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How to Free a Rattlesnake Trapped in a Net without Dying

(Video Link)

My rule is to kill on sight any venomous snake if I can safely do so, but WildCare Bay Area in San Rafael, California takes a different approach. The staff met a rattlesnake that had become trapped in a plastic mesh. It was unable to free itself, so they restrained its head, then cut away the plastic net.

One of their more challenging tasks was to remove some of the plastic from the snake's mouth as it tried to bite them.

-via Huffington Post

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Hero Teaches Ill-Mannered Brat and His Mother a Delightful Lesson

(Photo: Foodspotting)

Redditor thr111 performed a great public service while he purchased lunch at a Burger King. Although he has deleted the text, much of it remains at Consumerist. He purchased every apple pie at the restaurant to punish a rude child who wanted one. Harken to his tale of justice:

“When behind me comes this woman yapping on her cellphone with a little monster of a child,” he writes. “This kid was out of control, screaming, punching his mother throwing around a gameboy whenever something didn’t go right in the game.”

He says the mom paid more attention to her phone than to her kid, who was screaming about how much he wanted an apple pie.

The customer says his already bad headache got worse and so he asked the mother nicely to quiet her kid down.

“Immediately she gets up in my face telling me I can’t tell her nothing about raising her child and to mind my own business,” recalls the customer, who says the mom rubbed it in by calling her kid “sweety” and assuring him that he’d get his pie.

By the time the customer got to the front of the line, he says he could only think about how the loudmouthed brat and his mom had spoiled this little trip to BK.

“I then decide to ruin their day,” explains the customer who ordered all 23 pies the store had in stock.

“I take my order and walk towards the exit,” he recounts. “Moments later I hear the woman yelling, ‘What do you mean you don’t have any pies left, who bought them all?’ I turn around and see the cashier pointing me out with the woman shooting me a death glare.”

As the father of two young children, I have great sympathy for the parents of children who misbehave in public. But parents must act to either change the behavior or remove the children. That's the only way you get pie.

-via Iowahawk

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Prancercise 2: The Second One

(Video Link)

"Why settle for mediocrity, when you can Prancercise your way to ecstasy?" Once again, Joanna Rohrback uses rhyming couplets to make the case for her now-famous exercise program. It was an internet sensation in early summer. Even Thor got into it!

Rohrback's exercise program is inspired by the movement of horses. So to demonstrate its clear excellence as a fitness activity, she performed it with a partner in a field with horses. Now put on some tights and go find a horse farm. Or, if you live in an area without horses, try a public library. Then get Prancercising!

-via Nerdcore

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Ingenious Chef Combines Pizza and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Now it seems obvious: all pizzas should be cooked with a layer of chocolate chip cookie on top. But in the dark times that preceded Michael J. Hudson's discovery, we did not have such marvels.

It all began when the DiGiorno's brand began packaging its frozen pizzas with tubes of chocolate chip cookie dough. Like Bell with the telephone or the Wright brothers with the airplane, Hudson saw possibilities where others did not: the cookies and the pizza need not be baked separately.

Thank you, Mr. Hudson, our modern Prometheus. You have given humanity a great and delicious gift.

-via That's Nerdalicious!

We dish up more neat food posts at the Neatolicious blog

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Adorable Toddler Plays Peekaboo with Herself

(Video Link)

The daughter of Aaron Engler found a new friend--her own reflection! Watch this cute little girl pop up and down, catching herself in the window.

-via Huffington Post

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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The Great Hare

This is The Great Hare, a sculpture by Canadian artist Mary Catherine Newcomb. She made the 15-foot long structure from turf that she grew over shaped mounds of compost and soil. It was on public display in 2011 at the Cambridge Sculpture Garden for CAFKA, an art show in the Kitchener, Ontario area. She also made an 8-foot long indoor version in 2012.

Because of its construction, The Great Hare is, in a sense, a living object. In an interview, Newcomb described the creative process:

The process of making the Great Hare (my most recent piece) relates to the fibre arts in a specific way. The turf blanket is cut and sewn onto parts of a supporting frame so that it can grow into the supporting soil. As the grass grew, I would comb it and give the piece "haircuts".

-via Colossal

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5-Year Old Incumbent Mayor Loses Election to 16-Year Old Tourist

(Photo: AP)

Dorset is a small town in the middle of Minnesota. It has an informal, ceremonial government headed by a mayor, which is elected every year. When he was 3 years old, Bobby Tufts was elected to that position. The next year, he was re-elected. Bobby is a popular mayor, but he just lost his bid for a third term in that office.

Perhaps that's because in that town, you can literally buy votes. The election is actually a raffle. Each vote costs $1. The proceeds of the election fund a local festival.

Eric Mueller, a carpetbagger, won the election. He doesn't even live in Dorset, but in Mendota Heights. His family takes vacations in the area, so Mueller decided to run for mayor.

Bobby is taking the loss in stride. He had planned to run for President of the United States in 2048. He may still do so, but right now he's backing his 2-year old brother, James, for next mayoral race.

-via The Mary Sue

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Once It Was a Prison. Now It's a Beach.

Murru Prison was a Soviet prison and forced labor camp on Lake Rummu in Estonia. The Soviet Union sent its enemies there to toil in the open-air quarry. But it is no longer an icon of tyranny. It's a pleasant beach and swimming hole where people while away their idle time. This footage shot by XL Studios shows happy people at play on the water and the ruins of the prison, which now serve as diving platforms.

(Video Link)

(Video Link)

The crystal blue waters are also a good place to go scuba diving. Much of the prison is now submerged in the water, giving divers plenty of places to explore

-via Nerdcore

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Commuters Push Train off a Man Trapped against the Platform

(Photo: @nicolastaylor)

Yesterday, a man in Perth, Australia was boarding a train when he slipped and his leg became wedged between the train and the platform. He couldn't get out on his own. Other passengers tried to lift him up, but he was stuck.

So a crowd gathered around the train. On a signal, they all pushed the train until it tilted enough to free the man. David Hynes, a spokesman for the public transportation agency, described the incident to ABC News:

"We alerted the driver, made sure the train didn't move.

"Then our staff who were there at the time got the passengers, and there were lots of them, off the train, and organised them to sort of rock, tilt the train backwards away from the platform so they were able to get him out and rescue him."

The rescued man escaped the incident without any serious injuries--thanks to his new friends. You can watch the dramatic rescue in the video embedded below.

(Video Link)

-via 22 Words

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Popcorn-Covered Volkswagen

CORRECTION 8/11/14: I completely misread Schroeder's post. Lucas Danehl, an artist in Braunschweig, Germany, made this car. Schroeder just photographed it. My apologies to Mr. Danehl for misattributing his work.

Jacob Aaron Schroeder, an artist in Minneapolis, covered an old Volkswagen in popcorn and displayed it at the Braunschweig University of Art in Braunschweig, Germany. For Schroeder, food is not just sustenance, but a form that can be expressed with other materials, as you can see from his paintings designed to look like cakes.

-via Lustik

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Watch Floodwaters Suddenly Sweep Away Huge Rocks

(Video Link)

Last week, rain poured into the already-drenched Emmental region of Switzerland. The water flowed over the saturated ground into the Emme River, which ruptured in torrential floods. It gets this bad only once every 300 years.

You can get a sense of the force at work in this video, which shows a tiny stream suddenly erupting in waters so strong that they easily push huge rocks downstream.

(Video Link)

Of course, the appropriate reaction to an event like this is to go surfing, which is precisely what these two men did in the raging waters.

-via The Presurfer

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Thanks a Lot, Brain. You're a Big Help.

(The Awkward Yeti/Nick Seluk)

Lars, the Awkward Yeti, should count himself lucky. My brain would wait until the middle of the interview during a difficult question before reminding me of that incident.

Your brain has already demonstrated that it's trying to sabotage the job interview. Your best bet is to not use it at all tomorrow.

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Clever Jaws Hobo Nickel

I like Amy Armstrong's novel hobo nickel design that mimics the famous movie poster for Jaws. The shark has already had a meal, but he's ready for more.

-via Hobo Nickel Art

View more fun pics over at our NeatoPicto Blog

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Mechanical My Little Pony Kiddie Ride

This joyful fellow straddles Iron Hoof, a mechanical pony ride that supports up to 286 pounds of brony for a variable 3-speed ride. It plays music and operates on 220 volts. It's built over a welded steel frame and features a real saddle. Iron Hoof also has 2 coin slots, just like a real storefront kiddie ride.

DeviantART members Markus K., Saer Fallensun, Snow Chetah, and irgendeinwolf built this marvel for GalaCon 2014, a brony convention in Ludwigsburg, Germany this past weekend. It's currently for sale, so go get your wallets!

(Video Link)

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Artist Creates Miniature Dioramas Every Day of the Year

Every day, Tanaka Tatsuya uses everyday objects and miniatures to create dioramas. It’s a constant creative process that has obviously stimulated his imagination in excellent ways.

Since it is a daily activity, the artist refers to the project as the Miniature Calendar. You can see all of the photos in the series on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

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Tortoise Learns How to Use a Touch-Screen

Red-footed tortoises are often household pets. If you own one, you may have to share your tablet computer or smartphone with it from now on. With the right training, they can operate touch-screen interfaces. Researchers led by Dr. Anna Wilkinson of the University of Lincoln (UK) created a touch-screen activity that red-footed tortoises were able to understand. Laura Geggel writes:

The tortoises, which are native to Central and South America, don't have a hippocampus, an area of the brain associated with learning, memory and spatial navigation, Wilkinson said. Instead, red-footed tortoises may rely on an area of the brain called the medial cortex, an area associated with complex cognitive behavior and decision making in people. To understand how tortoises learn, the researchers tested how the reptiles relied on cues to get around.

Wilkinson's colleagues at the University of Vienna gave the tortoises treats when the reptiles looked at, approached and then pecked on the screen.

The four red-footed tortoises in the study learned how to use touch screens fairly quickly, Wilkinson said.

"It's comparable to the speed with which the pigeons and rats do it," Wilkinson told Live Science. "I've trained dogs to use a touch screen and I'd say the tortoises are faster."

(Video Link)

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath

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Circadian Rhythms

(John McNamee/Pie Comic)

No, you must be mistaken. "Rested" is just a myth, like the Loch Ness Monster or North Dakota. If you feel rested, that's just your body telling you that you're lazy and you must immediately work on something--anything--until you no longer feel that way. If necessary, invent a chore for yourself.

-via Tastefully Offensive

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Sesame Street Spoofs Comic-Con

(Video Link)

There's no shame is missing this year's San Diego Comic-Con because it had serious competition: Sesame Street conducted its first Numeric Con. All the Muppets and humans came together to share their love of numbers and cosplay as their favorite characters. The Fourth Doctor, Batman, Princess Leia, Beast, Wolverine, Captain Kirk, Princess Bubblegum, and Comic Book Guy all made appearances.

-via William Shatner

Love cute animals? View more at Lifestyles of the Cute and Cuddly blog

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Body Paintings Blend into New York City

(Photo: Trina Merry)

Trina Merry is a master body painter. We've previously seen her build a motorcycle and a temple of painted human bodies. Her latest project similarly conceals the body, but this time camouflaged into the scenery of New York City.

Merry recently moved there from San Francisco. She wanted to get to know her new home, so she painted models into famous landmarks, such as the above photo of the Manhattan Bridge. Model Jessica Mellow wore a bikini bottom and shoes as Merry painted her for several hours. You can see more photos from the series here. Content warning: artistic nudity.

-via Lustik

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The World's Cutest Sword Fight

(Video Link)

It's like the tots in their first judo or taekwondo matches, except now they have swords and armor. Place your bets, please.

Honestly, I was skeptical of Tyrion's choice of a champion, but I see that it's working out better than I feared.

-via Fashionably Geek

See more about baby and kids at NeatoBambino

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Furniture Designs Based on Traditional Mexican Masks

Ana Jimenez is a Mexican furniture and product designer in London. Her series entitled "Los Enmascarados" consists of five pieces of household furniture designed to reflect traditional Mexican masks. These masks represent archetypes that appear in folk theater and festivals. For example, pictured above is The Double Face--a mix of good and evil present in one individual.

The Drunk Lady

The Devil

The Buffoon

The Old Man

-via Dornob

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Defend Your Dissertation

(Randall Munroe/xkcd)

Pro tip for graduate students: members of your thesis committee cannot discover the flaws in your methodology or your questionable conclusions if they're running for their lives.*

*Do not actually do this. At this point in your program, it may look like a reasonable idea. That is only because you are not in your right mind. Leave the sword at home.

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French Hospital Will Open a Wine Bar

(Photo: Martin Krolikowski)

The great French scientist Louis Pasteur said, "Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages." That may not be current medical science, but the French have taken it to heart. A hospital in south central France plans to open an in-house bar for wine tasting by patients in palliative care. The Local reports:

Sipping wine may not be a traditional method of treatment for patients who are terminally ill but according to Dr Virginie Guastella, the head of the hospital unit who proposed the idea, it can help them and their loved ones to relax and converse.

“A situation can be palliative for several weeks or even several months and it’s because life is so precious and real until the end that we decided to cultivate all that is fine and good,” Dr Guastella told The Local.

“It’s a way of rethinking the care of others, taking into account their feelings and emotions that make them a human being.”

The wine bar project was launched, she said, "in an attempt to restore longing, taste, desire and even pleasure.”


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Amazing! Scientists Recover Sound by Analyzing Tiny Vibrations in Solid Objects

When sound waves hit an object, they cause that object to move. Those movements are so tiny that we usually can't see them, let alone understand them as information. But researchers at MIT developed a means to translate those vibrations into sound.

As a demonstration, they pointed a camera through a window at a bag of potato chips. Then, perhaps as a reference to the earliest sound recordings, they played Mary Had a Little Lamb. The camera recorded the movement of the bag. A computer program analyzed that footage and reconstructed a clear performance of the song.

In fact, the reconstructions that the team made were so clear that they were understandable by a song recognition app. It's amazing! And also kind of scary.

(Video Link)

-via Twisted Sifter

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Taylor Swift Sings and Dances with a 6-Year Old Cancer Patient

(Video Link)

Jordan Lee Nickerson, 6, is a patient at Boston Children's Hospital, where he's receiving chemotherapy for leukemia. Yesterday, pop singer Taylor Swift visited him. She brought along her guitar and offered to sing any song that he'd  like to hear. In this simply charming video, they chat about music and Spider-Man before singing Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

Swift usually doesn't publicize this work, but Jordan's parents are very active on social media. Thanks to their video and photos posted on Facebook, everyone is getting to see the fun that Jordan and Swift shared.

-via Huffington Post

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Study: You're Most Popular at the Age of 29

(Image: NBC)

How many friends to you have? And by that I don't mean how many people follow you on Facebook. Rather, how many people are in your monkeysphere? How many people outside of your family do you care about and care about you?

According to a recent study, that number peaks at about 80 people and roughly at the age of 29. That's the result of a survey of 1,505 Britons. Among those surveyed, the average person has 64 friends, meeting most of them at work.

The age of 29 is the sweet spot between old relationships from school and new relationships at work. The Independent reports:

The reason for this is because we apparently share the strains of working in high-pressured environments and spend more hours in the office than ever before.

The data also found that those working in marketing have the most friends at work, just ahead of chefs, servicemen and women, artists and designers, and finally those in HR.

-via Glenn Reynolds

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Pokémon and Hello Kitty Samurai Armor

Advance adorably into battle wearing these suits made by Andy Smith. They're boldly crafted in proper colors and precise forms to mirror those of Pikachu and Kitty White. They proclaim, "I'm going to nail this job interview!" Go get 'em, Tiger.

Smith made his plates from plastic garbage bins, so his best strategy is to go on the offense with his sword. If you're attending Animethon in Edmonton, Alberta this weekend, keep an eye out for him.

-via Geekologie

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Qui Audet Adipiscitur

(Mark Pain/Pain Train)

That's Latin for "Who dares, wins." This brave bird stepped forward when others said that the task was too hard, the work impossible, or the mission helpless.

Believe in yourself. Dare to be more than you are now.

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Printed Screenshot of Famous 4Chan Post Sold on eBay for $90,900

This is the neatest, weirdest thing I've seen all week.

4Chan is a huge imageboard posting site. Some time ago, an anonymous poster commented about how loose aesthetic standards have become. S/he argued that modern art is so silly that even that very post could be considered art.

The anonymous poster was correct. In fact, that post could be an enormously expensive piece of art. A framed, printed screenshot of that very post was sold on eBay for $90,900.

Isn't that nuts? No, not yet. This is, after all, the internet.

The original framed, printed screenshot of that 4Chan post is gone. But you can buy a framed, printed screenshot of its eBay listing. That auction lasts another day. The current bidding is $50,200.

-via Nerdcore

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Teens Try to Burglarize Police Car with Cop Inside

(Photo: Daniel Oines)

The kids were not so dumb as to try to rob a clearly-marked patrol car. Like the carjackers who tried to take a car away from armed US Marshals two years ago, these thieves thought that the unmarked car was privately owned.

A detective in an unmarked car parked in the area in response to previous reports of car break-ins. The detective sat quietly in his car and watched. Three suspects, aged 13, 14, and 15, arrived at about 6 PM and began testing car doors, seeing if any were unlocked. They eventually worked their way down the street to the occupied police car. When they tried to open it, the officer arrested them.

-via Weird News

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