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Rings That Contain Miniature Scenes

Isabell Kiefhaber, an artist in Germany, makes tiny miniature scenes of animals and people at play inside rings. You can see more on Etsy or her own website. She takes custom orders for any ring size if you give her about 2 to 3 weeks to work.

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New T-Shirts from the NeatoShop:

Imagine a Future Where You Can Literally Own a Piece of Celebrity Skin

(Photo: David Shankbone)

Wait, wait--don't close your browser window yet! Hear me out.

Someday, it may be possible to own a handbag made from Kim Kardashian's own skin--all without harming Kardashian herself.

It's feasible to grow human skin in laboratory settings. In fact, the cosmetics brand L'Oreal already produces 54 square feet of human skin every year. So it's within the realm of possibility to produce on a large scale skin from a specific person's genetic sample. If you'd like a very personal memento of your favorite celebrity, you could have one. Designer Tina Gorjanc considered this possibility for a master's degree project. Ecouterre quotes her:

“Major fashion and cosmetic companies have already signed research collaboration agreement with bioengineering institutes,” Gorjanc said. “Those collaborations are enabling the development of existing skin technologies that were firstly designed for specific medical problems and applying them to commercial products targeting the enhancement of normal human functions.”

Her work is entirely speculative, of course. Yet it also raises the issue that bioengineering technologies are advancing faster than legislation can govern. […]

By envisioning a range of commercial products cultivated from an individual’s skin cells, Gorjanc wanted to show how deficiencies concerning the protection of genetic information can “shape a whole new luxury market.”

Pure Human, as she’s dubbed the work, is a critique of corporations and the terrible ease one person can gain ownership of another’s DNA.

-via Inhabitat

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New Procedure Allows Kidney Transplants from Any Donor

About 100,000 people in the USA are currently waiting for kidney transplants. The right donor kidney has to come along for a transplant to work. About 50% of patients have a great deal of difficulty receiving a transplant and about 20% have such sensitive immune systems that finding a matching kidney is almost impossible.

But that may change. According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers have found a way to change the immune system of a transplant patient so that it can accept any donor kidney.

This treatment filters a patient's own antibodies out of his blood, then replaces it with different antibodies. Gina Kolata explains at the New York Times:

Desensitization involves first filtering the antibodies out of a patient’s blood. The patient is then given an infusion of other antibodies to provide some protection while the immune system regenerates its own antibodies. For some reason — exactly why is not known — the person’s regenerated antibodies are less likely to attack the new organ, Dr. Segev said. But if the person’s regenerated natural antibodies are still a concern, the patient is treated with drugs that destroy any white blood cells that might make antibodies that would attack the new kidney.

-via Debby Witt | Image: Holly Fischer

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Cat Surfs on a Dog

Didga the cat, who is a superstar in the skateboarding world, now takes up another ride in this GoPro video. She climbs on the back of Ice, the dog in her family, and goes for a ride. Ice ferries her across the pool.

(Video Link)

Ice, don't be surprised if she scratches you while halfway across the pool. After all, it's her nature.

-via Gifsboom

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Anime Gravestone

When your descendants relatives visit your final resting place for generations, they will find it among the other graves by the mark of your waifu. In this case, it's a veritable harem of waifu forming the cast of Love Live!, an enormously popular anime series about high school girls who form an idol singing group in order to save their school from being closed.

Twitter user @t_hide is a stone engraver. He has recently turned his craft to inscribing Love Live! characters on stone and glass. He does incredibly precise work that will make an anime fan the envy of every other resident of a cemetery. You can see more photos of his work at Rocket News 24.

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How 6 Iconic Sounds of Star Wars Were Created

(Video Link)

When George Lucas began working on Star Wars, he approached Ben Burtt, a former classmate at the University of Southern California, for help. Burtt, a professional sound designer, knew how sound effects could subtly shape a story and make a fantasy universe seem real.

Burtt developed the sounds of Star Wars that are now instantly recognizable, including that of the lightsaber, the TIE fighter engine, Darth Vader's breathing, blasters, and R2-D2's beeps and chirps. This task involved a surprising amount of work. For example, to prepare Chewbacca's voice, Burtt recorded several different animals at optimal times and then combined their intonations:

"Mostly bears, with a dash of walrus, dog, and lion thrown in," Burtt once said simply when asked how he found the sounds to create the character of Chewbacca's voice. But it took some doing: Burtt would travel to oceanariums on the off chance that their walruses would give him just the right sound. As he would later recall about visiting Long Beach's Marineland of the Pacific, which closed down in 1987, "Its pool had been drained for cleaning—the walrus was stranded at the bottom, moaning—and that was the sound!"

You can learn more about 6 iconic Star Wars sound effects at Popular Mechanics.

-via Jonah Goldberg

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During World War II, Canada Gave These Badges to People Who Tried to Volunteer, But Were Rejected for Medical Reasons

When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, Canada leaped to defend the freedom of Europe and declared war. Its citizens raced to enlist in the armed forces to contribute to the effort.

Many of them were rejected because they had medical problems that prevented them from serving effectively. This was a source of disappointment to many and embarrassment to some as they faced public shaming by ignorant fellow citizens who thought that they should be in uniform.

So the Canadian government created a badge that these men could wear to deter their critics. It was a silver or rhodium plated badge that said in either English or French "Applicant for Enlistment - Canada." It affirmed that the person had tried to enlist, but was rejected through no fault of his own. Veterans Affairs Canada quotes the Order in Council that created it:

Persons who have voluntarily declared their unqualified willingness to serve in and beyond Canada in the Military Forces of Canada, and who are refused enlistment by reason of their not possessing, due to no faults of their own, the necessary qualifications then required for enlistment in the Naval, Army and Air Forces of Canada.

-via reddit | Image: Veterans Affairs Canada

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Computer Programmers' Facial Hair Quantified

The computer programmer has a beard. This is obvious. Programmers need beards to succeed.

But data gathered and analyzed by Trestle Technology indicates that the picture is more complex than that. Different types of facial hair correlate with particular programming languages. You can see more charts here, including displays on mustaches, age, gender, and how likely programmers of particular languages are smiling.

-via Nerdcore

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The Endless Pancake Machine Is the Greatest Engineering Accomplishment in Human History

(Video Link

This is not an automatic pancake maker, you can sometimes see in high-end hotels. When the inventors say "endless," that's exactly what they mean. Hypothetically, this machine could make a single elongated pancake indefinitely.

This South African invention consists of a hopper that pours pancake batter over two wheel-shaped pans that are heated from the inside with a gas-fed fire. The wheels spin continously, frying the batter, then pouring the cooked pancake out the front.

The above video shows a special version of the machine that was constructed for a world record attempt. It made a pancake 482 feet long!

-via Hack A Day

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Amazing Video: Ice Bridge Collapses

The Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina stretches over a lake. Every few years, the icy connection over the water narrows, forming a distinct bridge. Then it collapses in spectacular fashion. This time the event was caught on camera. You can watch the complete video on YouTube. explains why this event happens:

The phenomenon, which is not linked to climate change, is due to Archimedes's principle, which holds that the buoyant force exerted on a body immersed in fluid is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced, explained Glaciarium, a research center and glacier museum in the Argentine Patagonia region.

"When that force causes the ice to detach from the shore, water begins filtering through and the process of breakdown begins, which is irreversible," said Glaciarium.

-via Gizmodo

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Giant Leech Swallowing a Worm Whole

(Video Link)

Are you hungry? You sure will be after watching the preparation and consumption of this filling meal! The BBC program Wonders of the Monsoon showed a Giant Red Leech swallowing a blue worm longer than itself.

That's right: the filmmakers estimate that the leech was 50 cm and the worm 70 cm long. The leech started at one end and started sucking down the worm like it was a thick strand of spaghetti.

This incident took place at Mount Kinabalu on the island of Borneo. The filmmakers had to wait for weeks for the rains to get heavy enough to draw the reclusive leeches out into the open. But as you can see, the wait was worth the reward. Yummy!


We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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The World's Oldest Living Man is a Holocaust Survivor

(Photo: Guinness World Records)

Israel Kristal, age 112, is alive. That is an enormous accomplishment, considering what he's been through.

He now lives comfortably in Haifa, Israel. But he started out his life in Poland, then was separated from his family during World War I. Afterward, he worked as a confectioner in Lodz.

Then the Nazis came. In 1944, they imprisoned Kristal and his wife in Auschwitz, where he became a slave laborer. Kristal's wife did not survive.

When liberated by the Allies a year later, Kristal weighed only 82 pounds. He was the only survivor of the Holocaust from his entire family. Even his children were killed.

Kristal immigrated to Israel, married again, and had a son. Now at 112, Guinness World Records has certified him as the oldest living man.

-via Kevin D. Williamson, who says:

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Artist Paints Landscapes on Plates That Blend into Their Subjects

Jacqueline Poirier is an artist in Toronto. She paints with porcelain paint on porcelain plates. She often then photographs her plates against their original subjects. On Instagram she calls herself The Crazy Plate Lady.

Poirier is now the artist-in-residence at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Toronto, where her work is on permanent display. That's an impressive promotion because she originally started as a server. In an interview with The Chic Canuck, Poirier explained:

I was hired at The Ritz-Carlton in Toronto as a server approximately 3.5 years ago. My manager at the time had come to see me paint at Art Battle and was impressed with my work. He came up with the concept of painting on a couple of the beautiful white charger plates we had in the restaurant. The painted plates ended up looking really nice on the tables so I just went with it! I received really great feedback from guests at the restaurant, realizing that I could potentially sell my custom designs. I ended up painting over 120 plates in about 2 months (all unique and completely different images). They're now a signature part of TOCA restaurant. From TOCA I have been able to start up my own “Plart” business, creating custom designed plates for all sorts of occasions.

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Fox Steals Golfer's Wallet

(Video Link)

We've seen foxes steal golf balls before. It's good sport, but foxes can't use golf balls to pay rent and gambling debts. So this fox at the County Louth Golf Club in Baltray, Ireland sneaked up to a golfer's bag, grabbed his wallet, and took off running.

The owner gave chase and the fox had to drop the wallet to escape. Of course, it would be a good idea to check the contents. A skilled pickpocket may pocket the cash while dropping the actual wallet in order to convince a victim to stop chasing him.

Swiper, no swiping!

Content warning for the video: foul language.

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Cat Envies Hamster's Exercise Wheel, Makes Her Own

Rocket News 24 reports that Twitter user @pyonpyon_chang's cat likes to sit atop her hamster's cage and watch the rodent spin around in his exercise wheel. The cat was envious of this toy.

So he found one used by the humans for less productive purposes and got right to work:

What a smart cat!

-via Pleated Jeans

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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The United Repositioned States

(xkcd/Randall Munroe)

This isn't the a map of the states redrawn to have equal populations or area. Rather, Randall Munroe simply re-arranged the current states so that, even when placed in different locations, they still form the general outline of the 48 contiguous states.

This is a great idea and we should immediately implement it.

-via VA Viper

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Robber Pulls Gun on Taxi Driver Just as Cop Pulls up Behind Him

(Photo: Reading Metro)

From the robber's perspective, the timing couldn't have been worse. The suspect got into a cab in Reading, Pennsylvania. Then he pulled a gun out on the driver and demanded his money.

At that moment, by sheer coincidence, a Berks County Sheriff's deputy pulled up behind the taxi.

(YouTube link)

The robber noticed and decided it was time to leave. This got the attention of Deputy Terry Ely, who drew his own sidearm and arrested the robber. He has been charged with robbery and making terroristic threats.

-via Robb Allen

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Serious News Broadcast Interrupted by Dog on a Riding Lawnmower

(Video Link)

A news crew from KYTX CBS 19 News went out to survey and report on the damage caused by a tornado in Malakoff, Texas. Reporter Andrea Martinez was ready to deliver a solemn report when she was interrupted by a hilarious sight: a Labrador sitting on a riding lawnmower (auto-start video).

The station later reported that he charges $30 per hour for lawn service. Sorry, but that's why I had kids.

-via Lost at E Minor

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Documenting the Pizzerias of New York City

For five years, six men journeyed through the wilds of New York City to document the experience of the city's most iconic eatery: the humble neighborhood pizzeria. They photographed the shops, the chefs, and the customers who make up these bastions of fine food. The result of their labors is a 192-page coffee table photo book called The New York Pizza Project.

Why is it important? Betty, a regular customer at My Little Pizzeria in Brooklyn Heights explains:

It strikes me that pizzerias are sort of like the old malt shops  - what I see about malt shops in the movies. People go and hangout and—because I'll see teenagers all come in and they each get a slice—and I think the slices probably weigh more than the girls do. And they sit in the back and they decompress from the day, and uh, it’s just a—oh, I don’t know... it’s sort of a community thing. There aren’t that many of those around anymore. You have to set them up for old people, the senior centers, and you set up the day cares and the play dates for children, but for everybody between the ages of five and under the age of 60, you gotta fend for yourselves, or find a pizza place.

Browse more experiences with photos, audio, and interviews at the New York Pizza Project.

-via Messy Ness Chic

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An Amazing Transforming Desk from the 1800s

From 1728 to 1878, the Socci family of Ponte a Ema, a small town south of Florence, Italy, produced the finest furniture in Europe. Their clients expected the best and got it, including this desk now owned by the Louvre in Paris. It's one of four known examples of this remarkable design.

The whole unit folds away into a small table. Then, when needed, it expands with a built-in chair, writing desk, drawers, and leaves. You can see more photos of it and the other surviving models at Clostermann Antiques.

-via Core 77

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Can You Find the Dog Hidden on This Bed?

Imgur member i4got2pinthecrystals took this photo of her dog, who knows that she's not allowed on the bed. But "She thinks if she sits really still, i won't see her." And with good reason! The dog is a trained ninja who can disappear in front of your eyes.

But you don't have to worry. If she wanted you dead, you already would be.

-via Lost at E Minor

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Baby Human and Baby Jaguar Having Breakfast

(Video Link)

Bella is an 8-month old human. Juma is a 1-month old jaguar. They're friends thanks to Bella's father, Airton Katsuyama. He rescues wild animals in Góias, a state in central Brazil. He's always let his daughters live closely with these rescued animals, including Juma.

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath

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Actual Job: Wine Librarian

(Photo: Ralf Smallkaa)

On Wednesday, I wrote about the cheese librarian position open at the American Cheese Society. This was the subject of much discussion on librarian Twitter. Some librarians mentioned that there is a wine librarian position open in California, which of course got me very excited.

The job posting is a sight to behold! Calling the American Cheese Society position a cheese librarian was a bit of a stretch since the job title is Content Manager and an MLS degree is preferred, but not mandatory.

But the wine librarian position is a straight up librarian gig of the highest order. The Sonoma County Library in California is a public library system that serves wine country. This Librarian III position is a highly specialized job that focuses on the needs of the winemaking communities in the area:

As a special library within a public library setting, the Wine Library serves wine industry professionals and wine enthusiasts with aplomb. With collections and services in business and technical resources, rare books portraying the global history of wine, oral  histories and archival information detailing the history of wine in the North Coast region, as well as a comprehensive trove of resources spanning every related subject from growing grapes to pairing wine with anything you might think of, the Wine Library is an indispensable resource for drinkers, aspiring home winemakers, viticulturists, picking crews, hospitality professionals, and corporate business partners alike.

A branch manager is currently filling in as wine librarian. So he needs help. I am not qualified for this position yet. But I will begin drinking heavily so that I can become qualified as soon as possible.

-via @kclayb

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Every Year, This Penguin Swims 5,000 Miles to Visit the Man Who Saved His Life

(Photo: Globo TV)

5 years ago, Joao Pereira de Souza, 71, of Brazil found a penguin lying on the beach near his home near Rio de Janeiro. He was covered with oil and severely malnourished. So de Souza took him home, cleaned his feathers, and nursed him back to health. He named his new penguin friend Dindim.

After Dindim had recovered, de Souza took him back out to the beach to let him go. The penguin swam away. Then, a few months later, he came back! Now Dindim swims about 5,000 miles every year from his habitat on the southern tip of South America to spend time with de Souza. The Daily Mail reports:

He was astonished when, just a few months later, the penguin returned to the island where he recognised Mr de Souza and returned home with him.

Now, Dindim spends eight months of the year with Mr de Souza and spends the rest of his time breeding off the coast of Argentina and Chile. […]

'But he wouldn't leave, he stayed with me for 11 months and then just after he changed his coat with new feathers he disappeared,' recalled the retired builder. 'Everyone said he wouldn't return but he has been coming back to visit me for the past four years.

'He arrives in June and leaves to go home in February and every year he becomes more affectionate as he appears even happier to see me.'

(Video Link)

-via Jackie Rivera and Marilyn Bellamy

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The Surprising Resurgence of Riding Side Saddle

(Photo: John Harwood)

The story goes that in 1382, Princess Anne of Bohemia rode across Europe to meet and marry King Richard II of England. She rode on a special saddle designed to protect her hymen from being ruptured, which might take place if she rode for an extended period of time astride her horse.

This saddle was the side saddle: a chair-like saddle that permits a woman to ride a horse while wearing a long skirt. Some noblewomen developed the concept into a refined and fairly practical design. Ella Morton writes at Atlas Obscura:

In the 16th century, Catherine de' Medici pioneered a more practical, manageable side saddle design. It used a stirrup rather than a footrest, placed the rider facing forward, and secured the right leg with a pommel. This design allowed the rider to control her own horse, and made her less likely to fall off—but was still less stable than riding astride.

Further innovations, such as a second pommel at the top of the left thigh, gave riders additional stability. The practice of riding side saddle peaked during the 1930s. Thereafter, women riders tended to prefer to just wear pants and sit astride their horses on conventional saddles.

Yet, surprisingly, side saddle riding is making a comeback. In the US, the International Side Saddle Organization (ISSO) is among its proponents. It helps guide standards and practices for equestrian competition while riding side saddle:

Side saddle today comes in many guises. Some riders compete in equestrian events that have strict rules regarding dress, behavior, and appearance. If you want to enter a Hunter Class event in the U.S., for instance, the United States Equestrian Federation requires you to adhere to a lengthy list of guidelines. Your gold tie pin must sit horizontally rather than vertically, your coat buttons must be "black bone," and, in accordance with traditional hunting equipment, you need to carry a sandwich case and flask on your person. Not only that, the sandwich case "must contain a sandwich, wrapped, and flask must contain sherry or tea.”

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Puppy or Bagel?

They're both delicious, but only one goes well when sliced in half and covered with cream cheese.

Karen Zach, an artist in Portland and Seattle, likes to make optical illusions by stacking similar forms close together. In addition to these yummy puppies, she's also recently matched labradoodles and fried chicken as well as ducklings and plantains.

-via Foodiggity

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This Incredible Chair Was Carved from a Single Tree Stump

In 2014, artist Alex Johnson took a single brown oak tree stump and shaped it into this magnificent chair. It's called the Glenham I. It is a swirl of seemingly moving curls carved into the rigid wood. He unveiled it at the Alde Valley Spring Festival in eastern England. You can see more photos here.

-via Twisted Sifter

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Edible Cup Is Made of Squid Meat

(Photo: Gigazine)

It's a completely consumable drinking vessel. Rocket News 24 reports that Fujiyahonten, a specialty seafood shop in Hokkaido, Japan, offers this unique goblet made entirely of squid meat. It's ideal for drinking warm sake.

Once you're done with your alcohol, then you can heat the cup over an open flame, baking it into a crispy form. Then you can cut it into smaller sections and eat it. Yummy!

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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How to Care for Your Pet Human

(Candy Rocket/Jason Aloisi)

Giving your child a pet is a great way to teach him responsibility. The child must become disciplined enough to study how to care for the animal and to consistently provide that care.

Not every child is up to that task. But don't worry. There are always more humans. In fact, there's one planet that almost crawling with them. Of course, those are wild humans. They have different temperaments than those in pet shops.

-via reddit

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Beautiful Animal Drawings Made with Multicolored Dots

Ana Enshina, an artist in London, offers vibrant pictures of wildlife with tiny dots. She selects the size and color of each to create vivid drawings that look like they're ready to leap out of an alternate reality. You can see more of her work at her Behance, Etsy, and Instagram pages.

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