply of bacon! Thanks to Instructables member PenfoldPlant, the dream is no long just a theoretical model, but a reality.

PenfoldPlant made his möbius bacon strips by twisting rashers of bacon around a rolling pin, then gluing them in place with a meat adhesive called transglutaminase. After letting the glue sit for a day, he removed the bacon from the rolling pin and baked it.

This is an adequate temporary solution. But I would like to see--someday--pigs that are genetically engineered to produce bacon like this. That would be more natural than just gluing bacon strips into a twist.

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Bacon-Infused Bloody Mary Popsicles on Bacon Sticks

Bloody Mary science has, in the past few years, surged forward. The current pinnacle of human achievement in the field is the Bloody Mary that includes a whole deep fried chicken. You'll notice that the man holding that Bloody Mary is happy, but is laboring under the weight of it. It is a fantastic Bloody Mary but, perhaps, a bit too cumbersome. If you were attempting to consume it while driving a bulldozer or performing eye surgery, it could get awkward and difficult.

Thankfully, Perry Santanachote of Thrillist has a solution. His Bloody Mary popsicle gives you the same effect, but is designed for one-handed operation. To make them, you'll need bacon and vodka, and probably more than you might expect because you'll want to have some of each while preparing the popsicles.

You'll lay a few strips of bacon in vodka so give the vodka that bacony goodness and vice versa. Then wrap bacon around breadsticks and bake them until they form a glorious spear upon which you will mount the Bloody Mary. Freeze the Bloody Mary mix and vodka in a popsicle mold with the sticks inside. Do so overnight so that they're ready in time for breakfast.

-via Foodiggity

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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We Had Great Chemistry Together

(The Awkward Yeti/Nick Seluk)

Our attraction was irresistible. When we were together, our passion was exothermic. But we still lacked a catalyst for a stable relationship.

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The Most Hilarious Dashcam Video Ever

(Video Link)

We've seen some wild dashcam videos from Russia, such as insurance scams, road rage, street justice, and a driving cat. The are often terrifying and thrilling. This one, though, is just plain funny.

It starts out ugly. Then SpongeBob SquarePants and Mickey Mouse show up.

-via Gizmodo

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2 Dogs Use Teamwork to Retrieve Their Favorite Toy from a Pool

(Video Link)

Someone has thrown the tire into the pool! This is a terrible calamity that the two pups must resolve. It's quite heavy and it's at the bottom of the center of the pool. So how can they get it out?

One dog jumps in. In the video, you can almost see his mind turning, searching for a solution as he experiments with different techniques.

The pair are ultimately successful. But only because, at the end, they work together.

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath

P.S. What breed are these dogs? The video says bulldogs but their body shape seems more like that of boxers.

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The 60 Weirdest Royal Epithets from History

(Image: Cyberprout)

It's an established tradition that noblemen often get epithets--an adjective that describes that person's defining characteristic. But not every nobleman can be Charles the Great, Philip the Bold, or Suleiman the Magnificent. Some aristocrats through history have received less flattering nicknames. Paul Anthony Jones of Mental Floss has rounded up 60 odd or insulting epithets. Here are a few samples:

5. ALFONSO THE SLOBBERER was King of Galicia from 1188-1230. He apparently earned his nickname because he foamed at the mouth when enraged. […]

9. ARCHIBALD THE LOSER was the son of Archibald the Grim, who served as 4th Earl of Douglas from his father’s death until his own death in battle in France in 1424. […]

18. CHILDERIC THE IDIOT was King of the Franks from 743-751. No one is quite sure what he did to earn the epithet “the Idiot,” but seeing as he ended his reign by being deposed and consigned to a monastery, it may be nothing more than an attempt by his successors to tarnish his name. […]

21. CONSTANTINE THE DUNG-NAMED was the nickname of Constantine V, the Byzantine Emperor from 741-55. The Latin epithet Copronymus, “dung-named,” was unsurprisingly bestowed on him by his many enemies. […]

25. EYSTEIN THE FART, Eystein Halfdansson, was an 8th century king of Norway. The epithet “Fart” is usually taken to mean that he was a busybody or loudmouth, although no definitive explanation has yet been found. […]

33. HALFDAN THE BAD ENTERTAINER, also known as King Halfdan the Mild, was the son of Eystein the Fart. His nickname apparently refers to his habit of paying his soldiers generously, but providing them with little food or entertainment. […]

35. HENRY THE IMPOTENT was king of Castile from 1454-74. His nickname probably refers to his disastrously ineffectual reign, although some accounts have since suggested that Henry was genuinely impotent, if not secretly homosexual.

36. IVAYLO THE CABBAGE, also known as “Ivaylo the Swineherd,” was a Bulgarian farmer who led a peasants’ revolt in the late 13th century and proclaimed himself Emperor of Bulgaria in 1278. He was overthrown the following year and assassinated. […]

45. LOUIS THE UNAVOIDABLE was the nickname of Louis XVIII of France, who spent much of his reign in the late 1700s and early 1800s either in prison or in exile during the French Revolution. When Napoleon was finally defeated in 1815, Louis was the “unavoidable” choice to return and reclaim the throne.

The other day, I mentioned to my editor, Miss Cellania the Caffeinated, that this naming tradition is one that we should revive.

-via VA Viper

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John Oliver, Cookie Monster, Al Roker, and Nick Offerman Broadcast the News

(Video Link)

W-ORD Channel 7 News keeps you up to date on the latest news in letters. John Oliver and Cookie Monster are the co-anchors. Telly Monster is the field reporter. Al Roker presents the weather (which is very bromantic) and Nick Offerman offers mustache commentary. It's all the news fit to eat on W-ORD Channel 7. In a mere 5 minutes and 18 seconds, these journalism professionals pack in joke after joke. Mashable, Sesame Street, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver have outdone themselves.

If John Oliver moves on from his HBO show, we now know precisely who should replace him.

-via @SesameStreet

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This Baby Was Born Ready to Rock

(Photo: Hazuki)

Some of us are ready to rock only after extensive training and preparation. But this little girl was born ready. It's especially fitting that she's showing the double sign of the horns because she's the daughter of Hazuki, a singer with the band Grollschwert. This band from Osaka bills itself as a "melodic deathrash metal band." He's at the front and center of the photo below.

(Photo: Grollschwert)

Where did the baby get her metalness? It's in her blood.

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Worn Out Old Car Finds New Use as a Barbecue

Crank up the engine.

Then add meat to the pit.

Note that the spits rotate to provide even cooking throughout the slabs of meat.

The workshop geniuses at Wolks Gruppe Garibaldi in Brazil weren't ready to give up on the old jalopy yet. This Volkswagen Brasilia might not be roadworthy, but it is kitchen-worthy. We salute you, gentlemen.

(Video Link)

-via American Digest

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Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

(Photo: unknown)

It doesn't have to be a snowman. It can be a mutated snowbeast that will destroy our enemies.

Well, it will once I get a grant that can fund one of sufficient size.

Yes, I know: and pass the institutional review board's requirements for radiation usage. There's always one more obstacle in the path of mad science.

-via Pleated Jeans

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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200 Years Ago Today: The Battle of Baltimore and the Star-Spangled Banner

(Photo of fireworks over Ft. Henry by Rich Dennison/The Daily Record)

Today is the bicentennial of a seminal event in the formation of the American national identity. Two hundred years ago today, Americans at Baltimore halted a foreign invasion of their nation while standing beneath a flag that would become known as the Star-Spangled Banner.

This is my third post on the bicentennial of the War of 1812--a war that some historians refer to as America’s second war of independence. Although Britain did not want to completely conquer and rule its rebellious colonies once again, it hoped to reduce America into a shadow of its former self--one that could be more easily coerced and managed from across the Atlantic.

(The burned White House by George Munger, White House Historical Association)

The British grand strategy was to tie down America’s limited military resources on the Eastern seaboard and New Orleans while driving a decisive blow down the Lake Champlain-Hudson River corridor. In August and September of 1814, the British acted on their plan. First, they burned down the capital city of the United States. Then they moved into Lake Champlain in the direction of New York City.

(Major General Robert Ross and Vice Admiral Alexander Cochrane, respectively)

In this post, we depart from the wilderness of northern New York and return to Chesapeake Bay. Major General Robert Ross, the British Army commander, and Admirals Cockburn and Cochrane, had torched Washington, D.C.--an act that both humiliated and enraged Americans. They had hoped that burning the capital would make the American people despair of the struggle and give up the fight.

They were wrong.

(Modern replicas of two War of 1812-era privateers, The Pride of Baltimore and the Lynx, photo by the US Navy)

So Cochrane, as the senior British officer in the theater, had to decide where to strike next. He seriously considered an invasion of Rhode Island. But nearby Baltimore, then one of the largest cities in America, was a more promising target. During the war, it was a major base of operations for American privateers. Approximately 500 captured British merchant vessels had been sailed into its harbor, which is why Cochrane’s subordinate, Admiral Cockburn, described Baltimore as a “nest of pirates.” Destroying Baltimore would do serious harm to the American economy as well as avenge what the British perceived as a grievous wrong perpetrated by the Americans. And after so easily destroying Washington, why not continue their campaign just a bit further north?

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The Cutest Piglet on Vine

Ashley Gonzalez of Miami rescued an adorable little piggy, which she named Iris. Now they're the best of friends and Iris is a Vine celebrity.

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Ark-Like Whales Carry Whole Worlds on Their Backs

From Visual News comes this lovely sculptural series called "DREAMS-ark." There's little information available about the artist, Ruilin Wang, or what he's trying to express. But I think that he's tapping into the myth from many cultures that the entire world lies upon the back of a giant animal moving through the ether. All of the sea and land is just a blanket over a whale, a turtle, or an elephant. In this case, it's whales all the way down.

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Battleship Yamato Model Made with Wine Bottles and Corks

Twitter user @belcorno is perhaps best known for his work as a latte artist. We've previously featured his colorful work in that medium. But over the summer, he embarked on a new artistic journey by creating this model of the World War II-era warship Yamato--the largest battleship ever built--using bottles, corks, kite strings, and toothpicks.

The Yamato is the central figure in a long-running anime franchise called Space Battleship Yamato. In it, the sunken warship is converted into a spaceship and sent into battle against alien invaders.

But because of the cables that @belcorno places between the bow, the stern, and the mast, I suspect that his work specifically refers to the real-life seagoing vessel.

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Edvard Munch's The Scream Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

At one shocking moment, the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch suddenly felt the icy existential horror of the human experience. Then he wrote:

I was walking along the road with two friends
The Sun was setting – the Sky turned blood-red.
And I felt a wave of Sadness – I paused
tired to Death – Above the blue-black
Fjord and City Blood and Flaming tongues hovered
My friends walked on – I stayed
behind – quaking with Angst – I
felt the great Scream in Nature
So I challenge the Mona Lisa and Whistler’s Mother

-via Simon N. Ricketts

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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The Best Cosplay from Dragon Con 2014

Iron Totoro and Hawkeye

A Total Fangirl

The Littlest Nightcrawler

Amy Ratcliffe of Adafruit is at Dragon Con in Atlanta, where she's snapping photos of some really creative and skilled cosplayers. You can see more photos that she's taken here and here.

I adore the Fangirl outfit. That's a fantastic pun.

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Handy Chart: How Much Should You Trust This Doctor?

The rankings on Shea Strauss's chart are not entirely fair. Dr. Pepper, the pride of Waco, Texas, is a perfectly satisfactory physician and a far better art historian than Dr. Zoidberg.

If I knew Doc Brown and The Doctor personally, I'd probably avoid them. A life of profitless adventure? I'll pass.

-via Tastefully Offensive

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How to Change a Roll of Toilet Paper: An Instructional Video

(Video Link)

Will Reid is a devoted and loving father to his teenage children. He's trying to raise them to be independent, self-sufficient adults by teaching them essential life skills. Among those skills is how to change a roll of toilet paper.

What do you do if you run out of toilet paper? Some people simply remain there on the toilet and give up on life. But there's another option: you can get another roll of toilet paper.

Not everyone knows this trick, including Reid's children. So he made this instructional video showing step-by-step how to get a new roll of toilet paper. He's considering also making an advanced-level video showing another helpful technique for toilet paper roll management.

-via Tastefully Offensive

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This Party Is Exhausting!

(Video Link)

Getting tired and bored at a party? Shove a few noisemakers into the tailpipe of a car and rev the engine.

Let's scale this up with vuvuzelas and a tractor trailer engine.

-via Blame It on the Voices

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America's Oldest Intact Warship, The Land Tortoise, Is 256 Years Old

(Photo: Dr. Russ Bellico/Bateaux Below)

That headline requires a bit of unpacking. If you do some math, you'll find that that number gives us an origin of 1758, which is 18 years before the United States came into existence. Also, it's been underwater at the bottom of a lake for those 256 years.

The Land Tortoise is America's oldest intact warship because it's inside the borders of the United States and it remains, despite its two centuries submerged, in one piece.

(Image: Tom Bacig, University of Minnesota at Duluth)

The Land Tortoise is located at the bottom of Lake George, a lake in New York that is 32 miles long and 3 miles wide. You might think that an enclosed lake is a strange place to build and launch a warship, but it wasn't in 1758.

At that time, the colonies that would become the United States were still loyal to the British Crown. Lake George formed part of the vague frontier between British and French-claimed lands in North America.

During the French and Indian War, which is what the Seven Years' War is called in North America, the British tried to capture the French-held Fort Carillon, a site later known as Fort Ticonderoga. Fort Carillon lay at the southern end of Lake Champlain and near the northern end of Lake George. In preparation for this battle, the British built a flotilla of oar-propelled vessels.

Among them was a ship known as the Land Tortoise. It was 52 feet long and 18 feet wide. The ship had stout, sloped wooden walls that the designers hoped would deflect musket and cannon fire. There were 7 gunports cut into the walls for cannons that would fire 24-pound balls.

Although the Land Tortoise was far from seaworthy, it was quite capable of moving through the lake, providing support for British troops assaulting Fort Carillon.

The British attack force outnumbered the French 5 to 1, but the French prevailed that day and held Fort Carillon. Fearing that their position on Lake George was untenable, the British decided to temporarily retreat from the region. So they sunk their radeaus, including the Land Tortoise. They planned to raise the ships and put them back into action later, when they had a larger army in the area.

The next year, in 1759, the British routed the French in three different theaters of the war, including the Lake Champlain-Lake George valley. They did not need the Land Tortoise for this task, which remained at the bottom of the lake.

(Video Link)

The Land Tortoise rested there, forgotten, for two centuries. Then, in the 1960s, underwater archaeologists began exploring Lake George and its roughly 200 shipwrecks. A sonar team confirmed the location of the Land Tortoise in 1990. The ship is in remarkably good condition. The hull is solid and the wood well preserved. It's a unique time capsule showing colonial life and naval warfare.

(Image: The Lost Radeau)

Underwater archaeologists Russ Bellico and Joe Zarzynski made a 57-minute documentary about the ship called The Lost Radeau: America's Oldest Intact Warship. The trailer for it is embedded above.

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Pay Japan's Apology Agencies When You Can't Bring Yourself to Say "I'm Sorry"

(Photo: Rocket News 24)

Let's admit that mistakes were made. We both made some inadequate choices, said words that were best left unspoken, and pantsed people in public when it would have been optimal not to do so.

Is that enough, Alex? Can't you just let it go?

Apparently not. But if I lived in Japan, I'd have another option. Rocket News 24 reports that in that country, there are companies that will issue apologies to people you've offended so that you don't have to do it yourself. It's outsourcing humility.

A face-to-face apology may cost $240 each or $33 per hour for an extended interaction, depending on which company you use. It costs extra to have your stand-in cry or provide other emotional effects while apologizing. You can read more about this industry here.

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Dog Saves Little Boy from Swarm of Bees

(Photo: KPTV)

Pictured above is eight-year old Jesse-Cole Shaver and his hero, a pit bull named Hades. Last Tuesday, Jesse-Cole and his friends were playing in the woods near his home in Oregon City, Oregon. One child stepped through a log, breaking into a beehive. The bees swarmed and attacked the children.

The kids fled, but Jesse-Cole was struggling to make it up the hill to safety. So Hades leaped into action, dragging Jesse-Cole by his pants up the hill and away from the bees.

The bees stung Jesse-Cole 24 times. His mother took him to the hospital, which released him after a few hours. Thankfully, Jesse-Cole wasn't seriously injured--all thanks to his loyal dog.

-via Huffington Post

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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